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The bathroom is one of the essential facilities in the home. Consequently, you need to make sure it meets all safety and hygiene standards. It is vital for your guests to feel comfortable visiting you at your home or even when they stay over. Besides, if you have a family, a well-arranged bathroom will make your life easier. Your bathroom is also your haven where you can escape from the world for a few minutes by relaxing in the bathtub. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the bathroom is a priority when homeowners renovate their property.

However, just like any other renovation project, bathroom remodeling requires proper planning and preparation. Planning before you embark on the project ensures you will have a look and feel that suits you. Most importantly, planning ensures you are prepared financially for the project. With a head start, you will determine how much it costs to remodel a bathroom and get an estimate from contractors. The cost of remodeling a bathroom is determined by various factors, such as the size of the room, materials used, and features selected for renovation. However, if you want to update your bathroom, you need to have a budget of at least $5,500. This is the typical cost of remodeling a bathroom. The following is a comprehensive guide that outlines everything you need to know about remodeling your bathroom, from its benefits to the charges associated.

cpst of bathroom remodeling
Bathroom Remolding Costs

Average Cost of a Bathroom Remodel

The average cost of bathroom remodeling ranges from $6916 to $16,700. However, if you have an outdated bathroom that needs a lot of repair and replacement of fixtures and fittings, the cost could be as high as $27,000 or more. This applies if you are renovating a large or a master bathroom. Making essential updates in small or medium-sized sizes can cost you between $5,500 and $9,000. A small-scale renovation includes replacing cracked tiles or broken pieces of the mirror and minor cosmetic changes, such as adding a new toilet seat. Medium-scale renovations involve remodeling the bathroom, for instance, to a modern look. Major home renovation projects include adding a bathroom or converting one of your rooms into a bathroom if you do not have one in the first place.

Labor accounts for approximately 50% of the total project price at about $70 per hour. However, there are regional variances of up to 20%. Material prices stay relatively constant country-wide.

Below learn more about the costs of standard bathroom accessories renovation, along with design ideas and considerations to hire an experienced local contractor.

What Matters Most When Remodeling Your Bathroom?

Remodeling your basement will need a great deal of planning. If you want the project to be done as quickly and efficiently as possible, you should plan out every step and layout from start to finish. How do you do this? You need to think about what matters most to you to figure out the best features to include in your bathroom remodel. Considering which features and gadgets are most important to you will help you make the right decisions about what kind of products and materials to use during renovations. The following are some key considerations to guide you:

What prompted you to consider remodeling your bathroom?

The reason behind bathroom remodeling is the first step to finding out what matters most to you. Are you running out of storage and space in your current bathroom? Are you interested in improving the comfort or safety of everyone who uses it? Is your bathroom becoming outdated and need a facelift? Whatever prompted your decision, make sure you determine what can be achieved by remodeling. It will help identify all the areas that require attention so that you can get the most out of your money.

If you need more space and privacy in your bathroom, you may decide on a master bathroom remodeling that can include features like dual sinks, a stand-up shower, and an additional toilet facility. Alternatively, if you want to maximize the use of available space in your home or apartment with little or no budget to spend, you can remodel your bathroom to include a tiled shower niche that is built into the wall. This will allow you to incorporate more storage space in your bathroom and, at the same time, give you added privacy (since it has no door).

The tight time frame for your remodeling project

What’s your time frame?

Some homeowners may feel like their bathroom renovation has been too long overdue and must be completed immediately. However, bathroom remodeling is a big project, and if you are not prepared for the time commitments involved with this kind of renovation, you could easily get overwhelmed. In some spaces, making improvements over time might be the better solution rather than doing a total remodel all at once.

For example, when you are a new couple, and this is your first home improvement project, it’s better to plan on renovating slowly by taking one bathroom at a time so that the undertaking does not become too stressful. This way, you will have time to organize your project systematically.

How much can you spend?

Before you can start making these expensive improvements to your bathroom, decide approximately what amount of money you are willing to spend. Keep in mind that it takes much time to do bathroom remodeling, so you can divide the amount into chunks to make each project more manageable.

The average cost of bath size

remodeling cost per bathroom size
The average cost of bathroom remodeling by bathtub size

Bathroom size is a significant factor in the expense of the renovation. Bathrooms with tubs cost more to remodel than those without because they require more effort and materials such as plumbing part upgrades. This also means that the labor costs for a bathroom renovation will increase significantly when adding a bathtub to your existing design.

Homeowners typically spend more money to renovate master bathrooms, which ultimately increase resale prices and everyday function. Here’s a quick guide for average costs of a bathroom renovation by size:

Powder Room Remodel

  • The cost of an average job ranges from $5,500 to $11,000.
  • A powder room may involve the following:
  • Upgrades to your faucet, toilet, and vanity
  • Replace your flooring
  • Add lighting fixtures
  • Repaint the walls or add new wallpaper

Guest Bathroom Remodel

  • Average Cost of the Job: $15,000 – $21,600
  • A guest bathroom may involve:
  • Replacing the toilet
  • Installing new fixtures, such as a toilet seat and water-saving toilet (toilets that are more sustainable for the environment)
  • New countertops
  • Sink resurfacing with stone or tile.
  • Upgrading bathtub or shower
  • Updating lighting
  • Fresh paint or new wallpaper

Master Bathroom Remodel

  • The average cost of a job is about $33,000+
  • A master bathroom may involve:
  • Upgrades to your faucet and toilet
  • Upgrade the shower with tile or glass enclosures
  • Update lighting fixtures
  • Improve flooring
  • Add seating in the bathroom, such as a bench or tub chair that provides extra space.
  • Modify layout (e.g., widen doorways) to increase comfortability and usability
  • Install a recessed shower caddy
  • Upgrading wall tile for shower
  • New mirrors or a new vanity cabinet

Estimating Bathroom Remodel Costs

bathroom remodling costs in denver
What are the costs for bathroom remodeling?

Renovating your bathroom can cost anywhere from $2,700 to $27,000. Luxury homes often have large master baths with a price tag of $54,000 or more. A typical homeowner who wants to replace their walls, fixtures, and appliances ultimately will spend between $6,550-$16,400 in total.

Labor is always a high cost of any project. A bathroom remodels labor is typically 40%-65% of the total project cost. The amount varies depending on where you’re located. If your area has a high living wage, so do labor costs.

Material pricing remains relatively consistent from one place to another, but it changes with fluctuating regional prices for wages and other expenses like taxes and local supply.

Figuring out how much to spend on your bathroom renovation is difficult. However, there are more than several factors you need to consider before determining a budget:

Size of the room

The size of your bathroom is the first factor to consider. More oversized bathrooms require more money because it requires a lot more time and effort in terms of material use and labor cost. Therefore, you can expect to spend more on bigger master bathrooms than with an average-sized powder room. Therefore, budget accordingly and make sure you know what you’re getting into before starting a project.


The cost of renovating a bathroom varies between regions. A bathroom remodels in the Midwest is likely to be cheaper than one in San Francisco, CA, because the former has a lower labor rate than the latter. The price also varies in rural and urban areas because of different material costs. Generally, if you live in a high-priced area, you can expect to pay up to 20% more.

Materials quality

Material quality and price of appliances also contribute to the cost of your bathroom remodel. Two factors determine material quality:

Materials appearance – A higher-end faucet doesn’t just perform better than a low-end one; it is also built with more refined finishes that can blend seamlessly into your bathroom design and even in homes of higher value.

Value – Affordable materials will save you money during your project. Still, the quality of those products might look cheap later on and be problematic in areas such as durability and functionality. High-value materials will give you a better-looking end product with a longer useful life hence costing you less in the long term.

Materials pricing also fluctuates from one place to another, so it’s essential to understand where you live and what the prices are like before starting your redesign project. You can probably spend more in areas with a higher cost of living than places with a low cost of living but be sure that you don’t skimp on materials that will affect the longevity of your remodel.

remodel materials in denver
Hi-Quality Remodeling Materials


Another key factor in the remodeling of residential or co comm you need to consider is how detailed your renovation plans are. You must estimate based on the whole process, not just partial planning. For example, if you plan on installing new tiles, but your renovation does not include a new toilet seat and other bathroom fixtures, you may end up spending more than expected.

If you’re planning a tiny or big change in the layout of your bathroom, it’ll cost more than simply replacing a few fixtures and updating cabinets. Changing the room shape requires altering the dig area, which demands extra labor time for demolition and reconstruction. Converting your half bathroom to a full bathroom (including the toilet, sink, and shower) costs an additional $5,500+.


The features of the redesign can also affect your budget. Toilet upgrades and bathroom fixtures like tubs, showerheads, and faucets are all extra costs. You may end up spending more on attractive features like towel warmers or unique light fixtures. Below is a list of standard features homeowners need to take into account when planning a bathroom renovation budget:

Bathtubs – The size and style of the bathtub will significantly impact the cost of the renovation project. For instance, installing a freestanding bathtub may require additional plumbing costs, which will increase the overall price of your bathroom renovation.

The Cabinets and Vanities – If you need to replace your existing cabinets and vanities, then the cost of renovation will be more than expected. Even if there is no need for replacement, additional features like towel bars or drawers will increase the price of your bathroom remodel. The size, style, and durability of the cabinetry or cabinets will impact the cost of your bathroom renovation. It is essential for any remodeling project to take your time and consider the type you want before choosing cabinets.

Showers – The size of the shower, design options, and functionality of a shower will determine how much money you spend on it. A floor-mounted drain that requires expensive plumbing work may cost more than an overhead, standard bathtub, or shower.

Countertops – The material and installation of your new countertops will impact how much it costs to have them installed in your bathroom. Granite is a popular material for bathrooms, but the price can fluctuate greatly depending on the size and style of the materials.

Lighting – The lighting in your bathroom will not only affect how it looks but also cost you money. For example, an LED light fixture could cost $250-$300 more than a standard fluorescent fixture.

Flooring – One thing that is often forgotten in bathroom renovation budget planning is flooring. The flooring in your bathroom can determine how much you need to spend on the remodeling project. Vinyl and tile, for instance, are less expensive than granite or hardwood because they cover large areas. Tile is also less labor-intensive, and therefore more affordable.

Shower Valves – Remodeling your bathroom is an excellent opportunity to install new shower valves. The cost of a new shower valve can be as high as $250+, depending on the type and size you need.

Color – Choosing new colors for your bathroom will affect how it looks and the price. You may end up spending more time, effort & money because of paint application, tools, and supplies.

Heating/Cooling -You will likely have to replace your current heating and cooling systems if you are renovating your bathroom. It would be best if you found out how much an upgrade will cost before the project begins, or it may end up costing more than planned.

Window Treatments – Installing new blinds, curtains, or shades will cost more than you may expect. Make sure you can afford (Financial page) the additional expense before beginning your bathroom renovation. The price of window treatments can range from $100 to $1,200+, depending on the style and material.

Wall Accessories – Using wall accessories such as towel bars or shelves can increase your bathroom renovation budget. The style you choose and materials used to make your wall accessories will impact the cost. For instance, a hand-painted wreath on your bathroom wall may cost as much as $2000.

Toilet – The type of toilet you choose will have a significant impact on your bathroom renovation budget. There are two types of toilets: Flush-based and low-flush. Low-flush toilets use less water than standard flash-based models, costing as much as $200-600 less than a conventional model that uses more water.

Wall Tile – Wall tile for bathrooms comes in various materials, but natural stone is more expensive and challenging to install than ceramics.

Other Features:

Adding Grab Bars in your bathroom will assist with balance. If you are also adding hardware, a mirror, and a steam unit, it is best to consult an expert as these items will require more specific installation needs. On the other hand, towel bars and walk-in tubs can be installed much like any other cabinet or countertop component.

Additional Things to Consider

Location of your home – The geographic location of your home may influence the final cost of a bathroom renovation. More challenging jobs, like installing a large soaking tub on the second floor, may also come with higher labor charges because such work is more challenging to do.

Disposing materials – If your renovation includes removing materials such as flooring, tub, or tiles, you may incur a disposal fee. If you receive a quote for labor with the expectation that these expenses are already covered, there might be hidden charges to expect to increase your budget when it comes time to pay.

Water damage repairs – Water damage from leaks in your bathroom can add cost to your renovation. However, these costs may be outlined or included as part of the job, depending on the leak’s extent.

Specialized work – Depending on the nature of your bathroom renovation, you may have to hire additional contractors or subcontractors for specific elements, such as a tile-setter or plumber. Work like this will cost more than general renovation and should be factored into your budget.

Timeframe – Timing can also influence the cost of your renovation. If you are on a tight schedule, it will cost more to hire contractors with busy schedules or make allowance for unpredictable weather conditions that may increase costs.

Handicapped accessibility – If your bathroom is set up for a disabled person, it will be much more expensive than a standard bathroom. The cost of materials and labor alone may be two to three times the average renovation price because many extra considerations must be made to accommodate disability-specific needs.

The age of the house – Older homes may require extra attention during the remodel, which will increase the cost of any bathroom renovation. Because Oldtime garage technicians built older homes before modern safety standards became the norm, more issues need to be addressed. Besides, if you have an older home, the plumbing has likely been done once or twice in the past. In this case, your renovations will require removing and replacing existing plumbing materials, such as faucets and toilets. Another factor that goes hand in hand and affects the pricing with the age of the house is its condition. Typically, older homes in good condition will be more cost-efficient to renovate than a home that requires significant repairs to walls, floors, or foundation before Ben’s Garage Doors can even do anything inside.

Bathroom Remodel Material Prices

For the average bathroom remodel, materials cost $2,300 to $9,900. Knowing which tasks you’ll want to invest more time and money in helps determine where best to spend your cash.

  • Bathroom Renovation Material Price List
  • Item Value Range Total Budget Percent
  • Fixture (Faucets and sinks) $220 – $1,980 10% – 20%
  • Showers $330 – $3,300 5% – 25%
  • Bathroom furnishings $330 – $4,180 10% – 30%
  • Countertops $220 – $1,100 5% – 10%
  • Lighting $110 – $440 5% – 7%
  • Bathroom fan $55 – $330 2% – $5%
  • Flooring $220 – $1,485 10% – 15%
  • Entry doors and windows $220 – $1,980 8% – 10%
  • Painting $150 – $550 5% – 6%
  • Faucets and plumbing $275 – $1,590 12% – 16%

Bathroom Remodel Labor Costs

If you’re planning to remodel your bathroom, know that the labor takes a considerable percent of the total cost. It costs between $55 to $80 an hour in labor for bathroom remodeling, usually 40% to 65% of your total budget. It is essential to request a detailed bid and an invoice that breaks down the cost of materials and labor before getting any work done.

You’ll need a plumber, an interior contractor specializing in bathrooms and kitchens, and other specialists. The cost breaks down further:

  • General contractor rates range between $330 to $440 a day.
  • The cost of hiring a plumber ranges between $1,100 and $2,200.
  • Non-plumbing jobs vary between $4,400-$8,800.
  • Interior design consultation rates are $175-$550.
  • Electrician charges between $55-$110 hourly.
  • Hourly drywall installation services range between $33-$55.

Cost of demolishing a bathroom

Prices for interior bathroom demolition depend on two main factors: the room’s current layout and how many walls need to be removed. On average, the cost can range between $1,100 to $2530but the price can increase if you are removing and moving walls to change the bathroom’s footprint. If you are confident (not only from watching YouTube) in your DIY skills, a do-it-yourself demo is a money-saving alternative. Demolition can get expensive if you break a load-bearing wall or cut electrical lines. To minimize this risk, you should hire a professional to do the job for you.

Cost Comparison Between Custom-Built vs. Ready-made Fixtures & Accessories

Fixture Economy or Ready-made High-End or Custom-Built

  • Toilet $110 – $660 $1,100 – $6,600
  • Sink $110 – $500 $770 – $4,400
  • Tub $220 – $990 $1,100 – $6,600
  • Vanity Cabinet $220 – $880 $1,100 – $6,600
  • Determine your budget for fixtures and plan accordingly:
  • Economy and ready-made range from $550 to $2,200
  • Mid-grade: ranges between $1,650 to $3,300
  • Luxury and custom-made will cost approximately $4,400 and $24,200+


Building permits are dependent on your location, and their cost ranges from $385 to $1,980. You will usually sign them off with the contractors. However, you should contact your local building code enforcement or permitting agency whenever you undertake any construction.

Cost Comparison of leading companies

  • Brand Typical Prices (materials + labor) Services
  • Re-Bath $5,500+ Complete bath remodel services
  • Bath Fitter $5,500+ Tub & shower surrounds
  • Bath Planet $5,500-$16,500 Tub & shower surrounds
  • Home Depot $5,500-$27,500+ Full bath remodels
  • Lowes $5,500-$27,500+ Full bath remodels
  • Luxury Bath $6,050-$9,900 Tub & Shower systems

Average Price of Bathroom Remodeling Per Square Foot

You will generally pay around $138 per square foot for a bathroom remodel. However, the price of materials could make it significantly more expensive or cheaper than you expect. Luxury appliances and fixtures can quickly double or triple your budget if you don’t plan accordingly.

Average Bathroom Remodel Costs

Bathroom size (square feet) Total Price

  • 3×5 (15) $1,650 – $2,475
  • 6×4 (24) $2,640 – $3,960
  • 4×8 (32) $3,920 – $5,280
  • 6×6 (36) $3,960 – $5,940
  • 5×8 (40) $4,400 – $6,600
  • 5×9 (45) $4,950 – $7,425
  • 7×9 (63) $6,930 – $10,395
  • 8×10 (80) $8,800 – $13,200
  • 9×10 (90) $9,900 – $14,850

Approximating the cost of a master bathroom renovation

Typical master bathroom remodels cost between $11,000 and $27,500. The average homeowner in Denver can expect to pay about $19,800 for a complete renovation of the room. This includes acquiring a standalone tub with shower attachment, double vanity, and installing an extra spot with space for cabinets and fixtures.

Remodeling a small bathroom

Small bathroom remodels start at around $1,650 but can cost as much as $16,500, depending on what is needed. Simple upgrades like paint and light fixtures run between $1,100 – 3,850, while a complete tear-out and replacement costs anywhere from $5,500 to 16,500.

Smaller bathrooms are sometimes less expensive to renovate than larger ones because they contain less square footage. This means there are fewer materials needed for a complete overhaul and, therefore, shorter installation time.

Bathroom Expansion Cost

Expanding the size of your bathroom can be a daunting endeavor, costing $1,100-$16,500 or more. The costs depend on specific project details, including rerouting electrical and plumbing updates and structural headers before adding insulation.

  • Rerouting electrical wiring costs: $71,50 – $2,420
  • Plumbing installation costs: $440-$2,090.
  • Structural engineer fees: $385-$780.
  • Drywall installation cost: $1,100-$3,190.
  • Cost of Framing: $550-$1,650.
  • Architect charges: $1,100-$2,200.

Handicap Bathroom Renovation Cost

The remodeling costs to make it accessible for individuals with disabilities range from $1,650 to $9,900. Each upgrade is situation-specific. Depending on the person, you might need to install a railing, widen the doorframe, or put in a walk-in bathtub.

Sample Upscale Bathroom Renovation Costs

Improve existing bathroom with a total size of at least 35 square feet. Possible changes include movement of walls or doors to make more space; enlargement of showering area, including trench drain; installation of a freestanding tub; heated floor and towel rack. In addition, consider installing natural stone tile on floors, shower pans, and walls, installing a custom shower niche, installing upgraded showers with new sinks and fixtures. Other renovations include installing cabinets, including crown molding and painting the room, and upgrading the toilet.

  • Approximate construction costs: $27,500 – $44,000
  • Approximate cost of preferred material: $11,000 – $16,500

Sample Mid-Range Bathroom Remodel Costs

Renovate a bathroom of approximately 5’x7′ in dimensions. Replace old fixtures and add new ones like a drop-in bathtub, shower with tiled floor or fiberglass pan, and toilet. Add a pressure-balanced single lever shower control; a unique ceramic or porcelain floor tile to match the vanity and sinks; installation of new plumbing fixtures (toilet and sink); painting all surfaces.

  • In terms of return on investment, a mid-range bathroom will be the most favorable.
  • Estimated construction cost: $19,800 – $27,500
  • Cost of preferred materials: $5,500 – $8,800

7 Bathroom Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Undertaking the renovation project without a plan
  2. Choosing expensive options when they are not necessary
  3. Replacing items rather than repairing them
  4. Forgetting about the ventilation
  5. Choosing the wrong type of bathroom floor
  6. Thoroughly undertaking a bathroom remodel on your own
  7. Starting with multiple small bathrooms remodels


What does a bathroom renovation involve?

  • Clear out the space removing or demolishing fixtures
  • Install New Shower or Bathtub
  • Installing new fixtures and features
  • Lay new floor tiles
  • Hanging new drywall and painting the room
  • Install new cabinets
  • Reattach the plumbing and add necessary fixtures
  • What is the most expensive portion of a bathroom renovation?

HomeAdvisor reported that labor accounted for 40% to 65% of the average cost of a bathroom remodel, making it the single most expensive part.

Is remodeling a bathroom worth the money?

Yes. A midrange bathroom renovation will cost homeowners an average of $22,000 and an upscale renovation a bit more than that at around $71,500. But those costs do not go unrewarded, as both types of projects recoup over half their expenses on resale.

What should I pick first during a bathroom renovation?

When remodeling your shower and bathroom, it is essential to determine every detail from start to finish before the project begins. Make your choices before starting the bathroom remodeling project. Allowances can quickly add up, so make sure you pick out all fixtures and materials before construction begins to assure a realistic estimate of the cost.

How much time does it take for Denver’s Contractor to renovate a bathroom?

According to the Australian Housing Industry Association, it takes between 13 and 25 days on average to complete a full bathroom installation in an old house.

When is the best time to paint my bathroom renovation?

To reduce the risk of paint, and dirt splatter on new fixtures, paint before adding the toilet, tub, tile, sinks, or vanities. Choose a paint finish such as satin or semi-gloss that will protect the walls from humidity in bathrooms.

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