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Last year changed the way people think about their houses. As the situation has pressured most people to stay at home, there is a growing need for remodeling the places where they live. In 2021, remodeling a home means making your place as comfortable as possible. Moreover, your space cannot be dull and had to adjust to your new needs. Interior design is always an investment that can significantly increase the value of your property.

You can start by remodeling a particular room at your house, or if you have money and time to invest, you can redo the whole place. This article includes an idea of how you can improve your bathroom and kitchen. You will also learn about remodeling the basement and outdoor areas, as the exterior design is a new trend that your house cannot miss.

Please keep reading and learning how to remodel your house and make it ready to become a functional yet beautiful space that will serve you for the upcoming years.

2021 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Floating Vanities

floating vanities in denver
Floating Vanities in Denver, CO

Floating vanities are a set that is located above the floor. Most of the weight is supported by the wall. This solution makes a bathroom more spacious and creates an illusion that it is more significant than reality. It is also a great way to show the beautiful pattern of floor tiles.

Large Wall Tiles

If you want your bathroom (Denverians like it!) walls to look consistent, and you love minimalism, large wall tiles are an excellent choice. They look the best in spacious bathrooms and create a unified surface, thanks to which the bathroom looks brighter.

Back-lit Mirrors

Back-lit Mirrors in denver
Back-lit Mirrors in Bathroom | Photo by “their”

Bright LEDs with white light are no longer needed in your home. Choose back-lit mirrors. They are more ecological and economical. Thanks to the soft glow that the back-lit mirror emits, you create a calm, relaxing environment in your bathroom.

Warm Colors

This season, warm colors are in fashion, and the good news is they give a universal spark to every interior. Thanks to some warm colors, your bathroom can look brighter and cozier. You can also pick a mix of neutral and bold colors to add a modern twist to your interior.

Graphic Wallpapers

bathroom Graphic Wallpapers
Graphic Wallpapers for your bathroom | by Jennifer Rafieyan

Graphic wallpapers can transform your bathroom in no time. You can pick from various patterns starting from abstract, through geometrical shapes, to botanical motifs. Think about what your style is and show your personality through a bold choice.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz is a popular material for bathroom countertops. It is an excellent choice if you want to invest in a resilient and durable countertop. Moreover, it is also stain-resistant and can be quickly cleaned without the use of chemicals. Even though it is low maintenance, it is also a lovely addition to your interior.

Large Windows

Large Windows remodeling
Bathroom remodeling with Large Windows

If you want to remodel your bathroom completely, think about more oversized windows. A bathroom should be a place where you can relax. Much natural light can help you with that. Moreover, having a large window is more energy-efficient and can prevent your bathroom from getting moldy.

Smart Toilets

If you like technology, you are going to love intelligent toilets. These devices look like traditional, minimalistic toilets, but they can interact with users thanks to innovative technology. Program them to automatically flush and prevent water waste or add some music to your interior through your toilet.

Heated Flooring

Heated Flooring denver
Heated Flooring in Denver, CO | Photo by Jason Lander

Whether you need to use the toilet or get out of the bathtub or the shower, you don’t want to step on cold or wet tiles. Installing heated flooring in your bathroom can bring your experience to the next level.

2021 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Warm Colors

kitchen Warm Colors
Remodel your kitchen with Warm Colors | Photo by Dru Bloomfield

The warmer is the color of your kitchen, the brighter the room is going to be. Even if you don’t have a big window in your kitchen, you can make this area look spacious.

One of the most popular colors is yellow, but you can also pick natural wood. Gold is also a trendy choice that can add much light to your kitchen. It looks great in red and brown.

You can use warm colors on your walls or pick furniture in those shades—Balance warm colors with a few accessories in cooler ones.

Touchless Faucets

Touchless Faucets kitchen
Touch-less faucets in bathrooms and kitchens

Increase hygiene, save water, and do your cooking and cleaning much more conveniently with touchless faucets. These devices use technology that allows you to run water without touching anything.

Double Kitchen Islands

When you spend much time at home, you also use your kitchen more often. The newest trend is a double kitchen island, and it is a perfect solution for everyone with an oversized kitchen, especially when you have a big family and love to cook.

You don’t have to worry about morning traffic patterns as there is enough space for everyone. You also get additional storage space and more places for other appliances.

Storage Solutions

Creating a storage solution can help you to use your space most effectively. Thanks to it, you can also keep your kitchen tidy and ordered. When your kitchen is well-organized, you can even prevent food waste as you know exactly what products you have.

Chef Accessories

Chef Accessories in denver
Chef Accessories for your kitchen | Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Have you discovered a cooking talent in yourself? Bring your cooking capabilities to the next level by adding some chef accessories to your kitchen. They are not only helpful but can add a professional look to your kitchen.

Bigger Pantry

An enormous pantry allows you to store more food. It’s a must if you have to stay at home for longer, for example, because of quarantine. Moreover, a bigger storage space means less mess in your kitchen. Having a separate room to store your food and some supplies gives you more freedom to prepare meals.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring
Vinyl Flooring in Denver

Anyone can quickly clean LifeProof vinyl flooring; it is water-resistant and much cheaper than tiles. Moreover, it is more comfortable and less cold for the feet in comparison to classic tiles. You can find it in various patterns and colors on the flooring markets, so you can be sure that the color will suit your kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinets

This year, the most popular are kitchen cabinets with a marble finish, wooden ones, and handleless ones. While warm colors are in fashion, dark kitchens are also trendy. Moreover, you can reach for bold colors of furniture to add a bit of twist to your interior.

Kitchen remodeling costs

We wrote an in-depth article about the average kitchen remodeling costs. Click here to read more.

2021 Basement Remodeling Ideas

In 2021, all the space of your home is essential. Add some extra value to the underground area of your house. A basement is one of the most underestimated places at home and has excellent potential.

Storage in Basement Solutions

The basement’s most famous role is storage for items that are not needed in the rest of the home. Avoid cluttering this space. Otherwise, you are going to feel overwhelmed and not be able to find anything.

You can use various storage systems to classify your items and store them safely in boxes or unique furniture. By doing that, you might also get some extra space that Additional space can use for everyday activities.

Workable Walls

Workable Walls in basement
Workable Walls after basement remodeling | Photo by Mizzu Cho from Pexels

Look around your basement and check which walls you could use to hang additional shelves or use as a storage space. Instead of thinking horizontal, think vertical.

Home Office

If you have to work from home, you need a space to focus and reduce distractions. When it is not possible in your main house, consider going underground. Basements have great potential to be turned into a home office. You might start with adjusting the space and adding a few pieces of furniture. Don’t forget about good light and accessories that can make the place cozier, for example, pillows and rugs.

Try to divide your basement space with furniture to reduce distraction. The more comfortable space is, the more productive you are going to be.

Fitness Room

When your gym is closed or wants to avoid contact with people, it might be hard to stick to your workout routine. You can use your basement to keep healthy and fit. Add a unique floor and a few tools to create a dedicated space for your daily exercises.

To create a healthy space for fitness, you have to add ventilation to your basement. Be sure to make the air circulate to avoid bad smells.

Home Theater

Home Theater in basement
Home Theater remodeling in the Basement | Photo by JESHOOTS.com from Pexels

People miss going out, and they are really into watching movies and series. Make this experience something more than just another episode watched in bed. Bring a couch to your basement, a little coffee table to keep a bowl of popcorn, and project the movie on the wall or invest in a good TV.

Home Library

Are you a bookworm? Think about bringing your book collection to the basement. No, not in boxes. Invest in bookshelves, a comfy armchair, and create a space that every book lover will be jealous of. Before starting a library, make sure that your basement doesn’t have a problem with mold.


The most popular are LED lights, as they can lighten the whole basement space. However, they might be a bit too white for you to feel comfortable in this space. Pick the color of the light that suits the best purpose of your basement. While bright LED lights might be okay for your home gym, you might want to get a bit of a warmer light for your library or home theatre.

When it comes to the shape of the pendant, it all depends on your preferences. If your basement is small and not too tall, you will do best by picking a light built into the wall. If you have a soaring ceiling, you can go for a more oversized pendant with bold colors that can add some spark to your renovated basement.

2021 Outdoor Remodeling Ideas

2021 Outdoor Remodeling Ideas denver
2021 Outdoor Remodeling in Denver Ideas | Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

After experiencing the pandemic, people moved many outdoor activities to their backyards. While remodeling your home, you should remember that and use the full potential of your garden.

When you adjust your backyard for various activities, you increase your home’s value. You can add an outdoor gym or barbecue area. If you are fed up with sitting at home, but your local park is closed, you can always take a book and read it under your flower pergola or while swinging in a hammock.

Arranging your outdoor area allows you not to get bored too quickly. It can give you much time and more space to rest and hang out with the residents of your house. It is also a safe way to spend some time in the fresh air and get some exercise without leaving your environment.

Custom outdoor kitchen

Creating an outdoor kitchen is a great idea to make your home bigger and create a space where you can have fun and spend quality time with family & friends. Having a great garden gives you an additional area where you can unwind after a hard day and catch your breath.

Backyard Stone Patio

Backyard Stone Patio denver
Backyard Stone Patio in Denver, CO

A stone patio is an excellent addition to your backyard. It sets the space where you can sit but also prevents your guests from getting dirty shoes. You don’t have to worry that the rain from the night before will ruin your barbecue as you have some stable ground to step on.

Grill, Smoker, Cooking

Adding devices such as a grill, smokers, or even a gas stove to your garden brings your cooking to the next level. It’s a perfect way to spend time on a warm day. Barbecuing your meals can add some twist to your everyday life and make you spend more time outdoors.

You can also use this space for some dirty work you would rather avoid in your central kitchen. For example, you can make jams or conserve some food here.

Family Time

Family Time in denver
Family Time | Photo by Nicole Michalou from Pexels

You might have the best family under the sun, but if you spend all your time together at home, some tension can appear. Creating a background where you can chill out together is a great solution. You can create a space to play badminton, throw a ball, or play hide and seek together.

You can create a particular area where they can draw with chalk on the ground for younger kids. This way, you boost their creativity and have an extra outdoor activity that will keep them away from constant technology use.


Adding a fireplace to the garden can add a luxury look to your backyard. Thanks to the fireplace, you can extend the time you spend in the park. With the warmth coming from it, you can start the garden season early spring and prolong it until late.

Of course, a fireplace can be a fantastic addition to the design of your yard. Designers often add them to the focal points of the space. You can set comfortable furniture around them to enjoy a great time with your family and friends. It’s also a great environment to dive into a good book and relax.

Contemporary Kitchen

Contemporary Kitchen
Contemporary outdoor kitchens in Denver | Photo by Sebastian Coman Photography from Pexels

The outdoor kitchen can bring your backyard to the next level. You can create an outdoor space where you can host family meetings and chill out with your friends. An open space layout gives a contemporary feel to your kitchen. You should also pick from a toned color palette and create a place that is going o reflect your style.

In 2021, the most fashionable are matte finished furniture connected with stainless steel appliances. Modern outdoor kitchens are all about sharp edges and clear lines. Add some soft and warm light to create a cozy ambiance and make an outdoor kitchen the heart of your garden.

Outdoor Kitchen Island

Forget about running back and forth to your interior kitchen. Thanks to an outdoor kitchen island, you can prepare food and at the same time be a part of the meeting.

Additionally, installing an island makes a subtle division between the cooking and entertaining areas. You also get an additional storage space where you can store supplies and small pieces of garden furniture, flowerpots, etc.

Outdoor Kitchen Accessories

Outdoor Kitchen denver
Outdoor Kitchen Remodeling in Denver | Photo by Meru Bi from Pexels

A modern kitchen should have it all. Once you sit to relax, you don’t have to worry about grabbing a cold drink or running to the central kitchen to check if the water is boiling.

Outdoor kitchen accessories can make your backyard more efficient. Some of the hottest kitchen appliances and accessories that your modern outdoor kitchen should have are:

  • Flat-top grill,
  • Power burner,
  • Tap,
  • Outdoor refrigerator,
  • Set of pots,
  • Kettle,
  • Trash can,
  • Recycling bins.

Outdoor deck

Creating an outdoor deck adds much extra space to your house. Thanks to it, you are not too dependent on the weather conditions. You can easily pass from your home to your deck and enjoy the fresh air.

Natural Wood Deck

One of the most popular choices for 2021 is natural wood decking. This material feels good and adds a warm appearance to your house. Moreover, thanks to the natural look, it suits the outdoor area well.

Wood is a much more ecofriendly material than artificial decking. It is also very unique as there are no two pieces of natural wood that look the same. Additionally, a wood deck is cheaper than PVC.

The only minus of a wooden deck is its sensibility to weather. Too much humidity can cause rotting. This is why you have to pick timber wisely and take proper care of it.

Natural Wood Deck in denver
Natural Wood Deck | Photo by Francesco Ungaro from Pexels

Roof Extension

To make your wooden deck last for long, you might invest in a roof extension. It gives the same coverage as the rest of the roof. Thanks to this, you protect your deck from the rain and keep it dry and clean.

Additionally, a roof extension is a significant barrier that can protect you from excessive sunlight. You can rest in the shade or even work on your computer as the light is not directly hitting your screen.

If you folks don’t want to invest in a roof extension, you can choose a gazebo or marquee. They are quicker to install and might be a bit of a cheaper solution.


Adding enclosures is a great idea to protect your deck from the elements. With them, you can enjoy your patio even on colder days as you are protected from the wind and excessive cold. This way, you expand the space of your home.

Whether you want to enjoy a party on a hot summer day or admire New Year Eve’s fireworks from outside, you can do it comfortably. If you have pets or kids, enclosures allow them to play safely in the outdoor area.

Depending on which design you pick, you can add a romantic charm or a modern twist to your whole house. It is also a perfect spot to keep plants and create a stylish outdoor-indoor garden.

Outdoor Jacuzzi

Outdoor Jacuzzi
Outdoor Jacuzzi in Denver | Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

With a jacuzzi, you can add a spark to your garden. You can decide on building a particular room where you can enjoy your hot tub all year long. If you don’t want or don’t have a space for an additional structure, you can build a jacuzzi in your backyard.

It’s a perfect place to relax or enjoy time with your friends and family. You might not be planning a big party yet, but you can be sure that the jacuzzi can take any gathering to the next level.

Stargazing can be super romantic. Imagine doing it from a hot tub. If you folks work in a home office, you might need additional relaxation and a muscle massage. A jacuzzi is an ideal solution for muscle tension.

Outdoor Fitness

When you cannot go for a run and are tired of your interior gym, you can use the outdoor fitness area. Think about your needs. If you practice yoga and pilates, creating a flat space with unique decorations might be enough.

If you are more into weightlifting or working out on machines, consider adding some outdoor fitness devices that can help you to keep fit. If you live in an area with a lot of wind, rain, or scorching weather, consider adding some roofing to this space.

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