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Kitchen Remodeling Showroom in Denver

Are you looking for a new kitchen? Welcome to Schwalb Builders. We offer fully customized kitchen renovation upon customer request. When you are Googling “Kitchen Showroom Near Me,” you’ll probably find us in Denver. In our showroom, you can view finished kitchens. Choose different cabinets style, or look at the state-of-the-art kitchen gadgets for 2021—all kitchen supplies & appliances in a one-stop place in Denver.

Turn your old-style kitchen to Hell’s Kitchen.

Kitchen styles

Your kitchen style is essential. Some will want a kitchen island with an open space, while some want a California Pizza Kitchen style.


The main area in every kitchen is the countertop—the place where all the food is cut. Along with a right countertop, you want to have lovely faucets and sinks. Come to our showroom to find many styles and designs of kitchen countertops.

Kitchen backsplashes

Whether it’s a tile or a metal kitchen backsplash, it’s crucial to have it. The backsplash will absorb the oil, steam, and ketchup coming from your pots. This is why you should find an easy-to-clean backsplash.

China VS. Italian Kitchen

A Chinese kitchen design is unique. The red & black colors. With tiny beautiful gold decorations, you’ll start cook like Bruce Lee in your China kitchen. The Italian kitchen design is characterized by green, red, and white colors. Very traditional style that will make your Pizza float!

Outdoor vs. indoor

To remodel an indoor kitchen is excellent, but to build an outdoor kitchen in your backyard, that’s awesome! The appliances and the finishing are different. An outdoor kitchen requires long durability materials; some of them might be covered with UV protection.

Kitchen hardware

With enormous kitchen appliances and gadgets offered today, you might get a little bit of confusion. This is why you want to visit our showroom in Denver. To see the kitchen cabinets’ hardware, look closely at the appliances, and know the tiny details before purchasing any kitchen hardware.