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Basements are a fantastic addition to the value of any property in Denver. There is so much you could do with this room. Have you ever wanted a game room, home theater, or wine cellar? Your basement could be transformed into anything you want.

increase home value
Wine cellar in Denver – Not for wine lovers only

Why should you consider reconstructing your basement? What are the benefits of this? The advantages include:

  • The value of your property will increase – Reconstruction adds to your home’s completed square footage, which causes the value to rise.
  • You get more space – Having more space to utilize in your home is always a positive factor. You have the opportunity to transform this into anything you like.
  • This makes your property easier to sell – If you were to put your home on the market, this would make it more appealing to potential buyers. This is added value, which is seen as a luxury or bonus to many people. Having a remodeled basement could be the selling factor.
  • It can be a form of additional income – It is possible to rent out your basement to receive financial gain. If you have no other use for your basement, remodeling it into a rental suite is the perfect option. However, you must ensure that your property has the legal rights for this.

Basement reconstruction can prove to be much more useful than one would perceive it to be. The basement remodeling process is a fascinating one.

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Is It a Good Idea to Do It Yourself Basements Remodel?

DIY projects are a prevalent and common occurrence in today’s world. When it comes to remodeling your basement, it is best to leave this job to professionals. The process of how to build a basement is not an easy one. These technicians have the necessary knowledge and experience to do things safely and ensure that they last for the long-term. It is extremely risky to try to take on a project like this by yourself, as plumbing and electricity play an essential role in the process. These are factors that not many people would consider. You do not want to risk your family’s safety or cause damage to your property by doing this.

professional finished basement in denver
Basement finishing in Denver | After

If you are desperate to add your personal touch to the basement, you can do this during the decorating process. Let experienced technicians take care of the reconstruction, and you can decorate as you please. Do it yourself. Basements are not recommended!

Basement Finish Requirements in Denver

Finishing a basement is not as simple as going through the construction process. Various requirements need to be met in Denver to ensure that you can remodel your basement. Firstly, you need to have the necessary permits. If you do not have a permit, the value of your property decreases, financing a purchase or sale of the property is difficult, insurance companies may not pay out any claims for damages, and the safety of your home is decreased. It is required by law to have a permit to remodel any structure on your property.

basement regulations in colorado
Basement laws in Denver, Colorado

Other basement finish requirements in Denver include:

  • Egress Window Well – These windows need to have a minimum area of nine square feet. The window needs to be able to open completely and must have a minimum dimension of 36”. A ladder may not interfere with the window; however, a permanently affixed ladder must be positioned if the window depth exceeds 44”.
  • An Emergency Escape and Rescue – There are specific criteria that must be adhered to when it comes to the emergency escape and rescue windows. The area has to be 5.7 square feet or more, the minimum openable height is 24”, and the width needs to be 20” or more. Basements must have some form of emergency window or door.
  • Ceiling Heights – The finished ceiling needs to be 7’ or more. If not, you need to contact the Building Department.
  • Fuel Burning Appliances – You cannot have a water heater or furnace located in a bedroom or bathroom unless it is located in an enclosed area where the combustion air goes directly outside.

Make sure that you take note of all the requirements before you embark on reconstructing your basement. It is essential to remember that these requirements are put in place to ensure your property’s safety. You need to adhere to these policies so that you and your family can be kept safe.

Basic Basement Finishing

Certain things are a part of a basic basement finishing. Partial basement options often mean that one or more of the following factors are missing. If you do not know what is required to finish the basement’s qualities, then keep reading. Here are some finished basement ideas:

basement basic remodel denver
Framing before insulation
  • Get rid of all moisture – You need to determine whether you need to waterproof your basement before you start reconstructing. A moisture test can be conducted to ensure that no leaks occur during the process.
  • Basement framing and insulation – Installing insulation and wall framing will give your walls structure and make your space look more inviting.
  • Take care of electrical and plumbing issues – You cannot function in your basement without electricity and plumbing. There are professionals to ensure that these are installed safely and securely.
  • Drywall and ceiling – Once the drywall is hung up, you can paint the walls and watch your vision come to life. The basement ceiling is crucial as this is what hides the exposed wires, pipes, and vents. There are multiple basement ceiling options to choose from, such as drywall.
  • Flooring and baseboards – You are not limited to options when it comes to flooring and baseboards. You can choose the material that is going to make the whole space together.
  • Emergency exit and basement windows – This is an important feature to pay attention to as required by law. The positioning of doors and windows needs to be thought out carefully.

360 View of a basement demolition project

360 View of New Concrete staircase to the basement

360 View of basement framing project in Denver

360 View of a basement finish project

360 View of a basement finishing project

Basement Wall Repair (Floating Walls)

Floating walls are a common factor involved in basement repair that is often not performed correctly. It is important to note that floating walls should not be installed directly onto the foundation. If there is no offset space left between the floating walls and foundation, you may need to get wall repair. Alternatively, the wall can be attached and anchored from the first floor with 60D extra large nails. You need to pay careful attention to your basement walls’ structure, as basement construction is largely dependent on this.

floating walls in basement
Building floating walls in Denver’s basement

It is necessary to have floating walls in Colorado because the structure of the soil contains bentonite. This is an absorbent swelling clay that results in the soil’s movement, which means you may need basement wall repair. This can result in structural damage if you do not have floating walls. Finishing basement walls is a crucial factor in Colorado.

Poured Concrete Foundation

Poured concrete and foundation fixing is not a skill that most contractors in Denver can take on. It is a unique skill that not many professional teams can perform for you.

pour concrete on basement foundation
Basement concrete finishing in Denver

What is a poured concrete foundation? This procedure involves placing forms on top of spread footings. Steel rebar is positioned between these forms, and concrete is poured into these forms. These are thicker; hence, they are a more robust and more durable option to go for. You are also free to choose your design. This allows you to make the most out of your new basement. You will add to the cost to build a basement if you decide to go with a poured concrete basement.

Basement Design & Style in Denver

The last thing you want is to feel like you have an unfinished basement or partially finished basement after paying to get it remodeled. Style and design are crucial elements of basement renovation. A fully finished basement is one that has been appropriately constructed and satisfies all your needs and wants. Basement constructions should end with the style and design factor.

finished basement style in denver
Basement styles & decorations

A basement foundation is crucial; however, the design and style will bring your vision to life. Your basement is fully finished once the entire room is complete and blends in with the rest of your house. This means that your basement should incorporate finished floors, an electrical system, adequate heating, a safe entrance, and an exit; it should be easily accessible and have finished walls. Finishing a basement does require a great deal of work and skill that our technicians are equipped to do.

Once we have added the finishing basement design to your home, you will not be able to recognize the space. People have been falsely led to believe that their basement should not be a stylish area; however, this is not true. Why would you not want to make the most out of possibly one of your property’s most significant and most useful spaces?

Remodel Your Basement into a Charming Place

The beauty of having a basement is that you can transform it into absolutely anything you want. Basement remodels have no limitations. There is no need for this to remain a dark, dusty, and cold room that you are scared of. What is one type of space you have always dreamed of having in your house? You can turn your dream into a reality by remodeling your basement. If you are looking for a few ideas, there are plenty of options. You can transform your basement into a/an:

  • Gaming and Recreation Room – Having a space dedicated to relaxation and fun is something many people desire.
  • Wine Cellar – A basement could easily be reconstructed into a suitable wine cellar.
  • Practical Storage Space – We could all do with a little extra storage space. Remodel your basement so that you can organize things effectively instead of having everything dumped in the room and covered in cobwebs.
  • At Home User-Friendly Gym – So many people prefer working out in the comfort of their own home. Convert your basement into a private gym so that you can work towards your dream body.
  • Comfortable and Cozy Reading Cubbyhole – Sometimes, we all need a quiet space away from everyone else to spend some alone time. You can convert your basement into the perfect zen zone.
  • Home Theater – A basement could be the perfect space for an at-home theater. Distance should not be an issue at all.
  • Music Noob – You can finally live out your Rockstar fantasies without fear of anyone stealing your song ideas. This would be perfect for transforming into your personal studio; don’t forget to install soundproof walls.
  • A Decorative Area with Beautiful Rugs and Wall Decorations – Sometimes, we all need room to inspire and embrace our creativity. A basement does not always have to be some room that everyone is scared to go into. This could be transformed into something beautiful and peaceful.
soundproof basement denver
Soundproof walls in the basement

There are so many different things you can do to your basement to add character to your house.


If you are looking for how to finish a basement in Denver, you have many factors to consider. Basement remodeling is not an easy task, but professionals can turn your dreams into a reality by building a basement safely and effectively. Style, professionalism, and longevity are all ways to describe your new and improved basement house.

Learn more about basement renovation costs in Denver.

It is time to turn this room into a place where your friends and family want to spend their time!

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  3. My cousin has been thinking about remodeling her basement in order to be more comfortable. getting some help from a professional could allow them to be safer. It was interesting to learn about how the area can become more charming with the right kind of style.

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