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  • What is a construction degree?
  • What are the differences between the degrees?
  • Do I need to hire a construction project manager in Denver?
  • How much does a construction expert earn yearly?

Schwalb Builders experts will explain all these and more in detail in this in-depth article.

denver civil engineering

Civil engineering

Civil engineering is the design and construction of public works, such as dams. It dates back to when people first started living in permanent settlements and being able to shape their environments for convenience’s sake; this included building walls around cities.

Early civil engineers designed roads/bridges, among other things that would come up over time (including levees). As larger groups continued moving into townships, we needed more reliable water supplies than just wells.

Civil engineering in the modern age.

The world is changing and growing rapidly. Civil engineers must be able to take on a wide range of diverse projects in terms of location, materials used for construction, and periods which they cover (e.g., dams or levees). They also have an extensive knowledge base due to their background studying physics, mathematics, and all this makes them uniquely qualified professionals today!

The benefits of becoming a civil engineer:

• High paying career with few formal requirements

• Work in a variety of sectors across the globe

• Earn high wages for doing what you love

• Benefit from decades of experience and work on challenging projects

Construction Management in denver

Construction Management

Construction Management is a degree that focuses on the construction and its processes. This includes the construction of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings (e.g., office complexes).

It isn’t limited to building structures, though; it also covers construction equipment such as cranes or road rollers, among many other things – this makes it an extremely wide-ranging degree.

What does a construction manager should know?

Construction managers are the backbone of any construction site. They must motivate their employees and resolve issues promptly and efficiently so that nothing falls through the cracks – literally!

Construction Managers should always plan ahead for these contingencies because one mistake could cost you thousands! In damages, repair fees from delays on a project would ultimately make things much more expensive.

The benefits of becoming a construction manager:

• High earning potential (the median construction manager salary is $83,000)

• Great benefits and perks (including bonuses & incentives) at the most prestigious construction firms.

• Variety of employment sectors – which means you can work in both construction management or civil engineering depending on your preferences.

Construction tech in denver

Construction Technology

Construction Technology is a construction degree that focuses on construction site layout, logistics, and equipment used.

This includes the types of tools required to construct buildings – this would consist of both mechanical and electrical equipment such as cranes or power generators, among many other things.

What does a Construction Technology expert should know?

Construction Technology professionals must have vast knowledge in construction equipment and machinery. This includes the types of materials used, how to use them together as well as their benefits.

You must hire a construction technology expert when you are planning construction projects in your construction firm.

They must help you with the right equipment that will save money and time when designing or building a project.

The benefits of becoming a construction technology expert:

• An excellent career option if you have an interest in engineering, design, and business management – all at once!

• The median construction technology salary is $75,000 – which makes it a very attractive option.

The construction industry is one of the most rapidly growing sectors in America today, with the construction boom continuing to increase jobs for construction managers as well as construction technicians.

future of Construction Science

Construction Science

Construction scientists must have vast knowledge in project management (e.g., budgeting), logistics (e..g: space allocation), and construction equipment and machinery, among other construction processes.

Benefits of becoming a construction scientist:

• A science degree can open up many doors into the construction industry, including construction management as well as engineering positions. • The median construction manager salary is $83,000 – along with great benefits and perks!

• This degree is a great way to combine construction with business management.

green construction solutions

Green construction and Sustainable Building

Green construction is a relatively new concept for construction firms around the world.

In order to construct buildings with green construction principles in mind, you must have a vast knowledge of environmental science/technology as well as engineering, among many other construction processes.

The benefits of creating a Green and Sustainable Building:

• A greener planet means less pollution, which is suitable for construction firms as well as the planet.

• This is a growing market, which means more construction jobs are available!

As of 2020, construction jobs for sustainable construction should increase by 20%.

• Construction firms are beginning to adopt construction processes with green construction principles in mind. This will lead to more job opportunities for construction professionals!

construction reviews

Customers reviews

Jane C.Construction services – Jane C. – Denver, CO

“Schwalb Builders is a construction company that has been remodeling homes in the Denver area for over 15 years. They are an excellent construction company to hire if you are looking for construction services, construction management, construction technology, construction science, green construction, or construction site layout.

I had my house remodeled by Schwalb Builders, and I am happy with the services they provided. The workers came on time and were very efficient during the construction of the house. It was a pleasure working with this company, and I would definitely hire them again!”

Jim P.Construction management – Jim P. – Denver, CO

“I hired Schwalb Builders to remodel my house, and I am pleased with the construction management services they provided. The construction project was completed on time and within budget. My home is beautiful, thanks to the construction workers who did an excellent job building it! I would recommend this construction company to all of my friends and neighbors.”

Alan P.Construction science services – Alan P. – Aurora, CO

“It was a pleasure working with a construction technology company, Schwalb Builders. The construction management services they provided were excellent, and they were also on time and within budget. I would recommend Schwalb Builders to all my friends and neighbors in Aurora, CO!”

Lea F.Green Construction services – Lea F. – Lakewood, CO

“I am happy to write this construction services review for Schwalb Builders. They were a great construction company to work with, and I was very pleased with the quality construction management service they provided me. The construction technology professionals that worked on my house did an excellent job building it!”

Baron .MConstruction technology services – Baron .M – Thornton, CO

“I was in need of a construction technology expert in Thornton, CO, so I hired Schwalb Builders. They did a great job and the construction professionals that worked on my home were very efficient with their services! The construction management service was excellent and they used proper equipment to complete the project in a timely manner.”

Do I need to hire a construction project manager?


If you are looking to hire construction management professionals in Denver, Colorado for your construction project – consider hiring a local construction project manager.

They will help take care of all the logistics and ensure that everything goes as planned during construction projects – At Schwalb Builders we have construction project managers that can help you with your construction projects.

We have the best construction experts in Denver, CO and we even offer a service warranty for our work so there is no need to worry about quality!


There are many different types of accelerated construction management degree programs that you can choose from based on your construction industry interest. 

In order to find the right degree program, you must first identify your interests as well as future career goals within construction management, among other construction industries.

This will help you choose a degree that is best suited for your needs!

If you need any construction services, call Schwalb Builders today, and we will be happy to help you with construction services in the Denver, CO, area!

Thank you for reading Schwalb Builders blog post today. 

We hope that it has provided valuable information on construction management degree programs and construction careers, among many other things related to construction. 


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