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The National Association of Homebuilders released its annual housing report for the beginning of 2021 on January 8. One major takeaway: They predict significant home remodeling trends in the future based on projected population growth and increased household income. The NAHB estimates that the US will be adding 14.9 million new households by 2022, which is a 9% increase from 2018 alone. According to their estimates, 49% of those new homes will be rented; only 51% will be owned. While this means more investment into affordable rentals, it also means an increased need for remodels down the road.

home remodeling trends 2022

While millennials in Colorado are working hard to get their first house, baby boomers have started downsizing or looking into condos. Therefore, the need for home remodeling in Denver will likely increase at a faster rate than new home construction.

This leads us to see an increased prevalence of remodeling trends in the future. Let’s take a look into what that might entail.

light tone design

Style changes: materials and colors trending towards lighter tones

Will we still be going dark with our color schemes? While this has been the prominent trend in home design over the past few years, there is something about black or deep brown furniture in an all-white room that makes us want to pull our hair out. We’ve also been seeing some bright reds making their way from the kitchen cabinets up onto the walls; I hope it won’t be long before they’re gone as well.

lighter color design

Lighter colors throughout the home

Painters are starting to use colors like gray and white more often in their work. While they’ve been used for years, the trend toward brighter shades will likely continue. With advances in energy-efficient lighting, electricians are saving clients money on utility bills with LED technology; this has also made brighter paint, such as light blues and greens, a practical option.

Dark wood flooring is still going strong, so it’s not leaving us anytime soon. However, lighter floors may be making a comeback at some point – hardwoods have come back in style after being replaced by tiles and carpets all through the 80s and 90s. In addition to wood floors coming back into relevance, though, there’s been an increase in the popularity of tile floors as well. Not only are they very easy to clean, but they also open up the space infinitely more than carpet can. You can add all kinds of different patterns and textures into a room without worrying about how much it will cost over time to maintain them.

black and white flooring
Chess or checkers?

Another trend we’ve seen in interior design that has been directed toward remodels is going back to using lighter colors throughout the home. This not only gives rooms an updated look, but it’s also very practical – white won’t stain half as easily as dark colors, and light wood cabinets are easier to keep looking beautiful than black ones (which need frequent waxing).

How to design a space

In terms of aesthetics for your remodel, think about what kind of color scheme would work best: If you’re trying to make a small room feel bigger, white or pale grey walls will have the opposite effect on it than black ones. Dark colors absorb light; light colors reflect it. While darker tones can add depth and character to a room, they tend to make the space hotter and smaller-feeling; this is just one reason why many of us aren’t fans of dark interiors.

living room space design

Other than color choices, home remodelers are also seeing an increased interest in wood ceilings as opposed to exposed ductwork – another function of brighter paints that allow for more varied patterns and textures in the design. In addition, many people who had changed or modified their interior spaces because of damage from water or mold found that replacing carpet with tile wasn’t enough. That is, it still held all the humidity from before.

new flooring

Flooring options

Nowadays, many remodelers are offering durable sheet flooring options for rooms where people don’t want the extra expense or maintenance of natural wood; this will likely become another trend as time goes on. Suppose you live in a city with high humidity levels like Florida. In that case, you might consider ceramic tiles over hardwood ones because they can help absorb excess moisture out of your home through a process called “capillary action.”

Moreover, new builders are incorporating more cork and bamboo into their designs, while more firms offer design services for eco-friendly renovations, also known as ecodesign. This allows everyone to go green without going broke, especially important for people who are remodeling on a budget. For those of us who renovate our homes to save money on monthly bills, you can prevent leaks by installing water-efficient faucets and toilets.

In the past, builders and remodelers only used wood columns for support in houses. But with advances in technology like all-in-one girders that are stronger than 2x6s, many builders are building their structures using steel instead; it’s just as strong but much more cost-efficient to use at home.

home garden trends 2022

Home garden

Another significant change that has come from remodeling is our increasing interest in putting vertical gardens inside our homes. The first plants were made out of silk or live plants – both prohibitively expensive options for many people who simply wanted something pretty hanging from their walls. Nowadays, you can get fake plants that look just as real as the real thing and come in various colors and styles; another trend that looks like it will stick around.

tile trends 2022

Tile and countertops

Tile is another big part of remodeling trends, as they can be installed very quickly by contractors; who are always trying to save time and money for their clients. They’re also easier to clean than carpets, which not only helps people with allergies but saves a lot of time in the long run since most people don’t have to replace them as often (if ever). Another design element we’ve seen a lot more of is countertops made from granite or other stone materials instead of glass; much more durable and easily repairable if anything happens to them. This allows homeowners to do things like install sinks without worrying about the integrity of the material underneath – many people hate changing out large counters because they are afraid the old ones will be damaged during the move.

countertop trends 2022

This is an excellent trend since it allows more people to get things like a better kitchen set up if they don’t have the money or time to build an entirely new structure; you can just replace your countertops instead of having to spend countless days (and huge amounts of cash) on construction – not to mention all the broken appliances that we need to be replaced, too.

We must note that in order for granite and other stone surfaces to look good, they must be professionally installed with care; much like everything else that goes into remodeling your home.

tub and sinks

Sinks & tubs

The last big change we’ve seen involves using under-mount sinks along with built-in tubs, which many people love because they’re convenient to clean and simple to use. Also, there are many new products on the market that allow you to coat your tubs with an ultra-smooth finish; another trend that remodelers will likely continue over time.

cabinet crown molding

Upper design elements

More and more women are choosing an upper cabinet with crown molding; it’s an excellent example of how designers have reflected what people want in their homes into their designs. Everyone wants a room with some sort of upper design element – usually something reflective or shiny – nowadays, and for most people, it’s not even cost-prohibitive anymore, which is why we predict this new trend will stick around for a while.

hardwood flooring


Another significant change we’ve seen in recent years is the use of light hardwood floors that are made from thin layers of wood stacked on top of each other. These types of flooring are considered to be more durable than regular ones and are definitely much better at hiding dirt and scuff marks in general, which allows homeowners to avoid replacing them as often.

light fixture

Light fixtures

“Another big trend involves using odd-looking light fixtures to replace your old ones – this change works well for remodeling projects because you don’t have to worry about needing an electrician during installation or repair jobs later down the road. Also, it’s good if you already like the way your ceiling looks with just one regular light fixture in your living room.”

“Finally, we’ve noticed more and more homeowners interested in replacing their old light switches with dimmer ones; it’s something that they can do on their own without too much effort, but also improves the overall mood in a room – as long as you keep the lights off. This trend is mostly applicable to remodeling projects that involve redoing an existing layout rather than building a new one.”

general contractor on roof
A general contractor in Denver

To Summaries

We see a few things changing in the near future, especially since most homeowners are starting to realize how important it is to upgrade their homes after several years of living in them. The first thing people want to be replaced is their countertops; they’re usually not too expensive and can be easily done by hiring a professional company instead of doing it yourself – which means less time wasted on construction sites.”

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In conclusion, there are many things that people want to change about their homes when it comes time for a remodeling project; these tips provide some insight into all of the ways you can make your house more stylistically appealing to those around you.”

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