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Homeowners often decide to tackle large projects and make necessary changes. A kitchen remodels a great option because this is one of the rooms that gets used often. However, you also know how challenging it is to be without your kitchen for a while and wonder about the cost. Of course, it depends primarily on the extent of the project and what you’re going to do.

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Average Cost Kitchen Remodel denver
Kitchen renovation ideas

What’s the Average Cost for a Kitchen Remodel?

The national average for a kitchen remodel is roughly $20,000 for a kitchen that’s 200 square feet. This doesn’t include stock cabinets, granite countertops, new appliances, and layout changes.

It will cost about $7,000 just to get a new refrigerator, reface the cabinets, and install a new laminate countertop. Of course, the high-end price is up to $75,000, which includes all new and high-end appliances, customized cabinets, new flooring, garbage disposal, a new range hood, and a luxury countertop.

You must also consider that kitchen remodeling prices vary significantly based on the area in which you live and what you want to do.

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The Statistics

Kitchens are often the first place that homeowners choose to remodel. In fact, kitchen remodels account for about 78 percent of the projects done each year, according to the NAH (National Association of Homebuilders). This indicates that it’s the second popular renovation for the home.

However, people often don’t realize that kitchen remodeling projects don’t have to be extensive or massive to impact significantly. A smaller remodel can still give you a return on your investment because they add functionality and help with aesthetics.

Usually, the added expense comes from the homeowner, who puts more emphasis on aesthetics and style. If you’re planning to do a remodel, you should think about resale value. While you may want that avocado-green fridge, a potential buyer may not. Even so, everyone desires a kitchen that’s well-laid-out and functions correctly with the plumbing and electrical work.

Of course, a kitchen remodel takes many forms. The average cost for kitchen modeling is between $8,000 and $25,000. Many homeowners spend about $20,000 for a 200-square-foot space. This includes up to 30 linear feet for stock cabinets, minor changes to the layout, no structural changes, a few new appliances, and a granite countertop.

Still, you shouldn’t expect to spend more than $75,000, which basically includes changing everything about space. The table below might help you understand what you can get for the price you pay:

Kitchen remodel cost table
Understand what you can get for the price you pay

Average Costs for Small Remodels

Small kitchen remodeling projects, on average, cost about $7,000 to $8,000 for a small kitchen design. This can involve adding one new significant appliance (refrigerator or stove) and refacing the current cabinets to modernize or refresh their appearance. You can also get a laminate countertop, but you’re not going to get the change the kitchen’s layout in any way at all. This is a great choice for people who are satisfied with the kitchen and modern kitchen cabinets’ structure, but they want to revitalize or refresh their appearance. Take a look at the following kitchen pictures by Schwalb Builders.

Average Costs for Small Remodels
Average Costs for Small Kitchen Remodels in Denver

Average Costs for Mid-range Remodels

Mid-range kitchen remodels go a bit further than what the small one does, so it costs $8,000 to $25,000. The price depends on the project scale and size. You aren’t going to change the kitchen’s overall layout or structure here, but you can add new cabinets and a few large appliances. Most homeowners choose to upgrade the range and refrigerator. Often, granite countertops and flooring can be changed if you go with a mid-range price instead of high-end. If you’re hoping to overhaul your kitchen’s feel and look without completely renovating it, this is a great choice.

Average Costs for High-end Remodels

The average cost for a high-end kitchen remodel in Denver is likely to be anywhere from $30,000 to $75,000. With this option, you completely change the space’s appearance and feel by incorporating high-end appliances, new customized cabinets, and luxury flooring and countertop materials. You can transform the overall layout, structure, and appearance of your kitchen with this choice. Homeowners who want a luxury-grade kitchen that’s completely new are going to want to consider this.

kitchen Remodeling Costs per Square Foot
Kitchen Remodeling Costs per Square Foot

Remodeling Costs per Square Foot

Generally, Denver’s kitchen remodeling costs approximately $100 to $250 for each square foot of space. The total cost of such a project varies based on different factors. These include what new appliances you want, cabinetry, countertop materials, and flooring choices. On average, homeowners pay about $150 per square foot on the remodeling project. If you’ve got 100 square feet of space, this will run you about $15,000.

Average Cost of a Kitchen Remodel in Denver Based on Size

The primary factor that influences the cost of your remodel is the kitchen’s size. If the area is small, you might complete the project and only spend $10,000. However, larger kitchens can have costs sky-rocket fast. Review the table below to see examples of kitchen size and remodeling costs for them:

kitchen size and remodeling costs
Remodeling costs by size

Breakdown of the Kitchen Remodel Budget in Denver

Kitchen remodeling involves various small jobs, such as fitting new appliances, installing flooring, and adding cabinetry. We’ve included a helpful table below to show you what each phase might cost based on a 200 square-foot kitchen and a budget of $20,000:

kitchen project cost
Cost of a Kitchen Remodel Project

How to Budget for a Kitchen Remodel

You must make countless decisions and options available for a kitchen remodel in Denver, so it’s wise to create your budget and then stick to it as best as you can. Before writing out the budget, ask yourself these helpful questions:

  • What do you want for the kitchen?
  • What can you honestly afford?
  • How are you going to use the space (entertaining, cooking, working, studying)?
  • How long can you be without your kitchen?
  • Are you planning to sell the home soon?

The ideal situation is that you allow yourself 25 percent of the budget for the cabinets, 20 percent for the appliances, 10 percent for the lighting, 15 percent for the countertop, 5 percent for the floors, 10 percent for the plumbing, and 10 more percent for installation.

However, what you personally spend on the remodel might not use the same distribution options. For example, if you choose to refinish the countertop and not replace it, you can spend more of the budget on other areas, such as lighting.

Another thing to remember here is that you must pay whoever oversees the project, such as the architect, contractor, or designer. That’s going to be a percentage of the full cost of the work. Additionally, you should leave between 10 and 20 percent for unplanned expenses that could arise. There are unforeseen things that cost extra in most cases, so it’s wise to do this, even if the project seems small and simple at first.

kitchen remodel layout
Click on the image to visit our Visualizer and design the kitchen of your dreams.

Kitchen Remodeling Layouts

Most new kitchens use the working triangle design concept because it connects the cooktop, refrigerator, and sink. Sometimes, it’s called the work zone. Either way, you want this space to be efficient and effective so that it’s more convenient and easier to get around the area and prepare meals. You move to the fridge to get ingredients, chop at the counter, throw things in pans on the stove, and wash up when you’re finished with everything.

You’ve got multiple kitchen layouts from which to choose, and it all depends on your kitchen size to find out which format is most suitable. Regardless of the one you pick, you want to talk to a designer and work closely with them to create a functional workspace. Tell the designer how space is going to be used and how many people might use it.

Kitchen remodel layout table
Kitchen remodels layout table and compression.

The workspace within the kitchen also has to accommodate any foot traffic. Most designers recommend having 42 inches between your island and countertops. There should also be plenty of room to walk around furniture, such as a table if you desire that. If more than one person may be working at a time, the kitchen should have plenty of space.

The cost to change the kitchen’s layout can vary significantly based on the types of changes you’re making. If a wall must be removed, this can cost more than if you’re just putting in a new counter or cabinets.

Kitchen Makeover Design Cost Considerations

If you plan to have a kitchen makeover, you should hire a professional designer to help you. In a remodel or renovation project like this, design fees should only take up about 4 percent of the budget. However, if you choose a certified professional, prices can go up to about 10 percent of the project’s total cost.

Designers typically charge $100 or $250 for each hour of their services. This can include 3D renderings of the space, material and color selection, coordination with material suppliers, and on-site help. You should expect to pay $4,000 to $20,000 for makeover service fees. That’s in addition to the materials and labor, which could run from $10,000 to $25,000. In total, you can expect an overall cost of anywhere from $14,000 to $45,000.

Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen remodel Ideas
Kitchen design ideas in Denver, CO

The first thing to consider whenever you’re planning a kitchen remodel (and kitchen ideas) is the design and style concept you prefer. There are countless options available, so it might help to browse magazines and search online for different kitchen designs. That way, you’ve got a better idea of what’s available and what you might like. Of course, the one you choose depends on your budget, and you might have to change things slightly to meet your preferences and cost allotments.

Many times, a kitchen designer can help you find low-cost alternatives that look or feel similar. This allows you to keep the aesthetic you want without overspending. You may also talk to a contractor or architect, depending on who you hire. Kitchen remodeling ideas start at Schwalb Builders.

Minimalistic Design

Minimalistic Design Denver
Sound of silence – minimalism in kitchen design

The minimalist kitchen appeals to those who like contemporary, sleek, and space-saving features. With this option, the idea is to use every bit of space to produce a clutter-free and clean aesthetic with few lines, sleek finishes, and solid colors.

French Design

French kitchen Design
Ooh La La – French Kitchen Style

In the French design, more emphasis is put on the utensils and cookware. These are functional items, and you turn them into more decorative elements. Pans and pots can be hung from the ceiling or on the walls. French kitchens usually have airy colors, tile floors and spotlight the room’s key features, such as the oven.

Modern kitchen designs

Modern kitchen Design
A clean style to modern kitchen design

The modern kitchen designs focus on style and sleekness. It often includes contemporary and metallic materials to produce a more elegant and sophisticated aesthetic. Such kitchens hide the food, pots, pans, and other things to create a cleaner, stark look highlighted with bold and bright colors.

Traditional Design

Traditional kitchen remodel
The traditional kitchen is a mixture of many American styles.

With a traditional kitchen, the effect is opposite to the modern style. It’s usually seen as the Classic American option because it has raised cabinets and might include some antique elements. This produces a family-friendly, warm, and homely feel with a more lived-in look. It contrasts with the stark, clean sense of contemporary and modern designs.

Monochromatic Design

Monochromatic kitchen Design
Black and White Kitchen Style

Usually, monochromatic kitchens only use black and white colors for the elements, though there can be a few neutral colors to tie everything together and provide a sleek, clean look. Such kitchens can incorporate modern or minimalistic design elements and appeal to homeowners who want a sophisticated and simple style without decorative features or clutter.

Farmhouse Design

Farmhouse kitchen remodel
Farmhouse kitchen style (warm and welcoming)

Typically, the farmhouse design is inspired by those country farmhouses you see in pictures with the large, statement ranges, warm wooden cabinets, and the like. It puts the focus on the appliances and large features. Usually, you can find wide sinks, extensive kitchen tables, and plenty of windows to give you natural light. Rich wood tones are seen throughout the style.

Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian Design remodel
A Scandinavian kitchen remodeling project

When you pick the Scandinavian style, you’re incorporating elements from the modern and minimalistic designs. Usually, you do this through neutral and simple colors, such as brown, white, and gray. These kitchens often use hand-painted tiles and simple geometric forms. Of course, natural light is always welcome, but electrical lighting can be used in abundance, as well.

Mediterranean Design

Mediterranean kitchen remodel
Mediterranean kitchen style

With the Mediterranean kitchen, you’re taking inspiration from the family kitchens that are warm and inviting from Greece and Italy. Generally, there are wooden cabinets, range hoods, and colorful tiles for the floors.

Craftsman Design

Craftsman kitchen remodel
Trunks in my kitchen!

If you want something that’s all wood, you want the craftsman kitchen (look at the kitchen images). Wood is the primary material used here and works for the cabinets and floors. You may also see decorative and handcrafted wood elements or decorative pieces, such as patterned tiles on the walls.

Rustic/Vintage Design

Rustic/Vintage kitchen remodel
Rustic and vintage kitchen style

Homeowners who want to get back to the basics and have a flair for the past might prefer a vintage or rustic kitchen. They use primarily natural materials, such as stone or wood, instead of modern aesthetics like shiny chrome-plated surfaces. You may also consider vintage-style appliances, such as a retro refrigerator. Though designed to look retro, they have the energy-efficiency that you crave for your modern-age space.

Labor Costs for a Kitchen Remodel in Denver

You may find that kitchen remodeling gets complicated very quickly. Usually, it takes multiple professionals to complete the project. Therefore, be prepared to have many people involved with your kitchen remodel:

  • Architect costArchitect: Sometimes, a particular remodeling project doesn’t require an architect. However, if you want to make structural changes to the kitchen layout (such as adding windows or removing walls), you want to talk to an architect during your planning phase. Generally, an architect charges per hour for their services, and it can range from $100 to $125 per hour. However, if you desire the architect to oversee the project, they charge a percentage for the project’s total cost, which can go from 10 to 17 percent.
  • Kitchen Designer costKitchen Designer: If you’re not hiring an architect, you should at least consult with a kitchen designer. These professionals plan the remodel and can help you find the right look and style. Sometimes, kitchen designers charge a one-time fee for the consultation and any other visits. However, most designers charge you a percentage of the total cost to manage the project. Expect to fork over $250 for a single consultation visit or between 10 and 20 percent to manage the project.
  • Contractor costContractor: Some homeowners prefer to hire a general contractor to oversee the kitchen remodeling project. This means they may work with a designer one time to get the overall effect. Contractors can keep track of everything and deals with the rest of the team, including carpenters, plumbers, and electricians. You usually talk directly to the contractor, and they can charge a percentage of the total project cost, similar to that of an architect or kitchen designer. Think of this person as the manager. They typically charge 10 to 20 percent of the full cost for the remodel.
  • costPlumber: If you’ve got to make plumbing updates or require a new line for garbage disposal, sink, or new appliance, you’ve got to hire a plumber. Usually, contractors have reliable tradesmen available to call, so you don’t have to search for someone. Plumbers charge you by the hour plus whatever materials they need. Expect to pay between $55 and $65 per hour.
  • Electrician costElectrician: Homeowners who need new outlets for lighting fixtures or appliances may need to hire a specialist to handle the electrical work. Again, the contract may know someone. Typically, they run from $40 to $100 per hour, depending on experience and other factors.
  • carpenter costCarpenter: If you’re doing new construction, you should hire a carpenter, though some general contractors can handle these needs so that you don’t have to hire someone else. When you do need one, expect to pay about $70 per hour.

Cost Factors for a Kitchen Renovation

There are plenty of determinants that go into how much a kitchen might cost, and we go through each of them in this guide. However, you must first focus on the budget. Most homeowners can’t stick to the budget entirely, but it’s important to know what things might cost before making any particular or definite plans.

Cost of Kitchen Renovation
Kitchen remodels cost factors.

Materials are a huge consideration for how much the renovation costs. For example, marble flooring is costly when compared to laminate. Custom cabinets could cost triple the number of stock cabinetry costs. Therefore, you may choose to repair or refinish what you already have to cut costs and spend that money elsewhere.

The cost you pay also varies based on which professionals you need. You’re going to have a contractor for sure, but you could need an architect, plumber, and electrician. When you’re working with more professionals, you’ve got to spend more upfront.

Installation Cost for a Kitchen Faucet

You can find various kitchen faucet options, such as materials, styles, and finishes, but you want the one that fits your sink correctly. Usually, they come in two categories: single-handle and two-handle options. Some sinks offer precut faucet holes, so you’ve got to pick the right one for your needs. Otherwise, you may need to change the sink to match the faucet, which can cost more. Usually, faucets don’t run higher than $100, which includes the installation. However, high-end products could be up to $1,500.

Finishes can be plentiful and include chrome and brushed, which are the two most popular.

Cost for a Kitchen Sink
Kitchen faucet and sink cost

Installation Cost for a Kitchen Sink

Most homeowners spend more time at their kitchen sink than anywhere else, so it’s essential to choose a faucet and sink combination that meets your personal needs and kitchen style.

Your first question to answer is whether you prefer a double or single sink. Sometimes, small kitchens don’t have the room to install a double sink, and it might not fit in some of the larger areas. Double sinks can be water-efficient, but you’ve got fewer faucet options available. Single-sink installation costs are about $360, but double sinks average about $475.

Of course, you’ve got to consider the sink material, with porcelain and stainless steel being the two popular options. High-end materials, including natural stone and copper, are also available. Usually, regular materials average about $650 with installation, while high-end choices can range from $1,000 to $2,500.

Sinks come as drop-ins or under-mount choices. Drop-ins are often more common, and some locations can only use this choice. Remember, under-mount sinks require skill and more work to install, so that they will cost more. It all depends on your budget, as well as the countertop thickness and material—small kitchen design by Schwalb Builders – above and beyond.

Plumbing, Gas Lines, and Electrical

Many homeowners find that they need help with the gas lines, electrical, and plumbing, depending on how involved the remodel is. If you plan to move the appliances, install a garbage disposal or wet bar, you’re likely to require a specialist. The contractor you choose probably already works with such professionals, so you can rely on their experience and networking to find the right people.

An electrician and plumber can help with almost anything. However, when gas lines are changed, you need a master plumber or one with a natural gas license.

Here are just some of the projects you might want that require special assistance:

  • Garbage disposal installation: Usually, the installation costs $300, but after you buy the parts.
  • Sink installation: A standard sink will run between $200 and $300 to install, but this doesn’t include the cost to buy the sink.
  • Gas line installation: Homeowners who live in locations with natural gas may need to install new lines. Installation can range from $50 to $1,000, depending on the type of project.
  • Outlet installation: It’s often easier and safer to install a new outlet when you want a new appliance in a particular place. This costs between $100 and $750 per outlet.

Kitchen Walls

Kitchen Walls cost
Cost of Kitchen Walls and backsplashes

Most homeowners don’t need to make extensive changes to the walls, but this depends on your preferred layout and structure. This can include many things:

  • Repairs: Consider patching holes and repairing any water damage you find. Usually, drywall repairs can cost between $90 and $290 based on how significant the issues are.
  • Demolition: If you decide to knock out a wall to give you more kitchen space, this starts at $1,000 and can increase based on the project’s complexity.
  • Painting: Those who just want a quick makeover on the kitchen walls can choose a new paint color. For example, a shift to sky blue from white can change the full personality of your space. Painters often charge $50 or more per hour.

Kitchen Flooring Cost

Flooring is one of the most understated aspects of a kitchen remodel, though it’s quite a significant decision. Your kitchen sees plenty of foot traffic throughout the years, so you want something long-lasting and durable, from simple kitchen design to luxury kitchens.

These are some of the popular materials for kitchen flooring:

  • Cork: Cork floors are inexpensive and eco-friendly. It comes as tiles and must use sealant of some sort to protect them. Generally, it costs between $5 and $13 a square foot.
  • Hardwood: Hardwood floors are durable, beautiful, and long-lasting. They’re also more expensive, as they can cost between $12 and $20 a square foot.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl is easy to install and clean, but it might not last as long as wood. A way around is to get luxury vinyl, but it costs more, ranging from $2 to $10 a square foot.
  • Natural stone: Those who want luxury flooring may consider natural stone. It’s not very durable if you happen to drop something on it, but it’s elegant and stunning. Consider the price, though, as it can be anywhere from $10 to $18 a square foot.
  • Tile: Ceramic or porcelain tiles are quite easy to clean, and it comes with grout lines for even more aesthetics. Depending on its quality, you could spend $2 to $18 a square foot.

Installation Costs for a Backsplash

Backsplashes are a useful and fun element for a kitchen. You can create a special decorative area with an accent point behind the counter and stovetop. This also protects the wall behind from splash stains during food preparation. Then, when you want to remodel again, it’s an effective and inexpensive option than painting the walls.

You’ve got a variety of materials available for backsplashes, and some of them may be more suitable than others:

backsplashe cost remodel
Kitchen Backsplashes Pros and Cons

Installation Cost for a Kitchen Countertop

The countertop in your kitchen performs many purposes. Of course, it allows you to prepare your food and serve it. However, it’s also a focal point and an aesthetic aspect of the room. Countertops use various materials and colors, and you can choose a bold or more muted statement for your design.

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Plan to have the counter area be 36 or more inches wide. There should be 18 inches to one side of your sink with 24 inches on the other. Popular materials for countertops can include:

Cost for a Kitchen Countertop
Cost for a Kitchen Countertop material

You’ve got to choose whether you prefer to repair, refinish, or replace the current countertop. Some issues can be fixed, such as cracks, chips, failed seams, and broken tiles. Repair costs can vary based on the material’s damages and can run between $80 and $700 for repairs. However, compare this to the cost of installing a new one.

Wooden countertops can be sanded and refinished, which could cost anywhere from $100 to $1,500, depend on the damages and type of wood. Laminate countertops can have the surface refinished to include new patterns or colors, which runs about $560 to $1,600.

Kitchen Storage

Kitchens require plenty of space for storage to hold the tools and pantry items needed to make meals. Storage options can include shelves and cabinets, and most have both. Cabinets are often the most expensive aspect of the kitchen remodel in Denver, and there are three main options:

  • Stock: These cabinets are already pre-made and ready to install immediately. There are often fewer indoor style choices and colors, but they are much less expensive than custom or semi-custom versions. However, it might be impossible to find them for unusual spaces. Expect to pay between $60 and $200 for each linear foot.
  • Semi-custom: Such cabinets are available in standard sizes and come in many different finishes, colors, and door styles. You’re likely to pay between $100 and $650 for each linear foot.
  • Custom: These cabinets will cost the most because you get to customize every aspect of the process, from the door style to the type of wood and the internal parts. They can cost $500 to $1,200 for each linear foot.

Common materials used for cabinets include:

  • Hardwood: This is long-lasting, durable, and very expensive. Usually, you use it with other materials for cost-effectiveness.
  • Plywood: With this option, you get a composite mix of glue and wood particles. It’s pressure-treated and solid.
  • Medium-density fiberboard (MDF): This option is durable and strong, but it can be damaged easily by moisture.
  • Particleboard: It’s relatively inexpensive and lightweight, but it isn’t as durable as the other options listed.
  • Veneer: This thin wooden board is what covers your cabinets. You can finish or paint it.

Another factor you must consider for your cabinets is whether you plan to reface, refinish, or replace them. As with everything else in your kitchen remodel in Denver, there are benefits and drawbacks.

countertops material remodel cost
Kitchen materials cost table

Kitchen Ventilation

All kitchens require appropriate ventilation, so you want a vent hood to remove the smoke and smells from the room and put it outside. You can find many range hood styles, depending on your kitchen’s design and preferences.

For example, island range hoods are suitable for a range within the kitchen island design. You can also choose a range/microwave hood combo, which serves a dual purpose. Some range hoods are under-cabinet, while others are mounted on the wall. It might be best to choose the same type of hood as the previous one because it’s already ducted and in place. This saves money on installation costs.

When everything is new, you are going to spend more. Hoods can be priced between $50 and $1,200, with installation costs adding $400 to $1,400, depending on the complexity.

Kitchen Lighting

Every kitchen and home has three different lighting concepts, whether you notice it or not. There is an accent, ambient, and task lighting. Ambient lights produce the general atmosphere, while task lighting is brighter and focused on a particular workspace. You’ve also got accent lighting, which highlights architectural features or objects.

Lighting of kitchen remodel cost
The average cost of kitchen lighting

In the kitchen, you can achieve these elements in various ways:

  • Recessed/track lights: This provides you with ambient lighting and illuminates the full kitchen. You should work with a designer to ensure that there isn’t too much light. That can overpower a room and ruin the work and money you’ve put in for the remodel. Recessed lights can cost between $400 and $1,200. Track light kits are about $50 for the parts, but installation is still needed.
  • Pendants and chandeliers: These lighting systems are trendy for high-ceiling kitchens. They allow you to add personality or color to space. With such lighting fixtures, you can get a task or ambient concepts. Pendant lamps can cost $30 to $300 each, while chandeliers have a price range of $50 to $5,000, depending on materials and sizes.
  • Wall lights: This type of lighting is often for accentuation and highlights the structure of the kitchen. Individual sconces can range from $10 to $50 each, and this doesn’t include installation.
  • Undercabinet: Undercabinet lights are a common feature in the kitchen because it highlights the beautiful countertop and offers task lighting to prepare and cook food. They are sold as 24-inch lengths, which range in price from $20 to $50. This price doesn’t include the installation costs.
  • Toe kick lights: That toe-kick area is the recessed part under your cabinetry near the floor. Lighting this area can be a safety feature so that you don’t run into anything at night. Additionally, it can be a soft accent to light up the flooring and cabinets. These fixtures are often the same lengths and prices as undercabinet lights.

Installation Costs for Kitchen Appliances

Appliances are often the final pieces that get installed in the kitchen. However, you still have to plan for them and determine if you want to replace or repair them. Some appliances are a requirement, while others are just nice to own and offer comfort and convenience.

The table below shows you a variety of appliances with the price range. Lower costs are often low-quality and basic, while the higher prices offer energy-efficient, high-end pieces with many features. Though the energy-efficient options cost more, they can save you money in the long-run. You may notice lower utility bills each month, which means they have more value and investment return.

Consider discussing your options with a professional to decide which appliances are right for your home and needs.

Installation Costs for Kitchen Appliances
Costs table for Kitchen Appliances

You may also need to think about the current appliances and whether they can be repaired and kept. That way, you can keep costs low because you don’t have to replace everything. Repairs can range from $50 to $600, which depends on the repair issue and appliance. If the cost to fix the product is more than half what you might spend for a new one, consider a replacement.

There must be enough space to use and access the unit, whether you’re moving or adding new ones to the kitchen. Therefore, make sure there are between 30 and 48 inches available in front of appliances, such as the refrigerator and oven.

Improvement and Enhancement Costs

  • Kitchen Peninsula or Island: Ideally, the kitchen has enough space to sit and eat and prep food. Some new kitchens can fit a peninsula or island. Though islands might not be appropriate for a small kitchen, it can add the feeling of more openness to space. Peninsulas are functional and can be used in a smaller kitchen. If you get a 24-square-foot island featuring a granite countertop, it is sure to be about $4,500. The same-sized peninsula costs about $3,130.
  • Water treatment systems: An add-on for the kitchen during a remodel is the water treatment system. It’s built-in, so it filters water directly from the tap for cooking and drinking. For example, a reverse osmosis system costs about $250 to $400.
  • Windows: A well-lit kitchen is a must, and many homeowners prefer to do this with windows. It’s easy to replace windows, and the average cost is $1,500 for a single one. The replacement price also varies based on the size, style, trim, and materials used. However, it’s a completely different issue to add a window where one is not already there. You may need to hire an architect, but a bigger concern is the space for this new construction. It could cost about 50 percent more than replacing a window, and in some cases, it’s not an option at all, depending on the layout.
  • Garbage disposal: Though not required, garbage disposal is a popular option during a remodel. They vary in price, depending on the quality and size and whether or not you have to alter the plumbing to accommodate the appliance. Average prices run around $300 for the item and the installation.

Additional Costs and Considerations

  • A kitchen can get expensive quickly, but you can save money if you work hard. Consider keeping the current layout with the same sink placement and appliances. You can save on electrical and plumbing costs. Some things might be DIY, but you aren’t going to be able to do it all yourself. Another option is not to replace the cabinets. This is a huge portion of your remodeling budget, so if refacing or refinishing is possible, use that alternative.
  • You’re probably going to need permits from the local municipality, depending on the remodel extent. If you’ve got electrical or plumbing work, or it’s an ‘extensive’ project, you’re sure to need permission. The cost varies, but your general contractor can help you get it.
  • Though you shouldn’t do a kitchen remodel yourself, some things are DIY. You shouldn’t install the countertop, but you could add a tile backsplash. Research options and decide what you’re capable of handling yourself to save money. However, it’s always best to work with trained professionals if you don’t feel comfortable. They can get it done faster and have more experience than you.
  • When choosing a contractor, make sure that you get quotes from at least three or up to five professionals before making a decision. Remember, one contractor may have different experiences than another. Also, ask for and check references to give you a better idea of their abilities.
  • Good designers and contractors focus on safety while handling the kitchen remodel. Therefore, you should move around easily and be safe in your new space, even while the work is going on.
  • You must be in communication with the designer or contractor throughout the work. That way, the kitchen gets planned in a way that meets your needs and that of the family. Do you use the kitchen to eat and study? The contractor should know this! Do you plan to host extensive dinner parties? Let them know.
  • Avoid fragile materials for the kitchen. They might look pretty, but they are sure to be replaced every few years, which will cost you a lot more. Select things that are strong so that they handle the lifestyle of a busy kitchen.
  • Though contractors try to keep things in the kitchen while working, other areas might be affected by the remodel. Take extra care to protect things that are near the kitchen. Consider moving artwork and furniture or covering things with tarps.
  • Before making a permanent decision on materials or supplies, visit home improvement shops and kitchen showrooms to learn the materials and items’ cost. This helps you determine if they fit into your budget.

2021 Kitchen Remodeling Cost Updates

The Cost Of Kitchen Remodeling Under Covid-19

Last year the world turned upside down. Many aspects of life have changed, some in ways you would never have anticipated. One of the unexpected changes that arose from the Covid-19 pandemic is that the cost of kitchen remodeling, like many other industries, has changed. While it is small, it can impact your decision to remodel your kitchen in 2021.

2021 kitchen remodel cost
The average cost of kitchen remodel in 2021 | Photo by Terry Magallanes from Pexels

If you are looking to remodel (AKA renovate) your kitchen, you may have noticed other contractors have raised the kitchen remodeling cost. Schwalb Builders, however, is observing practices to make kitchen remodeling safe in 2021. This has only adjusted prices to help keep people safe while still helping you update your kitchen. When looking at it like this, you can consider the additional cost to be an investment in your health and your community’s well-being.

Some of the 2021 precautions being taken by the Schwalb Builders employees include that staff, and household members must wear a mask at all times. This protects both you and our team by lowering transmission rates exponentially. We also observe the six-foot social distancing protocol as a double safety precaution, making your kitchen remodel a safe and enjoyable experience. Finally, if you are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms you must call to reschedule.

While these practices have an impact on the time, labor, and cost of remodeling your kitchen, Schwalb Builders is still working with you to ensure you get the fairest price possible. We offer finance plans starting from 0% APR. To learn more about how we are incorporating these costs, or get a quote on your kitchen, reach out today.

2021 Kitchen Remodeling Trends

People now (especially Denver residents), more than ever, are investing in kitchen remodels. After a year of making it through a life-changing pandemic, people are looking for ways to spruce up their homes in a way to welcome a new year and celebrate new optimism in the months to come. Why are people choosing the kitchen out of all the rooms in the house? Because contrary to the names, the living room is not actually where most of the “living” is made in a household. It’s the kitchen. Living rooms are for hosting family and friends and lounging after long days of living. That’s why they are full of comfortable seats and relaxing activities like TVs and piled bookshelves. But during the day, the kitchen is the central hub in a modern family’s home.

family time in kitchen
It’s time for family! Photo by fauxels from Pexels

2020 was the year of staying home. Because more people spend more time at home now, they have learned to utilize their spaces in new ways. They also are ready for an upgrade. Parents and professions are remotely working from the kitchen. Not a study or dedicated workspace, but right at the kitchen table. Why? It’s a ready-made desk that is central to the rest of your life. Easy to break for snacks or a drink, close to call if kids need assistance. And they’re working at the table, too, with remote learning.

Of course, before it was a workspace, it was the place for family meals. Families have always gathered over meals, and some of the most vital bonding moments happen at the kitchen table. This is why Schwalb Builders wants your kitchen to be a warm and welcoming space for your family and guests to feel comfortable and warm. 2021 kitchen design can achieve this effect in many different styles, but one thing is true. If you want to create a welcoming atmosphere in your home, start in the kitchen.

So now you’ve decided you want to spruce up your kitchen, but where do you start? If you’re not ready for a complete kitchen to remodel, consider a smaller project that will leave a significant impact. You are replacing your old kitchen cabinets.

Replacing Old Kitchen Cabinets

2021 kitchen cabinets style
2021 – Replacing your old kitchen cabinets. Photo by tamil king from Pexels

Cabinets have a way of drawing the eye the second you walk into a room. Perhaps it’s because they are staring you in the face at eye level, or maybe it’s because their surface area is just so expansive it’s hard to look anywhere else. Either way, if you’re ready to give your kitchen a facelift, this is the place to start.

When choosing the look of your new kitchen cabinets, keep in mind that solid kitchen cabinet colors are scorching. Of all the colors, white is king. It can go from farmhouse modern to minimalism elegance. This color is a canvas, and your design skills of how you choose to style the kitchen are the paint. Kitchen cabinets range from $70-$120 per foot so that Schwalb Builders can accomplish this job in the low thousands range.

Kitchen Islands

2021 kitchen island denver
2021 Kitchen Island Design in Denver

Another smaller install that can transform a kitchen? A kitchen island. These are useful in so many different ways. First, they almost double counter space in your kitchen, which means more room for prep, more room for cooking, and more room for kids to spread out homework on! Underneath all that extra counter space is additional storage space. Use this kitchen update to transform your look and add a few different hiding spots for all your kitchen stuff.

Double Drawers

2021 double drawers
2021 Double Drawers in Kitchen

This installation is a neat freak’s organizational dream. Double drawers are adding a second drawer within a first, creating multiple layers for separate storage. The most common (and trendy) use of this style is for silverware items but can be applied in larger drawers for items as large as Tupperware. Imagine not having to dig through that pile every time you have to stow away leftovers. This is an addition to new kitchen cabinets that is worth the price. With double drawers, cabinets can cost between $160-$380 for the foot.

The addition of these three things — kitchen cabinets, a kitchen island, and double drawers — is the best storage solution for your kitchen. If remodeling your kitchen, consider these upgrades first. You, your family (one for the puppy), and your guests will all thank you for these beautiful additions and wonder why you hadn’t done them sooner.

2021 Countertops

2021 kitchen countertops
2021 Kitchen Countertops Design | Photo by ready made from Pexels

The first of the top trends of 2021 when it comes to kitchen remodels is countertops. If you’re looking for a countertop that is going to scream sophistication, think nature and strength. Kitchens are seeing an influx of stone and marble styles, natural or artificial. The look is sleek and functional, with a strong wave of minimalism.


2021 marble kitchen countertop
Marble kitchen countertop in Denver | Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

If you’re going for the marble look, select a strongly veined marble kitchen countertop. The intense veined look is so trendy that there are even DIY videos circulating the web of how to create your marble-looking countertops with some paint and varnish. Although this is a clever idea, it can’t compete with natural marble. The marble’s main appeal is that it stays cool and is, therefore, the perfect countertop for rolling and shaping foods like dough and pastries. It also can be cut in large slabs, eliminating grooves and edging es that food can sink into.

Engineered Quartz Slab

quartz slabs in denver
Quartz is the 2021 star! Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Engineered quartz slab is suitable for those looking for a little more shimmer and shine than the cool, polished look of marble. This material is the competitor of granite. The few differences are; Engineered quartz is cheaper than granite but also heavier. It would help (for your budget and peace of mind) if you had a professional team to install it, but that’s what Schwalb Builders is here for. Because it is human-made, you know exactly what you’re getting, whereas granite is more unpredictable. Essentially, the trend is getting a back-to-nature feel with artificial stone countertops. Of the two, quartz as a material runs slightly cheaper, between $50-$75 per square foot. However, the install cost comes out to roughly the same price because quartz is harder to install.

Wood Finishes

After solid white, the following trendiest style for kitchen cabinets is wood finishes. Natural wood is back in fashion. Again, this is most likely because as people spend more time at home and are less involved in the overly busy lives, they lead before Covid-19, they also feel a reconnection to nature. Now we want to bring that wood look into their home.

wood kitchen finish denver
Wood finishes for your kitchen! Photo by Burst from Pexels

When picking a wood finish, lean towards warm tones. Going back to the idea of creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your family and friends to relax in, nothing keeps people uptight quite like cool colors. Allow your guests to relax by warming up your home, literally and figuratively, with warm tonewood finishes. Of all the wood colors to choose from, these are the top picks of 2021, featuring warm hues. Sorry “Espresso,” you’re old news.

  • Oak is a warm yellow wood.
  • Walnut, a darker brown, is more fabulous in color.
  • Maple is a white wood with reddish-brown streaks accenting it.
  • Birch is a simple, creamy white.
  • Cherrywood is practically red in hue.
  • Mahogany offers a deep warm brown to the collection.
  • Alder, lastly, is a light orange wood.

Choosing a natural wood finish for your kitchen cabinetry can lower cost than solid color ones because you save money on paint and the paint job’s worth. This is beneficial for those going for the all-natural look but does not come across as cheap and still is an exquisite option.

Black Walls

2021 black kitchen
2021 Black Kitchen Walls Style

Black walls. The kitchen trend of 2021 that your grandma could have never predicted. You could say that the style arose from a dark year for people, but in reality, black is just a fashion statement color. Trying to think of ways you could incorporate this look into your kitchen? For starters, think back to the trend of white cabinets. This high contrast statement. It would make you the trendsetter of all your friends. Not to mention that since your kitchen is now doubling as a workspace in 2021, this no-nonsense look creates an atmosphere of focus and productivity.

The best part about black walls in a kitchen? They are hard to get dirty. A kitchen with dark walls is a clean kitchen, which can be a lifesaver when life expectations can demand so much of you during the day. For a stress-free solution to the daily cleaning grind, pick a kitchen with dark walls.

Is committing to such a comprehensive statement too much? Modify the look by choosing black emphasis countertops and cabinets instead. These options still pack a punch and give you the benefit of a cleaner-looking kitchen.

Double Island

Last but not least, the ultimate kitchen remodels trend of 2021. Double Islands are new, innovative, and classy. This is the top luxury kitchen design to consider when planning a remodel. There are so many benefits to a double island kitchen.

Because this is an unusual shape, it is best to go for this design in a large kitchen. Large kitchens allow double kitchen islands the best because they still provide ample room to navigate around. When considering a double island kitchen, remember you can connect the two islands with a heavy wood countertop. Now you have not only additional counter space topping the islands but space in between as well. The perfect design for a host, this doubles the seating available. Invest in some stylish accompanying bar stools to complete the look. Once the barstools are added, this becomes a multipurpose countertop, much like the single island, only better. Workspace and dining area are doubled, as well and preparation and storage.

On average, a single kitchen island costs between $3000-$5000. This includes custom cabinets and even a nice granite countertop. When installing a double kitchen island, the price does go up. This is because of the doubled materials as well as the doubled labor. If you choose to add a sink or the connecting wood countertop, this project can get up to close to $10,000.

As you can see, the bigger the remodel, the bigger the expense. The critical thing to remember is you’re not only investing in your kitchen but your home, as well as your family, pets, and loved ones.


What’s the average cost of a kitchen remodel in Denver?

Kitchen remodeling can vary dramatically for cost based on the scope and size of the work. Average prices for a moderate remodel is roughly $8,500 to $25,000.

How do you remodel the kitchen correctly?

You should have a budget and plan from a designer or contractor first. Then, the kitchen is broken down, the plumbing is replaced or changed, and electrical work is taken care of. After that, drywall is hung, painting occurs, the flooring is altered, cabinets are replaced/refaced, countertops are added, the backsplash is changed, and appliances are put in and installed.

How do I start the remodel?

Before doing anything else, you should go online or kitchen showrooms to get ideas about what you need or desire for space. Then, take a long look at your budget to start pricing contractors, designers, and materials.

What’s the cost to replace my kitchen cabinets?

The price you pay depends primarily on the materials used and the style designed for the cabinetry. Do you want custom-built products or semi-custom? Are our stock cabinets appropriate for your needs? Cabinet replacement can cost between $1,800 and $20,000. Kitchen cabinets doors from the top brands in the industry. On the other side, kitchen cabinet refacing can cost much less.

What’s the average cost of a kitchen remodel in Denver for a 10×10 space?

Suppose your kitchen is 10×10 square feet, and you want a new range and refrigerator, 15 linear feet of cabinetry (stock), a 15-square-foot countertop, and 20 percent extra for any unforeseen expenses. In that case, it could cost between $7,000 and $10,000.

What if I have a tight budget?

Most contractors and designers can work with any budget, but they need to know how much money they spend. Therefore, be upfront about pricing and let them know you want to fit as much as possible into that amount. When plans are set in stone, there is less risk of having additional costs later.

Is DIY possible?

Yes, you’ve got many ways to do things yourself and cut costs. However, this is based primarily on your skills and what you feel comfortable doing. It might be possible to rip out the carpeting yourself, but you may hire someone to put in the new tiles.

How can I save money and get what I want?

Focus on one aspect that you truly want to be customized to meet every need. This may be a kitchen interior design island, beautiful cabinetry, or something else. Find out the cost for that, and then choose inexpensive things for the rest. You may also consider going for stock cabinets, which saves a lot of money. It’s possible to find various gorgeous and inexpensive (or less expensive than custom-built ones).


Kitchen remodels the most popular choice for homeowners because this space sees more usage than others. However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to do or doesn’t take time. You may decide to do something small, such as painting the walls a different color or adding a new appliance. Sometimes, though, you want a full re-haul of the space. If that’s the case, the average cost of a kitchen remodel in Denver could be upwards of $75,000, depending on the materials you choose.

If your goal is to revamp the entire kitchen, it might be best to know your budget first to overspend. Talk to your general contractor, as they are willing to work within any budget. Sometimes, you may have a specific idea in mind for one aspect and are ready to spend more for that.

Regardless, the best advice here is to know what you can spend and discuss things openly with your designer and contractor. That’s the easiest way to get what you want without overspending.

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