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What Are the Steps of a Kitchen Remodel Project?

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What Can You Expect from a Great Certified Kitchen Designer?

Some people that know what a kitchen contractor is may not understand what being a certified kitchen designer entails. Both terms may look the same when you read their job descriptions; however, there are some differences between both jobs. Any kitchen contractor can come up with fantastic kitchen ideas for a kitchen, making every kitchen remodel project unique for the client. These ideas may include:

  • DIY kitchen renovation tips
  • Make your kitchen environment-friendly
  • Upgrade your kitchen on a budget

However, while kitchen contractors may provide you great ideas for your kitchen, a certified kitchen designer is more likely to have more experience with kitchen remodeling. Certified kitchen designers usually have improved skills that can make the difference in a remodel project; some of these skills involve creating blueprints for a unique kitchen layout. These unique kitchen layouts can help you achieve the exceptional kitchen remodels that you want!

When remodeling a kitchen, you need to know everything about industry standards to supervise every stage of your kitchen remodels properly. Certified kitchen designers (CKD) have this knowledge that makes the chances of success a lot higher!

Training to be a certified kitchen designer has become a popular trend nowadays. This is because most clients are now interested in more special small kitchen remodeling projects, such as energy-efficient or environment-friendly kitchens. Having a proper kitchen remodel design also improves the value of a home, making it more noticeable among other people. 

A kitchen contractor can opt for additional years of education to become a certified kitchen designer. This level of education usually involves a lot more training than the one required to be a kitchen contractor/remodeler. Studying to become a certified kitchen designer can provide much more experience and improved skills in the areas listed below:

  • Researching Abilities: Cutting down costs is very important in a remodeling job; a certified kitchen designer can look for creative ways to cut down costs while maintaining the quality of the project, making it appealing to the client. If the client has a specific budget, but still wants to obtain high-quality designer remodeling, a great certified kitchen designer can look for a way to achieve that result while cutting down some costs. 
  • Communication Skills: Great certified kitchen designers do their best to appeal to the client’s specific needs. They listen carefully to what they want, and then they transform those ideas into an appropriate kitchen design, which is appealing to the client.
  • Assessment of Needs: A certified kitchen designer always studies the client’s preferences, current lifestyle, and budget options. After that study, they look for the best way to provide a kitchen layout idea that matches the criteria of the client.
  • Education: To achieve the best result possible, the kitchen contractor needs to have extensive knowledge of the industry standards and regulations of safety for kitchen design and construction layouts. Regardless of the job that needs to be done, this usually involved local and national building guidelines, as well as the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) guidelines. The contractor also has to follow recommendations regarding build and design techniques and the evaluation of the materials used in the construction of the kitchen. This is to ensure proper health and safety measures.

Being involved in training for being a certified kitchen designer allows the person to propose new and unique renovation ideas/planning evaluation strategies for a new kitchen. This knowledge involves the ability to offer a proper checklist of everything that needs to be done for the job by using remodeling blueprints. This is done to ensure that the overall job is more efficient and appealing to the client, making the result as optimized as possible.

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