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Colorado is an ideal area to start your own contracting business, which is why Schwalb Builders chose this location. While there’s no doubt the region is breathtakingly beautiful, there are also state laws to consider. They are geared toward aiding new contractors in obtaining new opportunities for their businesses to thrive. While the requirements that must be met before you can get a general contractor license and begin legally working in the state can be a little off-putting, there’s still no place we’d rather be.

How to Become a General Contractor in Colorado

general contractor on roof
How to become a general contractor?

Colorado differs from most other states because there is no statewide general contractor’s license. It is up to the municipalities to issue all licenses. This is referred to as local licensing, and it has its disadvantages because it allows for requirements in one city to differ from that of another. So it would help if you found out what your city’s local licensing rules call for to ensure that you take the correct licensing exam. Furthermore, many Colorado cities dictate that you pass an ICC exam before the city processes the application for your license.

Denver, CO

Denver necessitates that applicants for a general contractor license possess a supervisor certificate or a state electrical/plumbing license. The person who holds a supervisor certificate has met the minimum experience requirements for the license they are applying for (Class A: 7 years, Class B: 4 years, Class C: 2 years). They must also pass an ICC exam for the related class they are applying for. Once they have received a supervisor certificate, they can then apply for a contractor’s license.

GC in Colorado
Licensed General Contractor in Colorado

What Special Skills Does a General Contractor Require?

It’s easy to assume that you know what’s involved in the act of performing construction work. Just by observing a construction company’s crew at work for a short while, you can see that it is physically and mentally demanding.

What it takes (legally) to become a general contractor?

Nowadays, construction work requires a reserve of physical strength, technical knowledge, and excellent communication ability. So here is the Schwalb Builders list of some of the most necessary characteristics that workers and general contractors need to have to be successful in the building industry:

Physical Strength and Stamina

physical and Stamina
Stay in shape

Contracting work such as remodeling is a physically taxing job. It requires great effort, strength, and endurance to perform many of the tasks that need to be done on a job site. There’s usually plenty of manual labor, such as heavy lifting and other physically demanding things that have to be taken care of.

Physical Adaptability and Hand-Eye Coordination

Construction work also requires physical adaptability because the nature of the job often necessitates sitting, standing, and even lying down for long periods. Workers have to be able to endure this and continue functioning despite sore muscles and joints.

Furthermore, it would help if you had perfect eyesight. Workers must-read documents, examine details and see the equipment they are operating correctly.

Technical Knowledge and Basic Knowledge

tehcnical knowlege
Basic knowledge and skills

Whether you are working outside or tackling a remodeling job indoors, technical knowledge is essential to being a general contractor. It would help if a licensed general contractor trained you in using various tools and experience in doing certain types of work. Knowing about specific tools and materials used on jobs and being skilled in performing specific tasks that go with this type of work is a must. These skills include using computers, familiarity with various building materials, power tools, electricity, etc.

At Schwalb Builders, we can guarantee that our employees are physically fit and technically aware and can handle any assigned job successfully.

How to Find the Best General Contract Near Me

If you plan to have some work done to your home, you are probably wondering how I find the best general contractor near me?  We here at Schwalb Builders understand that the most challenging part of embarking on a home renovation project is finding an experienced and dependable contractor to do the work. The stress involved can often make DIY seem like a picnic – retiling a bathroom isn’t all that hard. – when equated with the battle to find a top-notch contractor who will do a high-quality job. Plus, you’re investing a great deal of money in the project, so there isn’t any room for expensive mistakes.

Below are some tips on how to find a dependable and honest general contractor for your construction work:

Know What You Want

Don’t start by discussing the situation with various contractors before you even know what you want to do. Have a fully developed plan in mind first. Not only will it be less confusing, but you will be able to receive a more accurate estimate the more specific you can be about what you want to be done and the materials you want to use.

Do Your Homework

This means researching various online contractors in your area and seeking out referrals from online services like, Google, etc. When you find a contractor that you like, check their reputation out with the Better Business Bureau [BBB] to see if there have been any complaints filed against them. Read everything you can about them because this is your opportunity to check them out thoroughly and find out all you can from the information available.

Ask for References

Personal references are essential. Talk to friends. Family, relatives, even your co-workers, and ask them to recommend a contractor for you based on their personal experience. Anyone in your neighborhood (around you) who has recently hired a contractor is fair game for your questions. Don’t be shy. You can’t get the professional answers you need by being reserved. Anyone you approach will understand why you’re asking them for advice and will likely provide it happily.

general contracotr license denver
How to become a general contractor?

Ask for License

The fact of the matter is those general contractors and nearly all subcontractors are required to be licensed. If they aren’t, then they are working illegally. Ask the contractor (by email) for a copy of his license and any of the major subcontractors who will also be working on the project. Don’t just automatically assume that all is as it should be. It never hurts to be sure that the people you hire to work on your property have the proper credentials.

Interview Three Contractors

Don’t just rush into signing a remodeling contract for work with the first contractor that you interview. Talk to at least three local contractors and get three individual bids from them. Be sure each request includes the exact details, such as materials and tasks to be done.

This isn’t as grueling as it sounds. All it takes is time, effort, sweat, and patience; then, in the long run, you will have the satisfaction of knowing (look at our flawless reviews on Google) that you did your best to choose the right contractor and won’t be haunted by any regrets should something unexpected go wrong.

Sign a Detailed Contract

Be sure that the contract you sign states clearly what exactly will be done, deadlines, the same materials that a general contractor will use. The more detailed it is, the better. In other words, it covers all the bases, leaving no room for doubt.

Schwalb Builders will provide you with all the information you ask for, including references. It’s a good bet that any contractor who refuses to do this has got something to hide. Our business is an open book. We’re family-owned and backed by references and testimonials that will prove to you the high-quality work we do every day.

Schwalb Builders

remodeling contractor review
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Meet our team here at Schwalb Builders. Over the past 15 years, as a second-generation family-owned business, we have worked hard to create a varied portfolio full of renovation projects such as complete house remodeling, bathroom remodeling, kitchen, and basement remodeling. You can place your trust in us. Rest assured that we have a professional and knowledgeable team that is fully prepared to deliver a job completed to the highest standards and done according to your specifications.

Using our best efforts, we have forged the bonds and managed to make the necessary connections in the construction market that have made it possible for us to tackle and complete building projects and obtain building permits efficiently and practically. Due to this, we can continue our history of completing first-rate renovations for our clients that go over and above their expectations, with everything done in the shortest time possible and with excellent efficiency.

This has given us a sterling reputation that surpasses other builders for swiftness, practicality, experience, and excellent results.

Schwalb Builders will take over your project and manage every aspect of it for you. This includes plumbing/electrical services and obtaining building permits. We won’t stop until you are delighted! We’ll even help you find the appropriate financing solution for your needs. In short, we’ll do our best to leave you with no excuse not to continue planning your remodeling dream.

basement finishing
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The Best Contractor in Denver

Even though it’s probably something you’ve wanted to do for a long time, most people look upon remodeling their home with excitement but also trepidation. After all, it’s one huge investment, and there are endless things that can go wrong even under the best of circumstances. In the worst-case scenario (and there are many), you can end up having to spend thousands more than you planned on and with a much bigger hole in your budget than you imagined. It’s not uncommon for emergencies to crop up or for the contractor to go over budget.

That’s ok. When you hire Schwalb Builders, you have hired the best, and you don’t have to live in fear and worry once your renovation project is underway. You can trust us to stick to the plan and get the job done as we said we would. Plus, we take over and handle everything for you. Including every document, such as permits or blueprints, we take the burden off your shoulders so that you can relax and watch us do all the work!

Our team has even opened up a 24/7 customer support line that you can call and consult with us over any detail that is causing you to worry or anxiety at any time. So no more sleepless nights worrying over a question you thought of after business hours. You can get an instant answer at any time of the day or night!

With our help, you will see your remodeling dreams come true. Home remodeling projects can significantly increase not only the comfort level but the value of a house, and by enlisting the help of our efficient, knowledgeable team, you will be helping to make sure that you will be treated with respect and consideration.

kitchen and flooring
Kitchen remodeling in Denver

Kitchen Remodeling

Want to remodel your kitchen? Well, the first thing before any project you need to do is to draw up a budget. That way (as I did for myself), you’ll know how much you have to spend and won’t waste your time considering options you cannot afford. Next, you need to get a plan from a designer or contractor. What is involved in a complete kitchen remodeling is pretty straightforward, but it can be expensive.

The process begins when the kitchen is broken down, the plumbing must be replaced, and all new electrical work is done. Once that’s all finished, the drywall is hung, painting is done, the flooring is changed, any cabinets are replaced/refaced, countertops are put in, the backsplash is changed, and last but not least,,, appliances are installed.

However, once you’ve got your budget down before you attempt to go further, you should take the time to go online and visit kitchen showrooms to get some ideas about what you would like to have done and the pricing of each item need. It can be the little things that sometimes throw an entire budget off balance.

What if I’m on a Very Tight Budget?

Under normal circumstances, contractors and designers can usually work within the boundaries of any budget, but they absolutely must know exactly how much money they can spend. This is why you need to be open and inform them precisely what you would like to get for the amount of money you are willing to pay.

Can DIY Be Done?

schwalb builders' denver team
Home remodeling team in Denver, CO

It certainly can. You have plenty of ways to do things yourself in the interest of making the project more affordable. Ultimately, you may find that while you can do some things yourself, you still need the help of a professional.

Also, keep in mind that you can remodel your kitchen with the help of professionals without having to go all out. You can use your money to update the appearance of your kitchen and make your kitchen more functional. You can start small; perhaps by having the walls painted a new, brighter color and adding a few new appliances, a new floor can also do wonders. Maybe add an interior kitchen island. This will still increase the value of your home but won’t cost an arm and a leg to accomplish.

Schwalb’s will be happy to help you do this and will provide you with the best advice and results that we can at the most affordable price. Place your trust in us, and we’ll make your kitchen sparkle with life once again.

Why don’t you drop by our showroom? You can visit our galleries to see the excellent work we do.

Bathroom Remodeling

780 troy bathroom remodel before
Bathroom Remodeling

There are some basic steps to follow while preparing for any bathroom remodeling. Schwalb knows what needs to be done, and we’ll be bringing 15 years of experience to the job. We not only know the basics but how to give you a partially remodeled bathroom, elegant bathroom of your dreams. So it’s up to you to say what you want us to do for you.

Take Measurements – Since we know how essential perfection is when it comes to remodeling, we start by measuring every object that’s in your bathroom as accurately as possible.

Designing Layout – Now, we start designing everything from your cabinet installations on up. If you have any special requirements, due perhaps to a physical disability caused by illness or age, be sure to let us know to accommodate these needs.

Choosing Furniture – We help you ensure that every element in your bathroom, from the vanity to the tiles, goes perfectly with everything else. That way, every inch of your bathroom will look amazing. We even supply other bathroom accessories that further brighten up the room.

Budget – We will go out of our way to create a bathroom design for you that fits painlessly into your budget. Because we work both as a contractor and a supplier, our contractors are entirely aware of how exactly how much every inch of your bathroom and fixtures will cost you. We will leave your bathroom looking stylish and beautiful, a room you can be proud of.

Install Glass Shower Enclosure and Tub

luxury bathroom remodel denver 360
Install a glass shower door

One of the ideal ways to remodel an existing bathroom is by replacing the bathtub with a walk-in glass shower enclosure. Walk-in showers are an excellent addition to any bathroom and the hallmark of any bathroom remodeling project. Our frameless glass shower enclosures provide a sophisticated elegance to your bathroom.

When you are selecting a shower enclosure for a small bathroom, opt for quadrant showers. They have a curved front that will expand space and fit neatly into the edge of the room. If you have a very compact shower, then bi-fold shower doors make an excellent choice for that.

New Wall and Flooring

We usually offer poured concrete, masonry, or block walls and panels. Once you’ve made your choice of style, we can install decorations like mirrors or marble art. Then we head to the floors, where you can choose from ceramic tiles, marble, or wood. For a bathroom, we do recommend against using wood as it is not water tolerant.

Now for the grand finale. What is going to descend your new space is the paint. With patience and care in every stroke, our highly qualified professionals will finish creating the perfect bathroom for you.

If you’d like to see the kind of work we do and how we go about it, visit our galleries. There are plenty of pictures so that you can judge for yourself.

Don’t waste your time looking elsewhere for your bathroom remodeling services. Just pick up the phone and contact Schwalb Builders in Denver!

framing unfinished basement
Framing for full house remodeling

Full House Remodeling

Remodeling your home can be an intimidating project to start. But don’t worry. Our team at Schwalb Builders in Denver will provide you with the expert service you need. Schwalb Builders will take the stress and worry out of the situation for you and give you instead an experience that is enjoyable, fun, and exciting!

Perhaps you’ve recently bought a home that you are thrilled with, but the interior design leaves much to be desired. Maybe you’ve finally decided to go ahead and make the changes that you’ve spent years saving up for. Whatever your reasons for needing to do a complete house remodeling project in Denver, we at Schwalb Builders are here to help.

One of the things that you must realize from the start is that remodeling an entire house isn’t something that can be accomplished in a few weeks or even a month. There are many things involved, and we will help you understand the basics and prepare yourself and your family for the rigors of a complete house remodeling project.

As general contractors, we want to become your best friend for the duration of this job. We’ll be by your side and help guide you through every stage of the entire remodeling process. Schwalb Builders take care of most of it for you, working with code officials, obtaining permits, etc.

Here are some of the steps you want to take before starting a complete house remodeling project:

Plan for funding – Home remodeling projects can be highly costly even under the best circumstances, so you want to work out your funding options beforehand. You probably won’t want to spend your entire savings on this, so perhaps you might want to get a home equity loan, etc. If you no longer have a mortgage, then many people have found this to be a reasonable step to take.

Consider how remodeling will raise the resale value of your home – Most homeowners sell their house at least once in their lifetimes. It might not seem like you’ll ever do that right now, but you never know for sure. So keep in mind that you are renovating your home for yourself, but also prospective future buyers.

Consider permit and zoning issues – The fact of the matter is that building permits can take a very long time to get approved. Electrical permits may take only a few days, but a large-scale project that requires a zoning permit, such as building a home addition, can take weeks or even months. And you will probably have to attend a zoning hearing before any action is taken.

Kitchen remodeling in Princeton Ave. Denver
A high-end kitchen with ultra-moden fixtures. J&K cabinets, Quartz and Granite countertops with vinyl flooring.

You can rely on Schwalb Builders to take over the permit and zoning issues for you, and we’ll explain to you step how remodeling your home will increase the resale value should you ever decide you (or your children) want to sell your home. We are experienced enough to know which parts of the remodeling process will make the most difference, making them the most important, and which parts can be put off or saved until last.


Home remodeling projects almost always force us to raid our savings account. It might even be necessary to borrow money from friends and family.

Remodeling a kitchen, bathroom or doing an entire house remodel is a thrilling experience. Unfortunately, these projects don’t come cheap. You might find yourself ultimately doing online research to find a finance company. Now that worry is gone!

You are free to explore your financial choices through Hearth for the next home remodeling project you decide to tackle. Best of all, it won’t have any effect on your credit score!

If you could not come across a suitable option for your next remodeling project, don’t give up just yet. Schwalb Builders have more financing options available for you. Please contact us at

Now that Schwalb Builders showed you what we can do in the field of remodeling and how we do it, and explained how we could help you obtain financial assistance for your project, plus reassured you that our employees are all highly qualified professionals with experience and training backing them up, it’s your turn. You have to do your part. You need to act and call Schwalb Builders today to get the best general contractor in Denver to satisfy all of your remodeling needs. We’ll even give you a free estimate, so you’ll know well ahead of time precisely what you’ll be getting into. So make your move towards your next remodeling project today and give us a call!

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Our bathrooms were dated back to the 1980's and we needed them redone badly. Johnny did an excellent job meeting our needs and making sure we got everything we wanted in the bathrooms. In the end the bathrooms were exactly what we wanted.
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Overall, we are very happy with our sunroom/mudroom renovation. The workers were very helpful and made sure to include us in all decisions. We learned a lot from this experience as it was our first time working with a contractor for a renovation...(click on my username to read more).
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My 1904 Capitol Hill house had not been updated since the 60’s and was in dire need of a remodel. Our entire job included a full kitchen and bathroom remodel, 9 rooms being completely repainted and original oak floors being refinished as well as updating a lot of electrical outlets. Found Schwalb Builders via Angie’s List and decided to have them bid my project due to their high review ratings...

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What Home Renovation Should I Do First?

We recommend that you paint your house to give it a new, fresh feel. After that, you can upgrade your current flooring to add more value. You can also install new kitchen and bathroom furniture if your budget doesn’t allow you to do a full renovation right away.

Over 17 years of experience

Operating for 17 years allowed us to improve our designs and services continually. Endless designs and projects.

More than 100 annual projects

Our team has worked with many types of remodeling jobs, which makes us able to make your design a reality.

Rated Five Stars

At Schwalb Builders, we treat our clients like our own family which is why we are a 5 star rated remodeling company in Denver, CO.

bathroom & kitchen remodel denver

Schwalb Builders is a family owned, licensed & insured remodeling company that has been serving the Denver Metro area for over 17 years.

Our work excels because of our high-end home remodeling services, assisting you step-by-step until the home remodeling project is completed.

Schwalb Builders Mission

Our mission as a company is to make the renovation process as easy as possible to ensure that our client has a great experience. We always use proper equipment, and we have the best specialists in the area. Our work is backed with one of the most efficient warranties in the industry, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of your renovations.

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