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Meet the 2nd generation of Schwalb Builders, with over 15 years of experience in the industry. We would love to earn your business!

Garage Remodeling Solutions by Schwalb Builders

We are Schwalb Builders, a reputable home remodeling company in Denver. If you want the best garage remodeling services for your garage, contact us today! We have been serving homeowners of greater metro areas since 2005.

garage remodeling company

Schwalb Builders know how to help you turn your garage into everything that gets your heart exciting. Whether it’s converting it into an ultimate man cave or turning it into a multipurpose space with custom features like a movie theater finish – our team can make this dream come true. So if you are on the lookout for a reliable garage construction contractor in Denver or any other city nearby, do not hesitate to contact us by form or by phone.

garage demolition

Garage demolition & drywalls replacement

The garage remodeling process is not very complicated. But the demolition and drywalls replacement part is the first step towards the perfect garage remodeling.


The first step of any garage remodeling project – Flooring!

Well. Your garage concrete floor must be covered with a material that is durable and easy to clean.

You can add instant value to your garage floor by applying epoxy paint or concrete stain. Some will rather have less permanent solutions, such as by utilizing snap-together tiles or floor mats.

Don’t wait any longer and contact us today. We provide the best garage remodeling in Denver, CO, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

We are constantly upgrading our garage remodel service to meet your needs and surpass your expectations! We know how to help you turn your garage into everything that gets your heart exciting.

garage walls and flooring

Are you ready to make your garage a multipurpose space?

With Schwalb Builders, a reputable home remodeling company in Denver, you’ll get the best garage remodeling services you can get!

How do I make a man cave in my garage?

“Bring the beers, call the guys, a loud music from a gaming device.” This is what man-caves are all about.”

Schwalb Builders team has remodeled many garages and turn them into man caves.

Pool table, hockey table, PS5, and a sound system, let your imagination go wild. What else do you need to enjoy life?

With our garage services in Denver, we can transform your garage into a man cave or whatever space suits your needs.

Schwalb Builders are committed to providing superior service and craftsmanship, which is why Schwalb Builders has become one of the best choices for homeowners who want their garages turned into valuable space.

man cave in my garage

Why do I need Schwalb Builders?

We turn garages into man caves that may include: fitness rooms, home theater, recreational rooms – upgraded storage spaces, and more.

Schwalb Builders specializes in garage remodeling and our favorite, and the first garage finish idea is to turn it into a man cave.

Buy a physical education tape – and get into shape

It’s a known secret that there are many garage bodybuilders in Denver. Even though it’s a one-time investment – during the Covid pandemic, who wants to rub others’ sweat? Anyway, not me.

Why do you need a garage gym?

First of all, it’s much more space than your room at home. Next is the equipment – free weights and weight machines are way better for your bodybuilding plans.

You can watch any channel you want, and no one will ask you to change that. You don’t need to hang around with earbuds all the time and be afraid not to lose them. Not to mention, you don’t need to wear a mask or to smell other people that hate to get a shower.

garage gym denver

How to get started with weight lifting?

In general, you should start with 10-12 reps, then a one-minute break and another set of 10-12 reps, get a one-minute break, and repeat that set for the last third time.

This standard plan will build your muscles and prepare them for the next level. After about two months of practicing like that three times a week, you’ll start to increase the weight and the pressure. Just make sure you are keeping the 10-12 reps sets.

After that, you may choose to continue to increase your muscles mass by increasing the weight you lift and keeping the 10-12 reps sets.

But if you want to build strength, you need to start lowering the number of the rep and increasing the weight you lift.

This is bodybuilding in a nutshell. If you are unsure if this plan fits your needs or capabilities, please get in touch with a bodybuilding trainer.

garage art studio

Your art is a big part of your life

Painting is fun. You can turn your garage into Picasso’s studio like you always wanted. Make it a hobby, or as your friends’ meeting lobby.

Why build a studio in your garage?

No distractions. You can broadcast on YouTube, and start your own channel. Or you can sell your paintings online, build your own artist reputation.

There are hundreds of ways to become a famous artist, and garage studio is just one of them. It’s not about the place – it’s about who you are in that place.

Type of art materials to use

Frankly, if you are a painter, and you love to use your oil colors or watercolors, there is no problem at all. But if you are an artist that uses epoxy resin and other hazards to breath materials, you should install a proper ventilation system in your garage.

garage movie theater

The lion is roaring in your garage movie theater!

Home theaters are sold at very cheap prices compared to 5 years ago. The evolution of screen resolutions from HD to 4K and 8K is still running. You can have now a better quality of video and sound than any other cinema.

The days that you have to go to a movie theater to watch a movie of the best quality are gone.

Why should I get a garage movie theater finished?

First of all, it’s for your family. Your kids’ birthday party – no problem to turn the garage into an awesome celebration hall with cinema projection screens and an unbeatable sound system. Invite some friends over they will love that new kind of style in your house!

Nowadays, with the CoronaVirus pandemic, going to the local cinema is scary. You definitely want to enjoy an 8k movie, but you don’t put your life at risk for that.

garage finishing

How would you like your garage home theater to look like?

With cinema recliners? A coke machine? A Popcorn or hotdogs station? You can get all of that. It’s up to you what movie theater style will fit your taste and budget.

At Schwalb Builders, we have a garage construction department. Every day, our team is working to build and remodel the best garages in Denver and all over Colorado. If you are looking for a perfect garage & home remodeling company in Denver, CO – give us a call now.

garage workshop

Get your hands dirty with a new workshop in your garage.

If you have the talent of creating new products, get your hands-on wood, glass, or metal – it’s time to turn your garage into a professional workshop.

If you are a woodworker, the garage is where your projects come to life. Turn that old wooden table into a masterpiece of craftsmanship.

When it comes to metalworking – the garage will be the place where you can create any kind of machinery or machine parts for all kinds of engines and devices from your imagination.

Glassworking is a very creative process, but it’s also dangerous. You can get burned by the hot glass – the garage workshop will be perfect to create your masterpieces and have fun at the same time!

garage renovation

Where do I get tools?

So Amazon and Homedepot will be your default choice. If you have a special project, you can always go to a Rent A Tool center near you and get the equipment you need for a short time.

Schwalb Builders will remodel your workshop exactly as you want. We can acquire and install special woodworking tables and clamps, just to give you a headstart.

Workshop security.

When working with metal, wood, or glass, you should consider securing your garage ceiling and walls, so high-speed particles will not go through your ceiling or walls.

Another important security matter is your garage door. We at Schwalb Builders don’t do garage doors. We are not garage door openers, springs, or hinges experts. For garage door repair or replacement, we use a local garage door company in Denver.

garage doors security

How to secure your garage?

After investing a lot of money in your garage remodeling project, wouldn’t be a pity to get robbed?

With a good garage door installation and security system, you will sleep well at night. So we recommend that you install night vision cameras outside your home and monitoring them 24/7.

You should also install motion detectors and alarms all over your house, especially near your garage for extra protection!

increase home value

Garage remodeling increases the value of your property

Your dream garage is now a reality, and you can know the price of your house improved with just one quick decision.

Garage remodeling Denver by Schwalb Builders adds at least 10% value to your property as well as style and comfort. We offer great home renovation solutions in Colorado – let us turn that basement into an amazing party hall, or give your garage a new look.

garage finishing value

Can I turn my garage into a swimming pool?

We advise against it. Swimming pools require a lot of time, attention, and water cleanings. If you want to have fun in your garage, we recommend putting some home theater chairs with the coolest sound system – that will be just enough for an awesome night out!

garage sale before remodeling

Before the remodeling process – start a garage sale

Garage remodeling is a big investment – but you will not regret it. We recommend that you dispose of all the items in your garage before we start working on the new one.

If there’s anything valuable, don’t throw it away! Sell everything and keep only what matters to you with an awesome home garage sale near you.

Another great idea on how to get rid of all your valuables. List everything on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace so you can make some money from what was once useless junk to you!

You can use trash removal companies to help you out. We recommend calling them in advance because the garage remodeling process will take time – it’s not a weekend project!

garage insulation

Garage insulation and HVAC systems.

If you want to work and have fun in your new garage, you must install a proper air conditioning system. Denver is hot during the summer and freezes during the winter.

Having a non-acclimated garage will take out all of the fun! We offer garage insulation services in Denver. On the other hand, unfortunately, we don’t do HVACs. For that, you’ll need to find your own company.

Garage remodeling Customers Reviews

Grace B.“We love our garage! We did a new paint job and it looks fantastic. The lights on the ceiling really make my landscape painting pop out. Now I can spend hours in there with no distractions, just me and nature (and good music, of course). Thank you guys for such amazing work!!” – Grace B., Denver CO

Mike L.“I was in the middle of remodeling my garage and turn it into a movie theater. The other company did not succeed to handle the job, and it took three months until I decide to give Schwalb Builders a call. They did it in a week, and now I can watch movies whenever I want!” – Mike L., Broomfield CO

David V.“I wanted to sell my house for a while now. The garage was also an eyesore that no one would buy because of the poor condition. Schwalb Builders came with great ideas on how to improve its look and I finally sold my house! The garage has been transformed into a gym, with basic equipment included!” – David V., Englewood CO

Emily M.“We wanted to turn our garage into an office space so we can work from home. We had some old furniture lying around that was not being used, and they were perfect for the project. Schwalb Builders helped us with garage walls & insulation, flooring, electricity & lighting so we can finally work from our garage!” – Emily M., Lakewood CO

Mark J.“My wife was always complaining about my messy garage, but since I started working at home things got worse! So when she asked me to remodel the garage I was like “why not? Sooner the better!”. Schwalb Builders team helped me with garage insulation & flooring. Now my wife is much happier and so am I!” – Mark J., Parker CO

James L.“I wanted to turn our old storage room into a game room for kids, but we had no idea how to do it. I called Schwalb Builders and they gave me some great ideas on how to do the project with a limited budget. Now my kids are happy!” – James L., Aurora CO

Mary S.“My garage was always a mess, but now everything is organized! I love that there’s enough room for all of our stuff plus extra storage space for future needs. I highly recommend Schwalb Builders if you want to have a garage that’s not only organized but also looks good!” – Mary S., Denver CO

Andy T.“I asked Schwalb Builders to remodel our old stuffed garage to a state-of-the-art woodworking workshop. They did it in two weeks and my garage looks fantastic! I’m so happy with how everything turned out. Thank you Schwalb Builders’ guys for all the hard work!” – Andy T., Denver CO

Sarah F.“I had a great experience working with Schwalb Builders on our garage remodeling project. They were very professional, friendly & helpful throughout the whole process. My garage looks amazing!” – Sarah F., Golden CO

Tony B.“We had Schwalb Builders remodel our garage to a gym. They did an excellent job, it’s exactly how I wanted the place to look like! We are very happy with their work and will definitely recommend them.” – Tony B., Broomfield CO


Garage remodeling is the best way to reach your dreams. You can turn that old storage room into a gym, or hang up all of your paintings and make it look like an art gallery. It’s entirely up to you!

Garage remodel ideas that inspire you to your dreams! We help turn drab into fab and garages into home offices or man caves

Schwalb Builders make your garage dream come true!

garage remodel ideas

Visit our remodeling galleries on our website to see more projects.

Contact us today for a free quote!

Schwalb Builders – Your Garage Remodeling Company in Denver, CO

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Our bathrooms were dated back to the 1980's and we needed them redone badly. Johnny did an excellent job meeting our needs and making sure we got everything we wanted in the bathrooms. In the end the bathrooms were exactly what we wanted.
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Overall, we are very happy with our sunroom/mudroom renovation. The workers were very helpful and made sure to include us in all decisions. We learned a lot from this experience as it was our first time working with a contractor for a renovation...(click on my username to read more).
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My 1904 Capitol Hill house had not been updated since the 60’s and was in dire need of a remodel. Our entire job included a full kitchen and bathroom remodel, 9 rooms being completely repainted and original oak floors being refinished as well as updating a lot of electrical outlets. Found Schwalb Builders via Angie’s List and decided to have them bid my project due to their high review ratings...

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What Home Renovation Should I Do First?

We recommend that you paint your house to give it a new, fresh feel. After that, you can upgrade your current flooring to add more value. You can also install new kitchen and bathroom furniture if your budget doesn’t allow you to do a full renovation right away.

Over 17 years of experience

Operating for 17 years allowed us to improve our designs and services continually. Endless designs and projects.

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Our team has worked with many types of remodeling jobs, which makes us able to make your design a reality.

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At Schwalb Builders, we treat our clients like our own family which is why we are a 5 star rated remodeling company in Denver, CO.

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Schwalb Builders is a family owned, licensed & insured remodeling company that has been serving the Denver Metro area for over 17 years.

Our work excels because of our high-end home remodeling services, assisting you step-by-step until the home remodeling project is completed.

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Our mission as a company is to make the renovation process as easy as possible to ensure that our client has a great experience. We always use proper equipment, and we have the best specialists in the area. Our work is backed with one of the most efficient warranties in the industry, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of your renovations.

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