Best Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling Software



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Creating your dream living space and home is accessible when you just point and click where to you want things to be!

It does take more effort to make things happen. However, you can use bathroom and kitchen remodeling software to get an idea of how space might look when you’re finished!

Home remodeling and renovation costs can quickly add up. Depending on the remodeling you want to do and the extent of the work, prices can range from about $25,000 to $45,000. The renovation includes things like refurbishing cabinets, painting, and adding new appliances. If you want a complete kitchen or bathroom remodel, you could spend up to $75,000 to get all the work done. Even if you’re only doing medium- to low-cost upgrades, you may need to install new plumbing and fixtures, which can raise the renovation costs even higher!

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Most homeowners aren’t professional plumbers, construction contractors, or architects, so it’s hard to know how the project will run or its costs. However, you may want to get an idea of what’s in store before you hire someone. Therefore, bathroom and kitchen remodeling software can help. You can create a more realistic vision of the home improvement project by setting the wall colors, building the floor plan, and adding design features with the furniture.

That’s where we come in! We’ve checked out dozens of home design software products to help you choose the best options. From there, we narrowed it down to the best eight versions. While we focused on cost, that’s not the only factor we thought of to select the best software options. We also wanted to ensure that the software was easy to use, took on natural spaces, allowed you to upload pictures and add them, had realistic renderings, and created a true-to-life design of your room.

Please continue reading to see the best eight software products for 2021 and how they compare to each other:

The 8 Best Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling Software for 2021

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The Best Home Design Software You Can Use

We weren’t satisfied with just one software option because there are too many on the market. Therefore, there isn’t a one-size-fits-best choice out there. Instead, we categorized each piece of software based on how it could benefit you. Check out each one and learn more about it:

Virtual Architect

Virtual Architect

Everyone wants the best of whatever they buy, and we picked Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design to be the best overall. It offers wizard-driven technology to help you do everything from building a dream home from scratch to redesigning the bathroom. All of that happens with a few clicks of your handy mouse. Plus, you’re sure to enjoy that you can use personal photos of your own home to create a masterpiece. On top of that, there’s the deck and landscape design feature from the software!

It has everything that a DIYer or weekend warrior might need to visualize their home renovation project. You’re going to enjoy what you can do with this software, and the options are nearly limitless!


  • Offers tutorial videos and technical support
  • Can upload digital photos to plan the room’s makeover effortlessly
  • The wizard-driven interface offers fast results


  • Pricier than some of the competitors we reviewed
  • Must pay to use phone support
  • It can require a learning curve if you’re just beginning to use it.

Nova Development created the Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design – Landscaping and Decks 10. This company was founded in 1984 and is one of the largest software publishers in the United States. It focuses on creating software products specifically for small businesses and individual consumers. Nova Development offers products for Apple and Windows configurations and operating systems.

While we feel that Virtual Architect is more expensive than some of the other competitors in this review, you get so many more features. For example, there’s a vast library offering thousands of 3D graphics, which can help you visualize the space and plan the room the way you want it to be. On top of all that, you can upload personal digital photos of the room to use as the backdrop for the project. This gives you a better idea of what space should look like when the home renovation is complete.

We also like that this version offers the Landscape and Decks feature to use for your outdoor designs on top of interior needs!

One of the best reasons to use Virtual Architect Ultimate is the wizard-driven format. That way, you can work on any project quickly and smoothly and don’t require any design experience at all! Just point the mouse where you want a design element and click. Then, you can let the wizard do the rest of the work!

Pricing Plans

With the Virtual Architect 10 software, there’s only one price option, and it’s $99.00 for the digital download to your computer or device. From there, you can use it as often as you want without paying extra (unless you require phone support). There are various payment options, including PayPal, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, or American Express.



Some software options that made a list are cloud-based, which means you don’t install them directly onto the computer but access the program remotely and on any device. However, some software programs must be purchased outright and usually come in PC or Mac versions. We picked TurboFloorPlan Home & Landscape Deluxe Mac 2021 as the best choice for Mac users. Ultimately, we found that it’s effortless to use, highly intuitive, and offers all the features we want in software like this. Plus, this particular version is designed solely for the Mac operating system, so you know it’s going to work correctly without any issues.

We feel that it’s an excellent choice for beginners, as well. It offers a more user-friendly interface with automated tools like AutoFraming with Framing Editor. That way, you can even customize the stud spacing for your home. Autoframing is essential if you plan to hang things on the wall and want them to stay up! On top of that, we love how it tracks the square footage and costs for each project you create with it.


  • Offers build energy tips as you design for eco-friendly advice
  • Provides auto room cost adjustments based on the design
  • Allows the user to trace and scan their floor plans


  • No kitchen wizard
  • Few kitchen design tools

TurboCAD Design Group created TurboFloorPlan, and this is part of the overall IMSI/Design feature. The company is a global leader for retail Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and has been around since 1988. When it comes to professional home design software, this is the top company that many designers and architects turn to.

While TurboCAD offers various professional products to designers, it also provides highly affordable software options for individuals and at-home use. This includes the TurboFloorPlan for Mac users and homeowners who prefer to create remodeling and redecorating plans themselves without having experience. With the Mac version, the software isn’t like regular CAD products because it’s designed to be user-friendly and intuitive.

TurboFloorPlan Home & Landscape Deluxe Mac 2021 offers thousands of symbols that you can drag and drop wherever you want. This means you can create precision auto-dimensions for both 2D and 3D designs. The program also features an estimator to help you keep a running total of the square footage and prices in real-time while drawing with the tool. It offers different costs for different rooms and landscaping adventures, but it can also cost the entire house. The good news is that you get eco-friendly advice while designing your home!

Pricing Plans

With TurboFloorPlan (Mac edition), you pay $99.99 and download it directly to your Mac computer. That way, it’s always available when you have a remodeling project in mind.

There are various payment methods available, including PayPal, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, and Visa. You may also choose to get the extended download service for $7.99, which protects you if the computer crashes, and you need to download the software again.



We choose RoomSketcher as the easiest option to use because there’s no effort necessary to get started! Once you get to the website, just select what you wish to do from the drop-down menu, and you can begin! There are instructions to help you, and they’re simple to understand so that you can create images of your best ideas quickly!


  • Plans are drawn to scale
  • Real flooring plans
  • Interactive 3D walkthroughs that are highly life-like


  • Yearly subscription required for Pro and VIP
  • Room Sketcher is Free to use for the most part, but the user must pay for additional features, including 3D floor plans.
  • Images don’t look like the photo you take, but the quality isn’t bad

The RoomSketcher company was founded back in 2007. The business is a spinoff of the original company that created those 3D visualizations for the oil industry and subsea industry. Viking Ventures is the venture backing RoomSketcher, privately held, with the holding company being Torrey Pines AS.

You’re sure to appreciate RoomSketcher because the home design software lives in the cloud. This means that you can sync up the program with various devices and use it anywhere you want, even if you’re offline!

Users can create floor plans for themselves, design different rooms, and see the creations in various views (360, 2D, and 3D). We feel that it has an extensive library for furniture options, and there is an impressive array of plant images that anyone can use. This program also lets you create your second floor by “cloning” the first floor to use the same outline when you’re ready to begin working on the second level.

On top of that, everything you create gets saved in various folders for future reference, so you can go back to those projects whenever you need to do so.

With RoomSketcher, you can start designing for free immediately. However, if you want additional features, such as actual floor plans, 360 viewing, and 3D floor plans, you must pay. It’s so easy to get set up, and you’re creating and designing in just a few minutes!

Pricing Plans

The Free plan lets you use the app on Windows, Mac, Android, and iPad devices. You also have access to authentic products and snapshots, but that’s all.

From there, you can choose RoomSketcher VIP, which costs $49 a year and includes 20 credits to use for 3D photos, 3D floor plans, and 360 views. You’re also allowed to replace materials and print scaled floor plans as needed.

If you want more from the software, RoomSketcher Pro is available at $99 a year with 50 credits. You get the same perks as with the VIP price, but you can also calculate the total area, draw from blueprints, and customize the floor plans.


AutoCAD 2021

AutoCAD is a computer-aided drafting and design platform designed for companies of any size. With it, you have a 3D design, 2D documentation, and collaboration functionality within a suite of software programs. We like that this product is available as an on-premise or cloud-based deployment style.


  • Ideal for use when graphic object representations are shown in various drawing locations. It’s easy to change the graphics when all the occurrences need to be automatically updated.
  • AutoCAD Supports two-dimensional and three-dimensional drawings. With the 3D model, you can create walkthroughs of your project instead of just making the physical drawing.
  • More efficient to draw plans with this software than by hand. This is especially true of changes you must make because everything’s done on the computer. You aren’t required to retrace or redraw the plan because one command lets you change the digital copy at will.


  • Misses some important features where it can link to third-party sources, such as Microsoft Excel. There’s no option to input changes into an Excel spreadsheet to inform the software how to change those graphic objects to match.
  • Autocad is Not as efficient as some of the other software tools we’ve reviewed. While it offers 3D modeling tools, it’s hard to significantly modify or stretch the objects when you’ve cut out holes in the thing.
  • Can’t produce drawing files containing the necessary building information for construction employees. This software only offers tools to create your required drawings to communicate your design intent but nothing more than what’s shown graphically.
  • Most expensive plans on the list

AutoCAD was created by AutoDesk, a leader in entertainment, engineering, and 3D design software. The company’s goal is to develop solutions to span various industries to empower innovators to use technology in new ways.

With AutoCAD, you can use 2D drafting, which helps you create a custom dimension for your drawings. In turn, you can replicate those conventions for your other pictures within the same project. Moreover, you can customize the sizes and drawing sheet layouts while previewing changes in the elements at various scales.

We appreciate that AutoCAD features 3D modeling, too. This way, you can visualize the drawings using mesh, surface, and solid modeling processes. The software also offers 3D navigation to perform zoom, orbit, and rotational functions to visualize the building model and see the room from all angles. With that, you also get cross-sectional views.

Pricing Plans

With AutoCAD, you must pay to use the software every month. It’s $220 a month if you pay monthly. However, you can save 33 percent when you spend $1,775 annually. On top of that, AutoDesk (the creator) offers the ability to pay every three years, which costs $4,795.



There are many home design apps out there that Homestyler can use on your smartphone. However, they usually have a cartoonish appearance and feel to them when you look at your finished results. That’s part of the reason why we chose Homestyler as the best mobile option. The designs look pretty realistic, and it lets you create blueprints and home plans easily and quickly.


  • Post images to your Instagram account for feedback
  • Tutorial videos for learning assistance
  • Free to use


  • Must pay separately to view products with the 4K resolution
  • Limits the number of uploads you can have for 2D and 3D models
  • It doesn’t run at its maximum efficiency on the desktop unless using the Chrome browser

Easyhome New Retail Group and Alibaba Group own Homestyler. The original prototype for the Homestyler software was developed in 2009 by AutoDesk and was initially part of the Dragonfly project.

Homestyler primarily created this software for the design and real estate industries. Plus, it is available on desktops and mobile devices. On top of that, Homestyler offers realistic plans when you create and view them on the app. If that’s not enough for you, it’s possible to take photos of the physical space you’re working on and add 3D models of your home’s real furniture to design the room. There’s also the ability to build swimming pools, second floors, and floor plans.

We feel that Homestyler is very easy to use. When you’ve downloaded the app and registered for an account, you can get started. Just create blueprints of your dream house or upload different photos of your living space to redesign. Then, you can choose the furniture items to use to decorate the area.

Currently, Homestyler is free to use, but there are other plan options available. With them, you can boost your upload limits for the models, access the render editor, and remove the watermark from the software’s images.

Pricing Plans

The Basic plan of Homestyler is free to use, but you only get a few tools. Here, you can get 100 3D uploads, but there’s no interactive Lightmix feature, render retouching, and other perks.

With Pro, it costs $19.99 a month, but you can get one month free if you pay $119.40 six months in advance. Annual costs are $238.80, which is the equivalent of getting three months free. Here, you get 50 renders for Ultra HD, HD, and 4K rendering. There are 300 3D uploads, watermark removal, and many other perks.

Then, you have the Master plan at $39.90 a month. If you pay $239.40, you get six months of usage with one month free. There’s also an annual plan at $478.80 to get three months free. On this plan, you get unlimited rendering and 10K panorama rendering with 500 3D uploads!



There are countless accessible bathroom and kitchen remodeling software programs available. However, you usually get just what you pay for, and since you’re not spending money, it’s not a lot. The quality might not be good, and there are no storage options.

Even with the free version, you get a professional-looking and nice final image with SketchUp. Plus, there’s an excellent photo library available. There’s also 10GB of cloud storage, so you can work on projects without worrying about running out of space to store the designs.


  • 10GB cloud storage
  • Professional-quality images
  • Easy to navigate and use


  • I can’t use it offline
  • Limited photo library, though it is suitable for being free
  • Requires a learning curve if you’ve never before used bathroom and kitchen remodeling software

In 1999, Brad Schell created SketchUp as part of the Last Software program. However, he sold it to Trimble Company an unknown amount of time later.

If you’re just starting to explore the fun world of designing your kitchen or bathroom, SketchUp is an excellent free source to try. The renderings look very professional, even if the quality isn’t quite as good as the Pro version. We still feel that it looks good and gets the point across.

However, SketchUp Free offers limited usage of the photo library. Still, you can do so much with the program, and it’s effortless to create the designs you want.

We highly appreciate SketchUp because you have 10GB of storage in the cloud to hold your projects. Plus, whenever you have questions, there’s a wealth of knowledge from the active support community. Just post a question on the Sketchup Community forum and receive answers in a few hours. Plus, it’s easy to sign up for an account and access SketchUp. You’re not required to download anything and can begin once you register.

Pricing Plans

The Free version gives you 10GB of cloud storage, a mobile model viewer, and a web-based 3D model viewer. Though it’s pretty basic, it’s a great way to start learning about bathroom and kitchen remodeling software.

Its Shop plan is $119 per year and offers unlimited cloud storage, an augmented-reality viewer for mobile, and unlimited access to the pre-built models.

From there, Pro is $299 a year, and you can use the desktop version. Plus, there are plugins to extend the desktop functionality. You also have 2D documentation, a robust modeler, XR headset viewing, and much more.

Those are the price listings for personal use. However, SketchUp also offers professional and higher education plans if you require them.

2020 Design Live/2020 Spaces

2020 Spaces

The design world for bathroom and kitchen remodeling has opened up with 2020 Design Live (formerly called 2020 Spaces). This software offers one of the largest selections for manufacturer catalogs, and it also provides configurable cabinetry and appliance/plumbing uniquely available on the 2020 Spaces cloud. Whether you’re creating 360-degree panoramas that are photorealistic or planning your new space, 2020 Design Live has all the advanced functionality you need to help you create a stunning bathroom and kitchen to show off to clients or the construction contractor.


  • Real-time manufacturing products and configurable settings
  • Designed for designers to sell more homes/spaces
  • Offers lighting patterns/shadows within the lighting wizard (see how the lights can affect the room)


  • Challenges with changes to the rendering engine
  • Notes and dimensions can disappear on you while you’re working
  • Lacks appropriate support with various stability problems to work out

2020 Design Live was founded back in 1987, and its headquarters are in Laval, Quebec. Since 2018, Promob is its subsidiary and is the market leader in Central and South America.

We don’t feel that everyone’s going to need 2020 Design Live. Primarily, it’s for businesses that want to compete with box stores and target budget-friendly customers. You can use it to draw kitchens with a minimum amount of walls and get appropriate pricing from various brands to show how the project price can change.

2020 Design Live offers a larger market share for the kitchen, so it’s easy for designers to use. However, you may have a learning curve if you’re unfamiliar with such software.

One of the best reasons to consider 2020 Design Live is because it offers price points within the program. However, pricing reliability relies heavily on the drawing and design catalog. Therefore, it’s essential to update the retail program pricing structure to ensure that it’s always ready to go for clients. If you use online pricing tools from particular manufacturers, this might not be a beneficial feature.

In a sense, 2020 Design Live protects you and prevents the KD from including things that aren’t available right now. However, you’re sure to make a few design mistakes at first because of the learning curve required. Still, if you’re a good designer, you should be able to figure out the software quickly and use it effectively.

Pricing Plans

While there is a free trial available for either pricing plan, there’s no forever-free account. A one-year subscription to 2020 Design Live Foundation runs $1,295 a year. This is suitable for those who don’t require manufacturer cabinetry catalogs.

With it, you get the full-featured desktop software with 12 months of updates and support. Plus, there’s access to generic catalogs.

It costs $1,795 per year to use 2020 Design Live. This is suitable for those who sell manufacturer closets and cabinets. You get the same benefits as with Foundation. However, you also have access to manufacturer catalogs, the 2020 Closet, and the application integration module.

Lands Design

Lands Design

Those who prefer to design landscapes for their homes may want to consider Lands Design. It’s as accurate as possible, and we like that it offers a free trial. Many professional landscapers use this tool, and the trial subscription comes with 2D and 3D models.


  • Choose between four different plant representations (realistic, detailed, conceptual, and elevations)
  • Easy to get started and download the software
  • Extensive database of plants


  • Requires the use of Rhino software (which you can download on the website)
  • Uses fundamental CAD tools; expect a learning curve and take advantage of the training available
  • You can only use Lands Design free version for 90 days before requiring a subscription

In 1993, Asuni CAD created Lands Design. This landscaping software focuses on professionals within the landscaping industry, but individuals can use it for outside home décor. There is an extensive 90-day trial for individuals to use. However, after that, there’s a hefty subscription price for the professional version.

Lands Design lets you turn any 2D layout into a 3D design to help with visualization. However, you can also take a 3D version and turn it into a 2D structure if necessary. That way, you can add tags, dimensions, and plant photos. However, what makes Lands Design stand out and be our top choice for best landscaping design is that the software offers an extensive database of plants in 3D and 2D models. With over 1,800 species to pick from, you can create designs based on fruitification, wind resistance, or soil type.

Plus, the program lets you choose between four plant representations, including realistic, detailed, conceptual, and elevations. It’s also possible to add other elements, such as hardscapes and irrigation. Because the software supports various platforms, it’s easy to export or import from other libraries online when they’re compatible. Easily integrate those elements into your specific design plans!

Pricing Plans

pricing plans
Calculate pricing | Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Though there isn’t a forever-free plan with Lands Design, you do get a generous 90-day trial. There are various pricing options for a professional or business account. They include:

Commercial license for a business or individual – $795 (one-time fee)

With this option, you get one license for Rhino Lands Design and one for AutoCAD Lands Design.

Upgrade (for the AutoCAD Version) – $295 (one-time fee)

If you’ve ever owned a commercial version of Lands Studio or Lands Design, you can upgrade it to get Lands Design for Rhino and AutoCAD.

Rhino Lands – $1,695

You receive Rhino 7, Lands Design Rhino, and Lands Design AutoCAD.

Lands Design with VisualARQ – $1,450

Here, you get Lands Design Rhino, Lands Design AutoCAD, and VisualARQ.

The company claims that it’s best to purchase from a local reseller to get service and support, though you can buy it directly from Asuni CAD, as well.


do you have any question?
Remodeling Software FAQs | Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

It’s not enough to learn about the top eight bathroom and kitchen remodeling software products out there. We’re sure you have questions, and these are the ones we thought of while creating this review. Take a look and find out everything you need to know about such software:

What Is Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling Software?

Bathroom and kitchen remodeling software is a program that helps you create home designs for various areas of your home. You don’t need to take classes or become an architect or home interior designer to get an idea of what your renovation project might look like.

The programs use a friendly interface to help you “build” a room or house on an electronic device. From there, you can use those plans you created to help with the home renovation project. Alternatively, it’s easy to export the ideas (print them) and give them to a builder or architect who can turn your dreams into reality.

DIYers often use bathroom and kitchen remodeling software without any design experience whatsoever. Most software programs are straightforward to use and don’t require the user to know about design or architecture. Most of these products offer tutorials to assist you when you need them. However, many of the software options we reviewed let you jump right in and start creating. Just “drag and drop” to build your designs and create a new space.

Do You Still Need to Hire a Designer/Architect When Using Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling Software?

The answer is yes and no. If you are good with your hands, you might be able to do the actual work independently. However, most people don’t have the skills or time to do that. Therefore, you may still want to hire a professional to do the work.

When you use bathroom and kitchen remodeling software, you can see the renovations in real-time and understand how it might look like when the work is complete.

It’s ideal for indecisive people on a budget and wants to try out a few things before committing to a specific design.

When Should You Use Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling Software?

While there are endless reasons to use such software, these are the top ones for homeowners:

  • You wish to compare different styles and designs.
  • Design professionals want to show their clients how the room might look.
  • Get opinions from your family and friends by showing them actual design details on the screen (or printed).
  • You prefer to see how the renovations might look before you hire a professional to do them.
  • Your goal is to do the work yourself and not hire an architect or interior designer.
  • It’s imperative to get an idea of the finished results before renovating the home.

How Does Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling Software Work?

With bathroom and kitchen remodeling software, you can create layouts for the whole house or a specific room with a simple drawing tool. You’re allowed to add windows, doors, furniture, and other décor items to create a visualization of any space. Some of them offer 2D versions, but others are 3D and more realistic.

Most software options allow you to edit your work live or drag objects and walls around to see how space can change before your eyes. Usually, remodelers and professionals use these tools to see what a particular room might look like with new windows or cabinetry. However, more and more homeowners use these products to get budget information, ideas, and see instead of imagining how the room might appear.

Let’s talk about Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling Software costs.

The prices for bathroom and kitchen remodeling software vary significantly. Sometimes, it’s free to use the program, but some can run thousands of dollars or more. It depends on the remodeling features you need and how many photo uploads you must make. If you plan to use 3D modelers, expect to pay more. Other enhancements may also run the bill higher, but some of them are already included in the paid subscription plan you pick.

During the review process, we found out that you can receive a quality program with a few bells and whistles for about $49.99. However, if you need a bit more and want more extras, such as more extensive photo libraries, unlimited uploads, and price estimation, spending $99.99 can get you what you need.

When Is It Worth the Cost to Get Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling Software?

We believe that it’s well worth the cost to purchase bathroom and kitchen remodeling software programs. That way, you can see exactly how the home improvement project (renovation) looks before you shell out any money on materials or pay a contractor to start the work. These programs can show you how the finished project is going to look. On top of that, you get ideas about costs, ensuring that you stay within your budget or know how much to save for the renovation.

What Should You Look for in Your Home Design Software?

When you’re thinking about buying bathroom and kitchen remodeling software, you should focus on your specific requirements. There’s no need to get an app if it doesn’t have the features you want, such as outdoor landscaping. However, you don’t want to pay too much for an app that does everything when you just want to see how a different wall color can change the space.

The first thing to consider is what system you’re working with, so you can choose compatible software. It doesn’t make sense to buy a Mac program if you only use Windows! Many of the software products we reviewed were cloud-based so that you can use them straight from the browser. However, some were desktop versions that required Windows or Mac to work correctly.

Always check the system requirements and make sure your computer can handle them. Many times, the software takes up much space or eats much memory while you’re running it. Don’t cause your computer to crash because you didn’t check out the minimum requirements of using it!

There are also certain features you need with your bathroom and kitchen remodeling software:

3D and 2D Views

3d vs 2d
3d vs 2d | Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

2D floor plans can be good if you want a general idea of spacing and how things fit together. However, some people are highly visual and require a realistic model of their design. If that’s the case, it’s better to pay extra to get 3D stylings. On top of that, some of the free options offer basic 3D features, which can be good enough for general-purpose needs. However, if you want to create a walkthrough and move around the space as in a video game, you need something more sophisticated. We included some of those options in our review, so you’re covered either way.

Export Options

Often, you spend all that time creating something and have no way to send it to the contractor or architect. Make sure that there are multiple export options. Consider asking you’re professional what they use and ensure that those formats are available from your software.

Alternatively, you may want a printed version. However, most software products require specific settings to print the information correctly on paper. Ensure that your software offers printed versions, which may be available for a separate fee or on a subscription plan.

Object Libraries

Most people want to fill up their space with the furniture they have. Then, they move it around to get an idea of how things might look when they’re changed. Since you don’t want to draw every little thing (and may want to move it on the screen), it’s essential to have an entire object library with the software.

That way, you can add photo frames to the walls and furniture around the space. Though some design software options only focus on the building, others have tons of “object images” you can add. Just drag and drop them into the creation and watch it come to life. If you spend more, you can get various textures, such as paint, stone, and flooring options to make the 3D model look realistic and how it might be when the work is finished.

What Are the Benefits of Using Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling Software?

Imagine if you had to design an entire room with only a pencil and paper. That’s how it used to be, but CAD software has made life much easier for architects and designers. Still, many homeowners want to use bathroom and kitchen remodeling software to help them see their ideas come to life before spending all that money on a renovation.

Learning about the benefits of home design software can help you decide if it’s the right purchase for you:

High-quality Images

hd kitchen remodeling software
Look at the details | Photo by Cleyder Duque from Pexels

For most people, the purpose of bathroom and kitchen remodeling software is to help professionals create accurate and detailed designs. There are various mathematical equations and shapes to aid in this creation.

However, simpler systems are used by many professionals, and individuals get much use from them. While some inexpensive options aren’t as high-quality, you still get a good idea of what the room can look like based on the designs you pick.

That’s going to tell you a lot about if you want to complete the project. If you choose software with price estimates, you can even plan your budget and start saving for the renovation.

Reusable Designs

With the right software (and practice), you can create one design and reuse it many times. You’re probably not thinking about your second or third renovation right now, but when the time comes, you’re prepared. You’ve already got the essential design elements and know how the place is going to look. Then, the next time you use the software, those things are already saved. Build on them to create a new project.

It’s also possible to reuse the basic design of the building for the second floor. That way, you don’t have to recreate the entire thing all over again. Plus, since it’s electronic, you can quickly move walls or remove elements when the design is different for the next area.

If you choose software with unlimited storage, you can save each design for future needs!

Easy to Make Changes

Most designers are quick to tell you that making changes is part of the home improvement project. No one can create something the first go-round. You may have the essential elements, but you want to move them around or change them to see different styles.

With bathroom and kitchen remodeling software, it’s easier to do that. You don’t have to erase everything or crumple the paper to start over. Instead, you can save that specific design, transfer it to a new file, and work on changes there. That way, you have a template that you can always refer back to if needed.

Plus, it gives you more insight into what you started with and where you are now. You may work on something, decide to change it, and realize the new design doesn’t work, so you go back to the original. It’s so much easier and straightforward to do that with software instead of a pencil.

Easy to Read Designs

Sometimes, it’s hard to communicate a design or idea to the contractor or architect. You may draw something haphazardly on paper with many cross-outs, but it’s not usually effective. Though the designer may have some skill in deciphering client requests, it can go wrong, and the entire project is off. In a sense, you may see something different than the designer because the information doesn’t come outright.

Miscommunication is often a challenging hurdle. If you’ve ever done a home remodeling project, you’ve probably learned that. While bathroom and kitchen remodeling software can’t fix every problem, it is easier for everyone to understand what’s happening. In a sense, the designs are standardized, organized, and straightforward for you and the designer.

Add Documentation

If you go with a professional tool, you may find that the designer or home improvement team you choose uses the same one. That means it’s easier to share the designs, but they (or you) can add documentation. For example, if you send over an outline you like and have a different idea or ways to improve it, they can make changes and include comments about what they changed and why.

You can also take measurements of the space and the furniture, etc. Enter that into the software and design to make it easier for the building team to get started. While they shouldn’t always measure again, it saves them the headache of visualizing and getting all the details right. Since all those numbers and information are there, they get a better idea of your space and what you want.

A Full Database of Objects

It’s easier to save all of the documentation, data, and designs/changes for your projects using bathroom and kitchen remodeling software. You can also label and organize everything to make it easier to find them next time. That way, you’ve got a database of sorts for reference and what you want to do in the future.

Since the software is likely in the cloud or on your computer, you shouldn’t have issues with losing it. Still, you may decide to print out a hard copy of the information. Most software products allow you to back up the data for a small fee. It’s a good idea to do this if you’re working on multiple rooms in the house or have an extensive renovation project coming up.

Easier to Collaborate with Professionals

collaborate with pros
Online Architects | Photo by from Pexels

If you’re just a DIYer or want to visualize how the project looks when it’s done, you may not require much collaboration. However, there are times where it’s useful.

For example, you might be working with contractors, designers, and architects. You can send each person the information so that they know what you want. Instead of just emailing or sharing it with the project manager, everyone has a clear sense of what to do and how to do it.

You can also use the software to document the design history. If you’ve made multiple changes, save them separately. That way, if you find that a particular element doesn’t work, you don’t have to start from scratch. This also helps the designer hire them because they can go back through the revisions and help you create the perfect space for your needs.

Another perk is to share your designs on social media to ask for feedback from friends/family. It’s also easier to load the software and show people when they come for a visit.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Using Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling Software?

Though bathroom and kitchen remodeling software is highly beneficial, there are a few drawbacks. If you’ve never taken formal education on design, there could be a learning curve to figure out how the software works.

Plus, most of the software products aren’t perfect. Therefore, there could be minor changes in how it looks on the screen and in real life. On top of that, the prices can be a bit steep, especially if you don’t plan to use it more than once (or two) every few years.

How We Chose the Best Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling Software

We looked at dozens of various software options to find the best ones for each category. Though the price was a significant factor for us, we also looked at how realistic the plans were and the software’s functionality. Other criteria used included:

  • Access to tutorials
  • Ease of use
  • How many photos can be stored
  • Libraries
  • Downloads or web-based applications

With all that in mind, we chose the eight best bathroom and kitchen remodeling software products. You can use this information to decide what’s right for you and how much you should spend, based on the features and qualities you need.

Final Thoughts

Whether you plan to take on the remodel yourself or want to visualize what it looks like when it’s complete, bathroom and kitchen remodeling software is highly beneficial. We talked about the top eight products for specific purposes. Overall, Virtual Architect won because it’s low-cost but offers tons of features. However, we also included excellent mobile, accessible, and expert options to have many choices. That way, you can pick the one that meets your needs and works for you.

Now, it’s time to weigh your options and start using the software to renovate your home.

Disclaimer: We focus on publishing unbiased product reviews. Our opinions are only ours and not influenced by payments we might receive from the advertising partners. Learn more about our methods for reviewing products and the advertiser disclosure to see how we make money.

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