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Contemporary Styles For Your Tour and ShowerWant to create your dream bathroom but don’t know where to start? Tired of the standard shower curtains and dull fixtures? These tub and shower trends provide the inspiration you’ve been looking for to make your bathroom a place to retreat and relax while ensuring a return on that investment…

Whether you are considering a shower conversion, wondering whether to install pendant lights, or just want to design a warm environment for you and your family, there are many bathroom trends to gain creativity from!

wet room installation denver
Wet Room Projects In Denver

Invest in a Wet Room

Wet rooms are waterproofed to the max, serving as a giant area within the bathroom where the shower is also located. Ditch the shower door – you will have the whole room instead! The floor remains level throughout the room and outside of the shower area. There is no need for an enclosed shower with a wet room, although some choose glass doors to prevent water from exiting the shower.

cheap wet room denver
Beautiful Wet Room Projects In Denver


Bath Fitter, A Better Way

A bath fitter is a quick and easy way to refresh your bathroom and provide a new environment for renovation. It is an affordable option providing your old bathtub and shower a brand new look.

This provides a new bathtub without having to get a new tub. A bath fitter is a fraction of the price of a new shower or tub. The price itself does vary and remains half the amount of something new.

They maintain antimicrobial attributes to ensure cleanliness and are not slippery – you will not have to worry about any accidents in the shower. The finish is glossy and easy to clean. The most significant part – it can be ready within a day. A Bath Fitter is an excellent option for upgrading your tub shower in your master bath or any bathroom in the home. Installation is quick and easy!

denver bath fitter
Bath Fitter in Denver, CO

Brighten the Space With Frameless Glass Doors

What is a frameless glass door, and why does everyone and their Mother seem to need them? A frameless shower is made with tempered glass that doesn’t need the support of a frame. The frameless option has risen in popularity due to the sense of extra space it provides and the lighting it brings into your space.

The frameless option creates a spa-like atmosphere and provides a modern look to the bathroom. It assists in creating a spotlight for the tile and stonework in the shower itself. They are easy to clean because they are seamless, allowing for less water buildup. The frameless option will cost you. It is double the price of a traditionally framed shower.

frameless glass denver
Frame-less Shower & Tub Glass Walls

Run With a Theme

Themes allow for a room to be cohesive and evoke certain emotions. Finding the right style for you is important but can sometimes be the most challenging part of a bathroom renovation. Take a walk around the rest of your home and find something that will flow easily, meshing into the rest of the house.

grey theme for bath and shower
Modern Themes For Bath And Shower

Black and White Design

A black-and-white design is timeless! White tile and black frames with sleek light fixtures will establish a classic style for your master bath. Try to incorporate a white freestanding tub to produce a clean design.

black white bathroom
High Contrast Bathroom Design in Denver

Modern Mixed With a Little Vintage

Who said everything needs to be modern? Try something old with a little something new – or vice versa. Double vanity with mirrors repurposed from the 60s or even the vanity itself! If you have an oversized bathroom, consider stand-alone tubs. The vintage pieces add character to your bathroom renovation.

2023 vintage bathroom
2023 Modern Vintage Bathroom Design

Boho Patterns and Textures

Boho design adds warmth and an eclectic style to your bathroom. Colorful bright colors, bold patterns, layering, and textures add to the bohemian feel. Don’t be afraid to lay down a vintage rug or add some furniture and throws.

All White Everything

White is always a classic choice. It provides a fresh and clean environment and creates lots of light. You can easily change things up with an all-white pallet as well!

Upgrade Your Tiles

Tiles are the backbone of your bathroom, literally. You may have found yourself figuring out what to do with your lighting and shower walls… Upgrading your tiles is a great way to upgrade your entire bathroom.

modern bathroom tiles
Modern Bath & Shower Tiles In Denver

Matte Tiles

Glossy tiles are the thing of the path and have taken the backseat to a matte finish. The matte tile is in! They are easier to clean, easily camouflage watermarks, and also simple to maintain. The matte finish for the tile is contemporary and provides a soft background for your bathroom.

Neutral Tiles

Neutrals and white tiles are an easy, classic choice. Neutrals are in, and white never goes out of style! The light color scheme for the tile creates a fresh-looking space and leaves a nice canvas if you want to add new upgrades or colorful touches to the bathroom.

natural tiles denver
Modern & Natural Bathroom Tiles

Dimensional Tiles

Dimensional tile is made of porcelain clay and makes for unique walls and a unique shower. The dimension is texture and shapes that are out of the ordinary for tile. They truly direct your attention to the tile and make an original space!

Graphic Tiles

Graphic tiles and patterned tiles are a major hit right now. The color schemes and intricacy of the patterns are eye-catching and provides character to any room. These are especially lovely in a master bath or powder room.

graphic bathroom tiles

Waterproof Your Shower Walls

Mold and mildew can be a considerable problem and seem to be in most showers. It is easy for mold to form, but it is also easy to decide to waterproof your shower!

Your bathroom tile is primarily waterproof, but the grout is not. Water can be absorbed within the grout and cause damage to the walls behind or beneath it.

Sheet or liquid membranes will be laid beneath the shower tiles to prevent water from reaching the walls. Waterproofing is a fabulous way to upgrade your shower and avoid water damage or mold, inevitably increasing the value of your bathroom and home.

waterproof bathroom project denver
Waterproof Walls For Bathroom & Wetroom

Embrace Patterns

Patterns in tile have become increasingly more sought-after but so have patterns in general. Patterns can assist your design and bring out the best in certain areas. Smaller bathrooms give you the ability to be bold! Larger bathrooms provide the opportunity to know where to place those designs.

Mixing different colors, prints and patterns together allow you to play with what you like and establish your style for the bathroom. If you aren’t sold on the idea, try sticking with neutrals or black-and-white patterns first. It will come together seamlessly!

Opt For a Freestanding Tub

Your bathtub should be a place of pure bliss and relaxation. The freestanding tub is a current trend in bathrooms, and for a good reason. They make more space within your bathroom and are excellent for the eyes.

A freestanding soaker tub can be a work of art. If you decide on one, you must determine which tub is best for your bathroom. You can even add a shower to that! Freestanding bathtubs bring a little bit of luxury and a lot of tranquility so you can soak in your soaker tub peace!

freestand tub denver
Modern Freestanding Tub

Round Out Your Shower

If your space is limited, it cannot be easy to brainstorm solutions for your tub or shower. How do people use space when the walls are so tight? Round out your tub or shower!

Take the corner bathtub and round it out. For your shower, you can opt for the same. Place the shower in the corner of the bathroom and round out the edges. Opt for an enclosure that swings up on the track rather than outward to save space further.

Tie a Tub and Shower Together

Tub showers are often seen in apartments as they save space and are more efficient to install together rather than separately. If your master bathroom layout is tight on space, it could be the right option for you as well.

Tying a tub and shower together allows your bathroom layout to remain cohesive. It also allows you to use materials that complement one another within the bathtub and shower. Your bathroom should be a place you have peace and tranquility. Remodeling can be stressful, but having that tub shower to use at the end of the day will make it all worthwhile.

tub shower in denver
Modern Tub & Shower In Denver, CO

Go With a Shower Curtain

Shower curtains are functional but can also be used for design. A shower curtain can transform your bathroom – tied with towels and decor, creating a new space.

You can be bold with a shower curtain. They can easily be tested and returned if it doesn’t fit the tub or you come across something better. Curtains are not like paint, and you can’t repaint so easily. Abstract and eclectic patterns are on trend alongside textured curtains and bold tones. Use your curtain to create the atmosphere and get inspired!

Update Sinks and Faucets

Chic sinks and high-tech faucets are in the now, and updating these features is worth the investment. Your bathroom is a place that is used every morning and night. The sink and faucet are used multiple times a day so utilizing that area to its full capacity and upgrading is essential.

Touchless faucets are officially on the scene and can come in handy with a whole family to care for. If you aren’t going touchless, black or bronze, wall-mounted matte faucets have been popping up everywhere. They provide an elegant look to the bathroom and a seamless divide between the wall and the countertop.

Sinks are another story, and they have become more innovative than ever. Corian sinks made of natural materials, such as stone or marble, can upgrade a countertop instantly. Freestanding sinks have also become more popular alongside original designs with unusual or geometric shapes. The bathtub is not the only freestanding element of the bathroom anymore…

Make Things Monochrome

Monochrome outfits have been a hit on the runway recently, but that has carried over to the bathroom. Making things monochrome just works! From the cabinets to the flooring and ceiling – everything is monochrome.

Black and white (and the shades in between) is a timeless duo; there is no way to do it wrong. It is not only elegant but can induce relaxation. Remodeling can be overwhelming, but shades of grey can wash that away in no time.

monochrome bathroom denver
Calming Monochromatic Colors

Refresh the Fixtures

Refresh the bathroom with sleek fixtures if you do not possess the time, energy, or budget to undergo a remodel on your bathroom suite. A new shower head installed or refreshed can breathe new life into your bathroom.

Find a new shower head online or DIY a faucet installation and make it matte black! Update the lighting to revamp the area. Spend a day out to choose new vanity hardware or a beautiful vintage mirror. These small changes create an enormous difference in the bathroom.

Build In Niches for More Storage

Use those little niches in your bathroom that you aren’t quite sure what to do with for storage. Cabinets are built-in storage and refreshing; those can add to your design, but storage in plain sight has recently become a trend in home decor.

Wall niches can be installed while you are renovating, and those can be used to decorate and store. Multipurpose storage is efficient and convenient!

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