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Meet the 2nd generation of Schwalb Builders, with over 15 years of experience in the industry. We would love to earn your business!

Regardless of what bathroom you currently have…

Make your bathroom more appealing with our creative ways to make even the smallest details stand out much more! Go into our Denver bathroom showroom and discover how you can provide a luxury feel to your current bathroom layout with our designs. Every design comes from leading international and national companies.

Your bathroom is the only place where you prefer to stay alone, a private luxury room just for yourself. Schwalb builders has the experience to build the bathroom of your dreams. Visit our new showroom at 9101 E Kenyon Ave, Denver, CO 80237.

Why choose us?

As a local operated and family owned remodeling company in Denver, we are here to provide you with the best and highest quality service.

Remodeling of Small Bathrooms

Having a smaller-sized bathroom in Denver is a common thing. If you are thinking of doing a renovation to make it stand out more, you can contact us! We have more than 15 years of remodeling experience for these kinds of bathrooms. Every detail is carefully taken care of by our expert contractors at Schwalb Builders in Denver, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Don’t look further for small bathroom remodeling services and contact Schwalb Builders in Denver!

Design of Luxury Bathrooms

If you have a specific style and vision for your bathroom, we can work with luxury designs that help you achieve that vision.

An upscale bathroom remodeling can make that space stand out much more with an added touch of class and comfort. A luxury bathroom can be an essential element of an elegant home, so if you want to get that house of your dreams, contact our experts to give your home those final touches. If you live in Denver, get in touch with us and start designing the elegant bathroom that you want by scheduling a free consultation!

If you want to look at our different elegant designs that are made by leading bathroom renovators, visit our Denver bathroom showroom.

Goals for Your Design

Don’t worry about the process of your bathroom design! Our Schwalb Builders consultants keep you up to speed in the remodeling process, which consists of four phases.

bathroom renovation denver
Bathroom renovation contractor in Denver | After
  • Phase One – Taking Measurements: First, we measure every object in your bathroom to create perfect designs.
  • Phase Two – Designing the Layout: After taking the measurements, we start designing everything from cabinet installation to the location of your water backsplashes and technology. Remember that if you have specific needs, such as an easy-to-access shower or a walk-in tub, you can tell us, so we consider it.
  • Phase Three – Furniture Selection: Having the perfect bathroom means that you have to get every element to match each other, so it looks fantastic. We ensure that everything from the vanity to the tiles is matching perfectly, and if you want, we also provide other bathroom accessories that may add a plus to your design.
  • Phase Four – Budget Estimates: We know how important it is to establish a budget, so we are with you every step of the way. We ensure that we can create a special bathroom design that fits your current budget. Our contractors are aware of the price of every element since we work as a contractor and as a supplier; this can help you avoid additional costs. Regardless of what your budget is, your bathroom needs to look fresh and elegant, and we help you achieve that.

Accessories & Remodeling Supplies

You can find everything that you may need for your renovation inside our bathroom showroom. If you want to make a whole bathroom upgrade, or if you just want a small change to a more modern design, we can provide all the furniture that you need. Our supplies come from all over the world, so you have endless choices! If you have an idea, or if you saw something that you liked on TV, the chances are that we can make it happen.

What Products do We Have?

Bathroom Countertops:

Have you wondered how your bathroom would look like with a different countertop? We can answer that question! We have many countertops available that range from granite, to stainless steel, to wood and many other materials.

Bathroom Cabinets:

If you need a cabinet that fits a specific style, we can look it up for you. We have many national and international manufacturers such as UltraCraft or Showplace, which allow us to provide cabinets in every material and style that you can imagine.

Bathroom Vanities:

Our company provides modern models of bathroom vanities that fit the latest trends.


When you hire a contractor from Schwalb Builders in Denver, you’re hiring someone who has gone through years of training in the remodeling industry. Our contractors can comply with any bathroom remodeling design that you need in order to create the bathroom of your dreams (Or to make it even greater than your expectations!). There is no other bathroom contractor that matches our high-quality service, project management measures, and job warranties. If you want to take a look at our most recent remodeling jobs, click here to look at our kitchen ad bathroom portfolio.

What Are Some Updates that Pay Off?

Remodeling Small Bathrooms

Resale Return: 102% on average.

Replacing some bathroom furniture such as a vanity, toilet, or sink, may cost you about $10,500. You can get a back approximately $10,700 at resale, and 102% of recouping. If you can try to re-caulk the tub with a softener such as Caulk-Be-Gone, it’s as easy as writing a name on a cake! While the caulk is drying, you can fill the tub with some water to stretch the caulk.

If you can’t get the tub out of the door because it’s too big, you can also re-glaze-it. This can give it a newer finish. This job can cost from $300 to $400. You can add a unique layer to your wall covering with some paint; if the walls are damaged, you can get spray-on textures, which give it a fast coverage. Removing outdated shower doors can help to make it look more full. Keep in mind that remodeling costs can change over time.