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Minimalism is a new trend that focuses on the details of your kitchen. A new trend now is to add more cabinets! It means to minimize or remove appliances from countertops and place them on wall shelves or hide in the cupboards. These new trends are re-branded as new trends for the new decade ahead.

You will find this unique style of minimalistic kitchen interiors with high-end designs that follow suit with trendy design concepts while still incorporating some classic features like deep drawer cabinet storage and large island countertops.

Kitchen Designers
Kitchen Designers in 2022

Kitchen designers will be incorporating in new designs the use of eco-friendly or sustainable materials. Not only is sustainability a new trend, but it also has become one of the top five factors that people consider when planning out what type of new kitchen design to have installed in their homes.

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Some environmentally friendly materials include recycled steel alloy counters, bamboo flooring made from 100% compressed bamboo, recycled glass countertops, and stone surfaces made with reclaimed stone slabs.

Utilizing sustainable materials allows new kitchens to operate on new energy-efficient appliances and shows a new level of thought about our environment.

kitchen design minimalism


Minimalist new kitchen designs are being created with an average of 4.1 lights per square meter, one or two color schemes, and new revolutionary hardware and custom appliances made from worldwide factories such as South Korea, China, Italy, and Germany.

These countries are known for their innovative new designs in new cabinet-making technology and their expertise in creating advances in contemporary style and minimalist design. The new manufacturers’ product lines combine simple shapes to create sophisticated modern kitchens that reflect a more streamlined lifestyle.

Minimalism Kitchen Denver
Minimalism is the hottest trend in 2022

In many cases, people choose designs that strip away unnecessary parts and leave only the minimalistic approach. There have also been cases where new kitchens are designed to look stripped down but still contain Many technological advances, such as:

  • Cabinet technology made by Blum
  • lighting fixtures made by Album
  • Countertop materials such as stone or manufactured quartz surfaces made by Silestone.

This generation has a more minimalist taste than previous generations, making this style a new trend in home decorating nowadays.

New homes show off these 2022 kitchen trends with an average price of $210 per square foot. This is approximately $31,500 for a 150 square foot kitchen (10’x15′), including labor costs.

High tech kitchen design

High tech kitchen designs

Contemporary kitchen trends will be essential in the upcoming years, with modern designers and eco-friendly materials coming together to create some of the most incredible new revolutionary designs. These advanced interior concepts are based on modern minimalism, emphasizing sophisticated yet straightforward details combined to create a modern lifestyle in your home.

This new trend will focus on less is more when it comes to the countertop surface area and backsplash areas. A minimalist design approach will focus on creating simplicity with harmony between a variety of different colors, textures, and shades while still incorporating some traditional features like deep cabinet storage and modern hardware.

cabinet door knob

Cabinet Knobs

New cabinet knobs will be designed with everyday materials instead of natural materials such as wood or bamboo; efficiency and durability are the names of the game!

Modern kitchens are more open, emphasizing more light and using less countertop space while still incorporating a large island style in your new modern kitchen designs. Utilizing sustainable materials not only allows new kitchens to operate on new energy-efficient appliances but also shows a new level of thought about our environment.

UV-protecting windows
UV-protecting windows in Denver

A general contractor makes sure that functionality is at its best by installing UV-protecting windows, low-emission durable flooring tiles, high-efficiency appliances, LED lighting systems that use up to 75% less energy, modern ventilation systems, and more.

The contemporary kitchen is also designed with an approach that only uses materials such as cabinets made out of foam core instead of wood and countertops made out of recycled stone surfaces. Minimalism approach will be incorporated into these designs with minor decorative features or unnecessary parts to maintain simplicity and harmony throughout the entire home.

Natural materials kitchen

Kitchen designers must also consider that natural materials are becoming more and more popular, resulting in using marble and wood as two of the most essential elements.

Wood has always been a popular material used throughout history to create interior designs due to the different styles, colors, textures, and shades it can have. The modern home is designed with natural woods such as pine or oak, which uses sustainable forests worldwide to create these beautiful kitchen ideas.

Remoding you kitchen in 2022
2022 Kitchen Remodeling

These woods can be stained in any color, so you’re able to choose the best shade you want while still remodeling your kitchens at an affordable price.

For thousands of years, marble has been used in different interior and exterior designs due to its beauty and unique textures. Marble is naturally strong, which makes it great for modern kitchens, along with the fact that it comes in so many different colors, shades, and textures which makes these modern kitchens more appealing while still keeping them simple.

Glass backsplash design

Glass backsplash

The glass backsplash has been a popular trend used throughout many modern kitchens in the past years. The glass backsplash is made of tempered glass, which helps to protect it from any cracks or chips while still giving off an elegant look throughout your new modern kitchen designs.

These backsplashes are easy to clean with specialized glass cleaning products and often come with a lifetime warranty, making them an excellent choice. The glass backsplash also allows you to customize it in any way you want by taking out the edge of the glass to add more depth or changing its color however you would like.

Many people have started using these new trending materials when remodeling a kitchen. However, there are still many other options available for you to choose from at our kitchen showroom in Denver.

Metal texture

The metal texture is an ideal option for many different styles of modern kitchens as it allows for new metal textures to be created from already existing metals. Many people love the way a brushed aluminum or steel looks in their kitchen. You can make any surface you want using metal colors or even add a shine to your new kitchen design by adding a coat of high gloss polyurethane coating.

Metal texture can give off different looks depending on how it is colored, much like wood textures do. It can produce its unique look compared to other materials such as glass, making it an ideal option for many modern kitchens today.

Your kitchen should be sleek and stylish without neglecting the things that make it functional. Stainless steel and aluminum meet all of these needs, particularly when paired with granite, marble, or wood.

Handleless cabinets

Many people have started installing kitchen cabinet fronts that do not require handles to open the door. It is safer for children who may accidentally get trapped in an open standing cabinet while it’s also more space-saving and allows you to slide your cabinets out a little further from your wall too.

Instead of having handles on all of your kitchen drawers, cabinets, or cupboards, there are touch opening options available with Blum hinges which allow you to open a drawer or cabinet door with just a finger. The overall look of these handleless fronts is seamless, creating a cleaner look and straight lines.

Aligned kitchen island

L-shaped and corner kitchens are out! Now you see straight lines, and the island is more common, making it the star of the kitchen. The island can be used for food preparation or for eating. This gives off a sleek appearance and allows you to make your kitchen appear larger than it actually is since there isn’t any clutter around on dining room tables or counters inside of your kitchen.

Cooking on a kitchen island is the new trend, and it is a must-have in your new kitchen design.

Matte texture design for kitchens

Matte texture

Matte textured surfaces are starting to replace glossy surfaces in the kitchens of many homeowners today. The reason for this is because they are easier to clean and are less likely to be touched by accidental spills or splatters in your kitchen while adding some protection against fingerprints, dirt, and grease too.

Matte surfaces also do not have a glare that glossy materials will produce, so it gives off a more elegant look throughout your new modern kitchen designs. Today’s consumers enjoy the beauty and elegance of matte textured materials. However, they need them to be strong enough to withstand everyday use and still be easy to maintain without spending too much time on cleaning them.

Smart kitchen design
2022 Smart Kitchens

Smart kitchens

Kitchens that are based on the latest high-tech trends are considered to be smart kitchens. These smart kitchen appliances can help you get more done in a shorter amount of time while also saving you money.

Many of these high-tech appliances allow you to cook your food using less energy or increase the amount of room available in your kitchen by making them slide out instead of taking up valuable space on countertops and inside of your kitchen cabinets. There are also smart appliances that will help you monitor the amount of time left to cook your food while making sure there is an even cooking temperature throughout.

Many people are replacing their old ovens with newer models that include air fryer mode because they allow them to cook a wide variety of recipes without having too much pre-planning or preparation time.

These new high-tech kitchen ovens now come with built-in features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and voice activation that can be controlled using Amazon Alexa, making them more functional for all modern kitchens today.

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custom kitchen cabinets

Trending kitchen colors 2022

Nowadays, we are seeing lots of different trends when it comes to their kitchen colors. Many people prefer textured concrete countertops with a matte finish quartzite or marble combined with white and gray laminate kitchen cabinets. While your decision will ultimately be based on your personal preferences, taking some time to explore various options is well worth your time.

The kitchen tile color you choose for your backsplash area is one element that can provide an elegant contrast against any paint colors you select for the rest of the space in your home. The tiles can also serve as a focal point by using a contrasting hue that stands out from other elements in the room, such as wood floors or cabinetry.

Tile design

Tiles are a versatile design element that can instantly enhance the overall decor of your kitchen and stand out.

The color you choose for your backsplash area has an important role to play in creating a pleasant ambiance while also serving as one of the most noticeable traits throughout your entire kitchen space. It is easy to find yourself staring with the walls rather than cabinets and countertops.

You can find endless types of backsplash designs at Floor & Decor, so it’s time to spice up this dull area by adding style and personality.

grey kitchen design
Grey Kitchens Trend

Gray – Found in contemporary designs

The gray kitchen design is characterized by cool colors, more subtle than black and white kitchens. It may include shades of dark gray, silver, or charcoal to soften the overall appearance. Gray cabinets and appliances are an excellent choice for this room if you want a contemporary look that is also in vogue.

If your kitchen has large windows, sunlight will reflect on their surfaces, making this shade appear brighter and lighter than expected.

Grey kitchen cabinets can be a great addition to your home if you love neutral tones and pastels with some depth to them. Gray tones work beautifully with both reds and blues since these hues complement the gray color spectrum. These would enhance any modern-designed kitchen as well as the contemporary one.

White kitchen design
The Withe Kitchen Trend of 2022

White – The classic color

The clean and neutral appearance of white kitchen cabinets really enhances the room’s overall decor. If you love sitting in your kitchen while cooking, entertaining, or even just relaxing on a warm summer evening, these are perfect for you.

Besides, light colors enhance the feeling of space and give an airy look to any room they’re featured in. They can also work wonders as a backdrop to green or brown accessories.

If you’re using a lot of light colors for your kitchen’s decor, you should definitely consider getting this color of cabinets to go with them. This way, you will add depth and liveliness to your space while making it feel bigger than it is by using lighter shades.

White cabinet doors provide an excellent background for various color decorations, colorful tableware, or flower arrangements that reflect sunlight into the room. Dark wood floor finishes combined with light hues like white tend to create a sense of warmth in your kitchen area, which can make any meal preparation enjoyable rather than stressful.

blue kitchen trend
Blue blew our minds

Blue is the new black

The deep blue kitchen is probably the favorite among many professional kitchen designers and people who are looking to remodel their homes. This color can be transferred onto any surface, not just cabinetry, such as countertops, floors, or backsplash areas. This will provide your kitchen with an air of elegance and sophistication that you won’t find in many other colors.

It’s hard to ignore this vibrant shade when it comes to decorating the space in your home since its stunning hues stand out against almost anything white (though black also works well here). If you’re going for some extra pizzazz, add splashes of reds into this theme. It creates a warm atmosphere in your kitchen that is ideal for meals and relaxation.

color pallet for designers
Use a color pallet to choose the perfect tone you like.

How to select the right colors?

Well, I’ll tell you how. First of all, look at colors that are currently in your home and determine what you like and what doesn’t work for you. For example: Is there any combination that truly makes you feel comfortable? Or maybe some color combinations make you uncomfortable? Colors can actually make you feel happy or sad, so it is essential to pay attention.

Second of all, ask yourself what colors are dominant in your home and surroundings? Do you like them or not? If you don’t, try to use different color combinations for your kitchen remodeling project.

kitchen light trends
2022 Kitchen Lights Trends

Third: consider light conditions in your house (are there a lot of windows?). When you use white color, you emphasize light. If you combine white and any other color, this combination can make your room look bigger.

Remember, you can always consult with our in-house designers at Schwalb Builders, so don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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