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Kitchen Remodel

You can consider a minor kitchen remodel if you only want a cosmetic upgrade. This work can cost you at resale about $14,913 to $14,691, with 98.5% of recouping.

Bathroom Remodel

Doing a major remodel to your bathroom entails many things, such as replacing the toilet, adding new designer furniture, changing the flooring, etc.

Basement Remodel

For $51,051, you can get renovations such as recessed lighting, a laminate floor, a 20x30 entertainment zone, and a wet bar or even adding another bedroom in your basement

Patio & Deck Remodel

With a budget of $11,000, you can add 16x20 feet of pressure-treated wood decks. You can get approximately $10,000 at resale return.

Full House Remodeling

Essential upgrades of living room décor may cost about $1,350. Remember that every detail can add to the budget. An appropriate crown molding can help to make the room more attractive.

Kitchen Remodel

Resale return: 98.5% on average.

To light your countertops properly, put recessed lighting from three to five inches apart on the center, and 18 inches apart from the cabinetry. You can set your lights between two joists rather than putting the lights through them.

Consider adding glass or stone countertops if your property’s value goes over $500,000. You can cover your outdated vinyl with a floor leveler. This is to make the pattern not bleed through. If the subfloor is of lower grade concrete, you can’t place a second layer of vinyl.

Paint and sand your cabinets to make your kitchen shinier. This is always more affordable than buying new cabinetry. Cut down costs by changing the molding of the windows and your drapes.

Bathroom Remodel

Resale return: 93.2% on average.

This work is done to expand a 5×7-feet bathroom, and it costs approximately $26,052, with a resale value of $24,286.

The best thing is to start from top to bottom. Upgrade your floor tiles with stone or ceramic. If you want to avoid issues, get some extra tiles, just in case. If you end up with additional tiles after the installation, you can save them for future repairs.

You can also get a new countertop to give your vanity a unique look. If you want to make your bathroom look more extensive, you can use a newer pedestal sink to replace your cabinets. This type of footprint can give the illusion of a bigger space.

Basement Remodel

Average Resale Return: 90.1%

For this remodel job, you get approximately $46,010 of resale return.

If you don’t want your drywall panels to absorb moisture, keep them at least a half-inch away from your concrete floor.

Before doing any remodels, fix any flooding issues you may have. Go for big gutters, French drains, or a yard re-slope to keep the water out.

If you just want to build a wet bar, you can get 10 feet of cabinets, a stainless-steel, drop-in sink, a laminate countertop, and an under-counter refrigerator. You can get all of this for approximately $2,500.

To prevent the floor from getting cold, get a modular subfloor to cover your concrete floor. You can add some carpet squares for a more noticeable improvement.

You can get a recouping rate of 108% in the West, and a recouping rate of 73% in the Midwest.

Garage remodeling services in Denver

Deck & Patio

Average resale return: 90.3%

Add some decorative planters to your deck, patio, or porch to create a more attractive space.

Use proper lighting, mature plantings, and create a welcoming gate to make your courtyard have a fantastic entry view. Those small things can add up and have an impact at closing.

To give a focal point to some features, or to distract the viewer from small details, use bold plantings.

Porch railings are the safest and most attractive options that you can get, so consider using that instead of run-down stairs.

Use a wooden trellis to hide unappealing AC units.

The recouping rate in the West can reach almost 100%. In the South, it goes down to 83%.

Full Home Remodel

Updating a Living Room

Resale return: 66% on average

Make the room feel larger by building a seating zone with something attractive, like a fireplace. You can also get furniture away from the walls.

Updating a Bedroom

Resale return: 52% on average

Lighting may cost from $100 to $500, depending on the design. Try to use as little joint compound as you can to make the sanding process easier while doing a drywall repair. You can get new window treatments for $300. Keep this in mind while scaling the window treatments to the size of the room. A hardwood floor is one of the most attractive choices for a room. Hire an expert to do the sanding process of the hardwood to make sure that it’s done correctly. It may cost from $1 to $1.50 per foot.

Fireplace installation

We see that more people are coming into our showroom to purchase fireplaces for their homes. 60% of new fireplaces (60%) are in luxury homes valued at $500,000 or more.

  • Fireplaces can provide much-needed heat on Denver’s cold winter nights.
  • The ambiance they provide is comforting and relaxing and can help you unwind after a hard day at work.
  • Installing an outdoor fireplace allows you to enjoy all four seasons with the simple act of sitting down around its fire’s warmth and light!
  • A fireplace can provide a focal point to any room, increasing its value.

A fireplace installation can increase the value of a property by $5,000 to $24,999.