Is it a good idea to hire a remodeling company during the holiday season?

remodeling during holidays

While there are some benefits to remodeling your home in the winter, there are a lot of disadvantages as well. One of the biggest challenges you may face is finding enough time to meet your obligations during the holiday season. If you decide to tackle your remodel during this time, make sure that you plan […]

Garage remodeling of your dreams

garage remodeling denver

Garage Remodeling Solutions by Schwalb Builders We are Schwalb Builders, a reputable home remodeling company in Denver. If you want the best garage remodeling services for your garage, contact us today! We have been serving homeowners of greater metro areas since 2005. Schwalb Builders know how to help you turn your garage into everything that […]

5 Types of Construction Management Degrees

construction degree denver

What is a construction degree? What are the differences between the degrees? Do I need to hire a construction project manager in Denver? How much does a construction expert earn yearly? Schwalb Builders experts will explain all these and more in detail in this in-depth article. Civil engineering Civil engineering is the design and construction […]

All About General Contractors Near Me in Denver, CO

General Contracotr in denver

Colorado is an ideal area to start your own contracting business, which is why Schwalb Builders chose this location. While there’s no doubt the region is breathtakingly beautiful, there are also state laws to consider. They are geared toward aiding new contractors in obtaining new opportunities for their businesses to thrive. While the requirements that […]

Great ideas for an Unfinished Basement Ceiling

basement ceiling remodel

The basement is a part of the house where people look to expand the living space. However, this place can be pretty challenging for creating a living area—especially the ceiling, mostly unfinished with pipes, ductwork, and other handling obstacles. The good news from Schwalb Builders is that there are various ways you can make your […]

Best Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in Colorado

general contractors in denver

The Best Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in Colorado Are you tired of the same dull kitchen look? It may be a sign that you need full or partial kitchen remodeling. A kitchen remodeling experience can be hassle-free with the help of professional kitchen contractors. Our Colorado home project team consists of different field experts with experience […]

Modern Bathroom Tile Materials in 2021


Choosing tiles for your bathroom renovation project is no longer straightforward. There is an incredible amount of variation in terms of style, form, color, and texture. A few years ago, contractors primarily installed bathroom tiles for some functional benefits (water resistance, longevity, and ease of maintenance). Still, their aesthetic effect is now just as significant […]

Best Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling Software

kitchen remodel software

Creating your dream living space and home is accessible when you just point and click where to you want things to be! It does take more effort to make things happen. However, you can use bathroom and kitchen remodeling software to get an idea of how space might look when you’re finished! Home remodeling and […]