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Are you looking for the best countertops for your new home? You can find them right here in Denver. We have the best quartz countertops money can buy. Decorating your home should be an easy task, and the team here in Denver consists of artisans of designer countertops created from all kinds of imported stones, such as quartz.

Quartz countertops are human-made engineered stone countertops consisting of quartz dust or chippings of quartz bound together with resins, polymers, and pigments. The composition usually consists of 90-95% quartz and 5-10% resin to achieve perfect consistency.

Quartz slab and countertops
How much do quartz countertops cost?

Due to its popularity, some American and European producers came up with the idea of taking the abundant raw material, mixing it with resin, and pouring slabs from it. Eventually, it evolved into one of the most popular kitchen countertop materials in the world. Stone Italiana quartz and Silestone quartz are some of the earlier manufacturers, but Caesarstone quartz and Cambria became mass manufacturers over time.

Quartz countertops are widely promoted on promises that they are stain and heat-resistant, waterproof, easy to care for, and ideal for busy families in every room of the house. You had better believe it lives up to these standards and more.

Quartz Countertop Colors

As quartz is an engineered material, there are many different colors, shades, and patterns, though it remains less expensive and longer-lasting than other counterparts. Most manufacturers have a large assortment of the different quartz colors, from black and bronze and white and cream, and every color in between. The design possibilities allow plenty of room for a buyer’s input and preferences.

clean quartz in denver
Smooth quartz countertop for your bathroom

Color options for your countertops and kitchen slab are virtually limitless, as the resin can be tinted to any hue, then mixed with the dust. The quartz chips, on the other hand, can be uniform or diverse based on your request. High-quality quartz offers many more styles, designs and adds an expensive feel to your home. We can create:

  • White quartz
  • Rose quartz
  • Black quartz
  • Blue quartz

White Quartz Countertop

White quartz countertops are exquisite and one of the most popular choices. However, despite all the fanfare, even the white quartz countertops come with their pros and cons. They are vulnerable to staining from various products such as coffee and red wine, especially if not cleaned up immediately.

Whenever these accidents happen, it’s advised that you take the required actions to prevent discoloration. To achieve this, wipe up spills at once and use protective surfaces such as trays, trivets, and cutting boards. Improper cleaning compounds can cause staining to your white quartz countertop, so avoid any chemicals or bleach.

white quartz denver
A white quartz slab in Denver

Though your countertop is heat-resistant, it is not heatproof. So, to avoid scorch marks from ruining your nice white quartz countertop, make sure to use hot pads when setting down pots and pans. Still, the material can handle more extensive activity than butcher block kitchen countertops can.

Regardless of the susceptibility to damage, let us not forget that white quartz countertops have a versatile appeal with their timeless and classic nature. They work well to compliment everything, from cabinets to any color on the walls. They are pure, clean, free from speckles and veins, and perfect for people who desire pristine elegance.

They are also known for being bright and spacious. White surfaces reflect more light and make the room look brighter and more inviting. There is an illusion of more space than white gives off, which a small kitchen space can benefit from.

Some great countertops from Miami, FL

Rose Quartz Countertop

rose countertop and slab
Rose countertop installation in Denver

One of the best shades to enhance your kitchen countertops or for your bathroom sink countertop is rose quartz, and it bears a pinkish hue. This peach-pink quartz variety is often turned into jewelry pieces, such as necklaces and rings. However, you may also want to have them in your home for the following reasons:

  • Durability
  • Natural
  • Creating a soft and feminine atmosphere.
  • Cool surface
  • Easy cleaning
  • Good visual statement

Black Quartz Countertop

Black quartz countertops come in several styles, depending on whether you are looking for something subtle or eye-catching. They are a stylish addition to many kitchens and bathrooms. You can choose from matte, glossy, solid, veined, etc. The decision is yours and should appeal to your unique sense of style.

black quartz slab & countertop
Black countertops are neat & modern

Black quartz counters are low maintenance, sturdy, and solid slab, which means you never need to spend a lot of your time cleaning, sealing, or oiling scratches. You can take inspiration from the following designs:

  • Contemporary Bathroom Design
  • Farmhouse Kitchen
  • Sleek Black Island
  • Transitional Bathroom Design
  • Traditional Island Design
  • Counters with Interest
  • Black Sparkle Quartz Countertops
  • The Look of Black Marble
  • Black and White Design

Blue Quartz Countertop

Many colors are popular and prized for kitchen countertops. However, most of the shades that get used are the readily available ones. Still, there is nothing like the mystique and pull of a blue quartz countertop.

blue quartz countertops in Denver
Blue quartz for spiritual kitchen design in Denver

Blue quartz countertops are very appealing. Their consistency in color and shade, combined with their more reasonable price tag, means that anyone can have the beauty and strikingness of a blue countertop.

Whether you choose a sparkling blue, a blue/gray, or a light blue quartz countertop, be sure to pay attention to what undertones of flecks the color may have. Since blue quartz countertops can come in varying shades, be sure to look at samples alongside samples of cabinetry and flooring to find the best possible fit for the room.

Quartz Countertop Edge Profiles

Countertop edges are the surfaces that you encounter the most as you move around and use your space, so the shape matters.

countertops and slab profile
What is your favorite quartz profile?

Countertop edges can have a significant effect on function, as they impact everything from safety to cleaning. Once you have decided on your quartz countertop color, choosing the edge is the next step in your project. The countertop edge profile is often easily overlooked, and it can positively or negatively affect the efficiency, safety, and style of your new kitchen or bathroom.

Here are some examples to choose from:

Volcanic Edge

This is deeply rounded at the top and bottom of the edge. Occasionally, it is referred to as bullnose or full bullnose.

Summit Edge

Both the top and the bottom edge of the profile are rounded. It is occasionally called a ¼ Round Double.

Moraine Edge

This hand-finished profile has a natural, rustic appearance and is often called Chiseled, Broken Edge, or Rock Face.

Treeline Edge

This is an angled edge design that is often called a Bevel.

Custom Quartz Countertop

Custom quartz countertops are incredibly durable and remarkably beautiful. The design possibilities are endless, so you can mix and match to compliment your bathroom or kitchen design. You can enhance these rooms with rainbow aura quartz, snow quartz, golden rutilated quartz, or polished quartz. The best part is that you get to feel safe doing so because they are durable and eco-friendly.

Quartz Countertop Thickness

Quartz countertops are fashionable, resilient, and low maintenance. They come in a range of styles and colors, making them one of the most popular choices for homes and commercial spaces.

Selecting a quartz countertop for your projects entails making many choices about how the slab should look in the desired setting. Some decisions are routine such as shape, size, and color. However, most people do not know that they have cam choose the thickness of the countertops.

countertop thickness in denver
Thick or thin quartz countertop?

Understanding what degree of countertop thickness is right means analyzing the area and its use with the desired style. These three tips should help you immensely.

Learn the basics first. There are two typical thicknesses with quartz slabs, which are 2cm and 3cm, so it is best to see what is available.

Consider the space. Specific spaces typically require a particular thickness. It tends to be 3cm for a kitchen slab, as it usually is a focal point, and more durability is needed for that area. For the bathroom, it usually is 2cm, as it makes less of a statement.

Consider your budget. The cost is generally directly related to the size. So, while 3cm is more substantial, it also increases the cost of the project. Consider your area and what is preferred in your locale. In some parts of the west coast, the choices vary.

Types of Quartz

Quartz is the second most abundant mineral, and so it comes in various types. Some of the most common quartz forms are rose quartz, onyx, druzy quartz, smoky quartz, amethyst, and milky quartz. The quartz mineral has been used for many decades to make kitchen and bath countertops, and it is one of the top purchased countertop materials among builders, contractors, and homeowners.

type of quartz countertops
Type of quartz countertops for your kitchen and bathroom

Quartz Countertop Cost

Even if you bring up your favorite search engine and look for the “price of quartz countertops near me,” you might find yourself a bit confused with the results. For example, MSI Quartz may give you a specific price range, and then you end up seeing something completely different elsewhere. The whole ordeal may even make you reconsider your counter aspirations where a quartz-based kitchen top is concerned.

It’s important to understand that many different factors determine the final price you may be required to pay.

The first is the quartz grade. As indicated before, quartz exists in a series of different styles and levels of quality. Quartz grades are clearance, premium, standard, and designer. As the name suggests, standard quartz grades tend to be very plain, but they blend well with almost every aesthetic. Discontinued standard countertops become the clearance option.

cost of quartz countertop in denver
How much cost a quartz countertop?

Premium and designer varieties have richer colors and a crisper overall design. Additionally, they tend to be custom made, which has implications for the cost.

The complexity of the job is also essential. Imagine installing a single slab versus the individual layering that is necessary for tile countertops. If there is a single slab at play, the installation is much easier. However, the reality may be that a wraparound countertop design is required and work to facilitate a sink. If a designer edge is added to this, things become more complicated, and so, the price appreciates.

It would help if you also considered the applicable labor cost. On average, 30% of what you pay is the labor charge. However, there are cases in which labor can account for up to 50% of your bill.

Professionals, in this regard, fall under one of three categories. There are handymen, which are the cheapest option, but they may be the least skilled. Your quartz supplier can also provide you with the installation service. Note, however, that’s going this route is typically more expensive than a traditional handyman. The final and most expensive option is to have it installed by someone provided by an interior designer. No matter which route you go, it’s vital to ensure that the person hired has the necessary insurance and license, so you can get redress if necessary.

The source of the quartz is another big deal. For example, MSI Quartz appeals to a premium market, so its prices are bound to be a little on the higher side.

Discount Quartz Countertop

Admittedly, when compared to other options, such as tile countertops, quartz is on the pricier side of the spectrum. Naturally, people want to benefit from the beauty and durability of the material, but they are not necessarily willing to meet the higher price demand. Apart from trying to purchase materials during sales, there are a couple of other ways to keep your quartz choices within the confines of a feasible budget.

discount quartz countertop
Get the best deal for quartz countertops in Denver

First, the clearance quartz grade is always going to have the lowest prices. As indicated before, these are standard grades that have been discontinued. While it is true that they will not be available for purchase in the ordinary sense anymore, the existing ones don’t become any less attractive. The good idea is to browse the clearance grade options and find something that fits in with the look you are going for at home.

Additionally, while being unique usually is a good thing, you may want to consider choosing a common quartz type. Rarity is associated with a higher price, so the other extreme also holds.

Quartz Countertop Prices per Square Foot

Here are the prices you can expect by the square foot, depending on the quartz grade and the person completing the job, based on the information above:

Clearance material tends to be used for DIY projects, which means the cost ranges between $40 and $80. Of course, there is no labor cost involved since you do it on your own.

quartz cost per square feet
Costs for quartz per size in Denver

An easy standard grade installation can also be a DIY project, and it may run you between $70 and $100.
If a handyman installs your standard grade quartz, the range should be between $100 and 130 dollars.

A specialist is required for more complex standard installations, and the cost ranges from $125 to 165 dollars.

A simple installation for premium grade quartz requires a specialist, and the cost should be between $140 and $175.

Finally, there is the complex installation with premium-grade quartz. This also requires a specialist and can cost between $165 to $200.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Quartz?

Quartz stone is a composition of quartz, polyester resin, and pigment. It is a relatively new human-made artificial surface covering material. Additionally, it is a non-porous natural stone that does not require sealing like granite to keep it from staining.

what is quartz?
Natural quartz crystals

Note that quartz a tough and durable material that can last a lifetime in your home. Its maintenance-free and non-absorbent nature makes it perfect for the kitchen as it is very hygienic. Quartz bathroom countertops are ideal options as they do not harbor bacteria and germs, so the surface is always clean and practically indestructible. Some people also have outdoor countertops with a quartz base. This is one reason why quartz worktops are generally preferred to a butcher block countertop.

Quartz comes in numerous varieties, which include:

  • Rose quartz crystal
  • Angel aura quartz
  • Spirit quartz
  • Phantom quartz
  • Lemurian quartz
  • Titanium quartz
  • Quartz price
  • Natural quartz
  • Transparent quartz
  • Ghost quartz

How to Clean Quartz Countertops?

Quartz countertops are non-porous and easy to maintain. Cleaning the surface is straightforward, as the material can withstand typical staining without leaving any mark behind. All you need is a little soapy water or mild glass/surface cleaner and a non-abrasive sponge. You can use a washcloth to wipe up any spills as soon as possible to keep the surface clean.

quartz countertop cleaning tips
How to make your quartz countertop shine?

Steer away from scouring pads. They can dull the countertop surface. It would help if you also stayed away from harsh chemicals, as they have the potential to break down the bonds between the resin and the quartz. The countertops are also more sanitary, making them a healthy, trendy addition to bathrooms and kitchens.

How Much Do Quartz Countertops Cost?

When setting up your home, you want a stone that expresses your lifestyle and desired color scheme. For buyers on a budget, quartz countertops can maintain a high-quality, as well as a look of natural stone options while remaining cost-effective. You should bear in mind that you may sometimes end up paying just about the same amount as you would for a natural stone. This can run anywhere from about $70 – $200 per square foot of quartz.

How to Install Quartz Countertops?

The first countertop installation step is the measurement phase. You must first measure the top of the kitchen or bathroom cabinets to know how much quartz is needed. Remember to make an allowance for the sink opening and choose quartz that bears unpolished edges. Once you bought your quartz, please remove it from its package, and affix it to the countertop for a dry fit. Each piece must fit into its space with no gaps in the surrounding.

Next, draw your cutlines on the quartz’s top and base so that you can shape it to your countertops. The best tool to use for the cutting is a power saw with a diamond masonry blade. It would be best for you to confirm that the blade is designed for quartz.

install quartz countertop in denver
How to install a quartz countertop

Cut on the lines you made two get the quartz to the desired size. Complete this with the blade depth at half your quartz’s thickness. This is also where you install your sink, if applicable. Protect your cabinet edges by affixing painter’s tape to their top edges.

It’s in your best interest to ensure ledgers are installed wherever cabinet support is low. Silicone adhesive beads are next, and they are to be applied at the top of the cabinet in two to three-inch-thick beads that are six to 12 inches apart.

Now, remove the painter’s tape and attach the quartz slabs to the cabinet before the silicone adhesive drives. Be careful when lowering it into place, and press gently to affix them to the cabinet below. If there are any joints between your slabs, this is the time to seal them.

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